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Political Cynicism Won on Tuesday

Political Cynicism Won on Tuesday

Cynics had another great Election Day on Tuesday. Expectations of a vast red wave became little more than scattered sightings of Democratic road kill. President Joe Biden took a “no red wave” victory lap in a White House press conference Wednesday and promised to make...

The True Story Of Rosa Parks

The True Story Of Rosa Parks

I admit, the timing of this article is odd.  There's no reason to talk about Rosa Parks at this moment, and yet, something reminded me of an interesting story I have heard about the Montgomery bus boycotts.  Why not mention it now? I have to also admit that my purpose...

2019, The Palestinian Reality Check

2019, The Palestinian Reality Check

In recent weeks there has been a plethora of news surrounding of all things, the Trump administration and its policies. Between the talking points, much of the news has found one way or another, a comparison to the Palestinians and Israelis. For example, this week...

The Antiwar Comic: Every School Kid Knows

Today's Antiwar Comic is more of a civics lesson than anything else.  It occurred to me that we teach all this high and mighty wonderful stuff about America and it's kinda b.s. For more comics visit the Webcomic Factory.



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