News Roundup

News Roundup 8/11/20

US News A newly released video from 2018 shows police officers frisking and attempting to handcuff an eight-year-old boy at school. [Link] Rep. Tulsi Gabbard disputes an Energy Department report that concludes the nuclear waste on the Marshall Islands is safe for the...

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News Roundup 8/10/20

US News An Oregon teenager was fined $1,500 for trying to make extra money selling Mexican street corn. [Link] Joe Biden personally intervened in the DNC platform to keep it from labeling the Israeli theft of Palestinian land as an occupation. [Link] China The US is...

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News Roundup 8/7/20

US News LA’s mayor says the city will cut power and sewer services to family homes where lockdowns are violated. [Link] Trump’s Operation Legend is expanding its deployment of federal police to St. Louis and Memphis. [Link] Foreign Policy  Trump’s Envoy to Iran, Brian...

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News Roundup 8/6/20

2020 Joe Biden calls for more funding for police. [Link] Susan Rice is emerging as a top choice for Biden's vice president. [Link] Iowa restores voting rights to felons who have completed their sentence. [Link] US News Senator Rand Paul introduces a bill that will...

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News Roundup 8/5/20

US News Border Patrol raided an aid camp for migrants in the Arizona desert run by No More Deaths. Thirty illegal immigrants were arrested. The group believes the aid camp was targeted because No More Deaths published negative information about Border Patrol. [Link]...

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News Roundup 8/4/20

US News Trump sets a September 15th deadline for a US company to acquire TikTok or the platform will be banned in the US. Trump added that the company that buys TikTok should pay the US Treasury for facilitating the deal. [Link] Homeland Security seized $2 billion...

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News Roundup 8/3/20

US News On Friday, the Trump administration signaled TikTok would be banned. However, Microsoft is in plans to buy the US version of TikTok. Facebook is set to launch its own version of TikTok. [Link] Trump tweets Homeland Security will not leave Portland until local...

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News Roundup 7/31/20

US News Trump tweets that universal mail-in voting will create mass voter fraud. He added, "Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???" [Link] Twitter says the Bitcoin scam hack was carried out after a spear-phishing attack against...

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News Roundup 7/30/20

US News Plainclothes NY police officers arrested protesters and took them away in an unmarked van. [Link] Democrats introduce an amendment that will defund Trump's deployment of federal police to cities dealing with riots. [Link] Internet browsers are showing Syrian...

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News Roundup 7/29/20

US News The DNC defeated a proposed change to its platform that would have called for the legalization of marijuana. [Link] Twitter suspended Donald Trump Jr. for posting a video of doctors talking about Covid. [Link] Charlotte police suspected a wanted man was hiding...

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News Roundup 7/28/20

US News The second Covid stimulus will be at least $1 trillion. [Link] Over the past eight years, Rite Aid has installed cameras equipped with facial recognition software in 200 of its stores. The facial recognition software is tied to the Chinese government. [Link]...

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News Roundup 7/27/20

US News The Feds shut down a $25 million Bitcoin business for failing to comply with federal regulations. [Link] A Kentucky couple was forced to wear ankle monitors after testing positive for Covid. [Link] Libertarian activist Garrett Foster was murdered at an Austin...

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News Roundup 7/24/20

US News Twitter said the hackers that tweeted a scam from several high profile accounts were also able to read direct messages from 36 accounts. [Link] Rep. Tulsi Gabbard added an amendment to the 2021 NDAA that calls for a study on the effectiveness of sanctions....

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News Roundup 7/23/20

US News Ohio State House Speaker Larry Householder was arrested in a massive corruption scheme to get bailouts for failing nuclear power plants. [Link] Trump announces the expansion of Operation Legend. The operation is the deployment of federal police to cities...

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News Roundup 7/22/20

US News Twitter bans thousands of “Qanon” accounts and calls the movement dangerous. Twitter will work to suppress any “Qanon” tweets. [Link] The Pentagon will restrict the release of unclassified information. [Link] The Space Force and Air Force introduced a new...

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News Roundup 7/21/20

US News A gunman murdered the son of Judge Salas who was just assigned to the Epstein/Deutsche Bank trial. [Link] DHS plans to send 150 armed feds to Chicago. [Link] Trump says more cities could face a Portland-style crackdown. [Link] The House votes to approve an...

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Conflicts of Interest

Lazy Hawks Blame Russia for Everything

On FPF #525, I discuss Trump's decision to withdraw 12,000 troops from Germany. Washington hawks dusted off the worn-out Russiagate narrative to try to drum up fear that Trump was sacrificing the country's security to his master Putin. Trump's move is minor as the US...

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Destroying Diplomacy with China

On FPF #523, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss the deteriorating relationship with China. Last week, the US forced China out of a consulate in Houston. China responded by evicting the US from a consulate in China. The breakdown in the relationship between the...

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2021 NDAA: Another Massive War Budget

On FPF #522, I discuss the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act. The House has passed its version of the bill. The NDAA gives the Pentagon $740 billion and a black check for more war. One small victory is Tulsi’s requirement to study sanctions. The Senate also...

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Obama’s Libya Fiasco Continues to Bleed

On FPF #521, I update the ongoing conflict in Libya. In 2011, Obama aligned with NATO to help al-Qaeda linked militants overthrow the government of Gaddafi. After the long time dictator was murdered, the country predictably fell into chaos. Now, a multi-faction civil...

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Roger Stone Is Free, Another Fake Scandal

On FPF #517, I discuss top news, including Trump's commuting of Roger Stone's jail sentence. Democrats are attempting to roll this story into the Russiagate conspiracy theory, which now includes Bountygate. While the opposition to Trump is enraged by their own fake...

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News Roundup 7/10/20

US News A Bernie/Biden unity task force announced Biden's would not support ending qualified immunity or legalizing marijuana. [Link] A top Biden aide says he will review Trump's decision to remove some troops from Germany. [Link] Foreign Policy The US sanctions four...

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Will Trump Meet with Kim Jong-un Again?

On FPF #515, I discuss the latest push by South Korean President Moon Jae-in to have another meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un. The top US negotiator traveled to South Korea in an attempt to restart talks. Trump has now signaled he be open to talks. However, North...

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Will Israel Annex the West Bank?

On FPF #514, Will Porter returns to the show to talk about the status of Israeli annexation. The recent power-sharing agreement that created the Israeli government agreed that annexation could have started as early as July 1st. However, the day has come and gone with...

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Kyle Anzalone

Kyle Anzalone is news editor of the Libertarian Institute, assistant editor of and co-host of Conflicts of Interest with Will Porter.

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