sanctuary cities

News Roundup 3/30/17

Seattle is suing the federal government for threatening to withhold federal money from sanctuary cities. [Link] A longtime State Department employee has been charged with lying to the FBI about gifts she received from China. [Link] States that have legalized medical...

News Roundup 3/28/17

Jeff Sessions announced that he will look to strip funding from sanctuary cities. [Link] The US is boycotting nuclear disarmament talks taking place at the UN. [Link] US soldiers in Mosul have started to wear black uniforms to look more like Iraqi counterterrorism...

News Roundup 1/29/17

Trump says he will defer to the Secretary of Defense on torture. General Mattis has stated several times that he does not believe torture works. [Link] A federal judge prevents people from being deported under Trump's executive order on immigration. The ruling will...

News Roundup 1/26/17

Trump signs an executive directive to build a wall along the US/Mexico border. Trump also restarted a program where federal law enforcement works with state and local enforcement to deport illegal immigrants. [Link] Tru Trump signs an executive order to crack down on...



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