A Boy Named Pseu

#106 @SalMayweather On Popping the BTC Bubble

Sal and I catch up as he shares his travels to the Philippines. He wrote a great article on it that you can read here. We also discuss the new reveal of how the Trump Administration popped the BTC bubble in 2017, and how it made us do a double-take on what the historic event truly means in to the world of...

#104 Danny Abdeljabbar Democratic Debate II: Syria

In Part 2 of my "debate" with Danny Abdeljabbar (@Danny_Abdel) of The Bro History Podcast (@brohistorypod) we discuss foreign policy, recent developments in Syria, Trump, the Kurds, and dirty politics all together. I've included some links below about the latest developments in the Syria. Kurds To Abide By US-Turkey Ceasefire No New Turkey Sanctions For Ceasefire Listen where podcasts are heard! Spotify iTunes MyLovelies:@DeanOFiles @PeterRQuinones @mail_bomb @SallyMayweather @CrowdFundedGov @BroHistoryPod @BitingBulletPod @jenniferm_q @WKPAnCap @Kyaaale @LibertyMugs @FAGCAST @TastingAnarchy @UnknownLone @SLLPodcast @IKCtribe @ChloeAnagnos @Ruflesscat  

#103 Danny Abdeljabbar Democratic Debate

Danny Abdeljabbar (@Danny_Abdel) of The Bro History Podcast (@brohistorypod) talks about marrying people, and the corruption of politics in a representative government.  Spotify iTunes My Lovelies: @DeanOFiles @PeterRQuinones @mail_bomb @SallyMayweather @CrowdFundedGov @BroHistoryPod @BitingBulletPod @jenniferm_q @WKPAnCap @Kyaaale @LibertyMugs @FAGCAST @TastingAnarchy @UnknownLone @SLLPodcast @IKCtribe @ChloeAnagnos @Ruflesscat

#101 Big Boppers With Abram Ulve

My friend Abram and I discuss being a musician in the gig economy. Huge self-ownership points for this man right here. He covers his background of learning the drums, producing artists of all types, and life on the road. Amazing how natural law and order will persist in all fields no matter what. Abram is a true self-starter, and...

#100 A Whole Nude World With @DeanOFiles

Dean - O - Files and I celebrate my 100th. episode, since it's his fault for making this show a thing in the first place... We discuss our love for cats, the creative process, Dean's intro to art, being content with not being the best at things, crypto and the death of fiat, protecting your privacy, practicing law in a...

#98 Libertarians In Man Buns Huffing Gas – With Marky Marc Clair

Marc Clair, host of THE ORIGINAL Flagship Libertarian podcast, Lions of Liberty, rants about everything that grinds his gears...after he takes my genius product and marketing consultation of course. I knew hiring me was the right choice. So did he. Anyway, watch the Lions of Liberty "Mini Doc", "...And Live Free" JOIN THE PRIDE My lovelies: @PeterRQuinones  @scotthortonshow  @Antiwarcom  @SallyMayweather  @CrowdFundedGov  @BroHistoryPod  @BitingBulletPod  @jenniferm_q...

#96 ‘You Gotta Be Hard To Kill’ With Remso Martinez

Remso Martinez joins to show to talk about his new book, How to Succeed in Politics (and Other Forms of Devil Worship) We discuss red flag laws, changes in the Liberty movement, the importance of individualism, and how to obtain self-ownership...being hard to kill would be a good start. Follow Remso @HeyRemso Check out his WEBSITE! BUY HIS NEW BOOK!

#93 Insanity Is Free, But Cosplay’s Gonna Cost Ya

Jeremiah Harding talks furries, techno surveillance state, anime, and getting kicked off Discord.   Follow Jer's work HERE! Listen on: SpotifyiTunes  and everywhere else you hear podcasts. My lovelies: @PeterRQuinones @scotthortonshow @Antiwarcom @SallyMayweather @CrowdFundedGov @BroHistoryPod @BitingBulletPod @jenniferm_q @WKPAnCap @Kyaaale @FAGCAST @TastingAnarchy @EricTheRed79 @SLLPodcast @elaprise @IKCtribe @ChloeAnagnos

#91 Vin Armani: Crypto Boot Camp

The crypto savage himself, Vin Armani, graces me with his presence once again to cover the basics of getting into crypto. Spotify https://open.spotify.com/episode/1BeoFLylJYeiuFWxSBfciC?si=5LGsXIDnRManQP8hZAjGpg iTunes https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/91-vin-armani-crypto-boot-camp/id1477843916?i=1000449959216 YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lJd261Ic7M

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