Just Another War Movie

Just Another War Movie

There is a bitter beauty to the uniformed misery of men as they cut through the jungles or trudge into the mud, their unique characters entertaining us, the engaged voyeur.  The captivating arcs of these protagonists as they survive another bleak day, far from home,...

The Abolitionists Were Alright Dudes

I wrote an article today about the topic of moral philosophy.  My featured image shows William Lloyd Garrison, the famous firebrand abolitionist. I've seen many in the libertarian orbit come down hard on Garrison as part of the broad revisionism that we do, in this...

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Haha. If you've got the patience, check out Cathy Young and Reason magazine's ridiculous attack on Ron Paul and to go along with a giant steaming pile of Tom Palmer horseshit about the most dangerous threat to libertarianism -- Tsar Vlad the Terrible of...



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