Jerusalem Post: How to Attack Iran

Not that the Israel Lobby in this country is an enemy fifth column or anything. But this guy makes it just a little more obvious that the USA has no interest in a war with Iran. It's just what Israel wants, that's all. But don't worry, this Israeli assures us, it'll...

Guaido is a Fool and a Loser

He'll never be the president of anything. Bolton is an idiot for thinking the Venezuelan government and military would ever switch over to him or that there's popular support for such a thing. How would you like it if Hillary Clinton called for a Chinese military...

Putin Announces New Generation of Nuclear Weapons

Including a new ICBM that attacks from around the South Pole; a new nuclear-powered cruise missile that can fly anywhere in the world and evade defensive missile installations; a nuclear-powered drone submarine for killing ports; as well as Mig and missile delivered...

If Putin Did Rig the US Election: Good

Jeremy Sapienza is some sort of communist now or something but I still love him: "Sure, some of the less sophisticated liberals are just howling at the moon, crying for the end of this barbarism called the Electoral College, because a vote of 50%+1 is actually so much...

Wounded Knee Redux?

The leadership of the Tohono O’odham peoples is opposed to Donald Trump’s border wall.  The tribe’s historic homelands lie in the U.S. and Mexico and include 75 miles of U.S. – Mexico border.  Their U.S. land holdings consist of 2.8 million acres in Arizona. Tribal...



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