A Boy Named Pseu

#117 Zane Witherspoon

Fellow choir boy and crypto addict,@ZaneWithSpoon, tells me his story of becoming the CTO of Dispatch Labs. Zane shares how he got into crypto, buying his first bitcoins, differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin, surviving the 2017 ICO Pump and Dump, and the future of crypto. We also get into Zane's new endeavor, Genity, and the importance in understanding the value...

#116 bitcoin is Dead

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you all so much for your support this year. I really couldn't have done it without you guys giving a crap. Today's episode I'm gonna share a new article I wrote that you can read via the link below (but reading's for losers, so who am I kidding?). Really, thank you all so much...

#115 Will Porter- Debunking The Russia Gate Saga

Will Porter tells it like it is. Debunking the Russia Gate fiasco. Listen and learn. Thanks! My Lovelies: @LibertyMugs @PeterRQuinones @DeanOFiles @TheCryptoconomy @SallyMayweather @CrowdFundedGov @BroHistoryPod @BitingBulletPod @jenniferm_q @WKPAnCap @Kyaaale @CarCampIt @TastingAnarchy @EricTheRed79 @SLLPodcast @elaprise @IKCtribe @ChloeAnagnos @Ruflesscat @birdarchist  

#113 Rollo The Red-Nosed Fruitcake

@RolloMcFloogle and I kick off Christmas early (and every holiday for that matter). We talk traditions, free-market success stories, 7 fish, FUD, and on the greatest holiday miracle of them all:bitcoin...and fruitcake. Enjoy, and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Buy A Liberty Mug! Check out McFloogle.com! Merry Christmas, My Lovelies! @LibertyMugs @PeterRQuinones @DeanOFiles @TheCryptoconomy @SallyMayweather @CrowdFundedGov @BroHistoryPod @BitingBulletPod @jenniferm_q @WKPAnCap @Kyaaale @CarCampIt @TastingAnarchy @EricTheRed79 @SLLPodcast @elaprise @IKCtribe @ChloeAnagnos @Ruflesscat @birdarchist

#112 Staying Anchored With Tyler White of BRD Wallet

Tyler White is the Social Media Manager of BRD Wallet. He joins the show to talk entrepreneurship, marketing and of course, crypto. He shares his experience of breaking big at YouNow, touring, discovering crypto and joining BRD, starting two businesses of his own PLUS running BRD's social media (all while attending college), juggling the obstacles of life, and staying...

#111 Guy Swann – Anatomy of a Bitcoin Maximalist

Guy Swann joins the show to talk about, of course, bitcoin. We cover everything from Guy’s background, what bitcoin’s purpose is, the difference between Proof of Work v.s Proof of Stake, the bcash fork, the Lightning network, how to use bitcoin as a real money in you every day life, and much more. If you don’t know ANYTHING about...

#110 Conservative Infighting With Henry Szamota

Happy Thanksgiving! Henry Szamota of The Bro History Podcast joins the show to discuss the best topics one should bring up over Thanksgiving dinner with the fam: politics and religion. Henry and I cover the latest developments of the ongoing conservative infighting, US foreign policy, The Federal Reserve, and how bitcoin could save the world. Honestly, there's no reason on God's...

#109 José Niño On Decentralization

José Niño makes his debut on the show to discuss his political career, crypto currencies, guns, Venezuela, the boarder crisis, and how decentralization may be the best method to living in a free society. Catch all things Jose Join his Newsletter! Follow him on twitter @JoseAlNino Hear the show on: Spotify That Fruit Company And Everywhere Else You Consume Podcasts My lovelies: @LibertarianInst @DeanOFiles @PeterRQuinones @mail_bomb @SallyMayweather @CrowdFundedGov @BroHistoryPod @BitingBulletPod @jenniferm_q @WKPAnCap @Kyaaale @LibertyMugs @FAGCAST @TastingAnarchy @UnknownLone @SLLPodcast @IKCtribe @ChloeAnagnos @Ruflesscat

#108 Donnie Gebert’s Direct Republic: The Null Hypothesis of Politics

Donnie Gebert explains his vision of a "Build A Bear" constitution, and being your own representative. He also covers his thoughts on crypto, the state of global monetary policy, and how to hedge the fiat apocalypse. Visit his Website to get his book FOR FREE, catch his appearances on multiple podcasts, his YouTube channel, and get in touch! If you you have ideas and would...

#107 Sheldon Richman – Tilling the Soil of Truth

Sheldon Richman comes on to talk about his new book, Coming to Palestine. Over he past 30 years of research and writing, he reveals the true history of the conflict, and of course, why it matters. Get the book! Read his work! Join his Patreon! Listen where you hear all podcasts: Spotify Apple Podcasts My Lovelies: @DeanOFiles @PeterRQuinones @mail_bomb @SallyMayweather @CrowdFundedGov @BroHistoryPod @BitingBulletPod @jenniferm_q @WKPAnCap @Kyaaale @LibertyMugs @FAGCAST @TastingAnarchy @UnknownLone @SLLPodcast @IKCtribe...

#106 @SalMayweather On Popping the BTC Bubble

Sal and I catch up as he shares his travels to the Philippines. He wrote a great article on it that you can read here. We also discuss the new reveal of how the Trump Administration popped the BTC bubble in 2017, and how it made us do a double-take on what the historic event truly means in to the world of...

#104 Danny Abdeljabbar Democratic Debate II: Syria

In Part 2 of my "debate" with Danny Abdeljabbar (@Danny_Abdel) of The Bro History Podcast (@brohistorypod) we discuss foreign policy, recent developments in Syria, Trump, the Kurds, and dirty politics all together. I've included some links below about the latest developments in the Syria. Kurds To Abide By US-Turkey Ceasefire No New Turkey Sanctions For Ceasefire Listen where podcasts are heard! Spotify iTunes MyLovelies:@DeanOFiles @PeterRQuinones @mail_bomb @SallyMayweather @CrowdFundedGov @BroHistoryPod @BitingBulletPod @jenniferm_q @WKPAnCap @Kyaaale @LibertyMugs @FAGCAST @TastingAnarchy @UnknownLone @SLLPodcast @IKCtribe @ChloeAnagnos @Ruflesscat  

#103 Danny Abdeljabbar Democratic Debate

Danny Abdeljabbar (@Danny_Abdel) of The Bro History Podcast (@brohistorypod) talks about marrying people, and the corruption of politics in a representative government.  Spotify iTunes My Lovelies: @DeanOFiles @PeterRQuinones @mail_bomb @SallyMayweather @CrowdFundedGov @BroHistoryPod @BitingBulletPod @jenniferm_q @WKPAnCap @Kyaaale @LibertyMugs @FAGCAST @TastingAnarchy @UnknownLone @SLLPodcast @IKCtribe @ChloeAnagnos @Ruflesscat

#101 Big Boppers With Abram Ulve

My friend Abram and I discuss being a musician in the gig economy. Huge self-ownership points for this man right here. He covers his background of learning the drums, producing artists of all types, and life on the road. Amazing how natural law and order will persist in all fields no matter what. Abram is a true self-starter, and...

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