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News Roundup 7/25/2023

News Roundup 7/25/2023

Russia Ukrainian President Voldymr Zelensky said in an interview aired on Sunday that the Ukrainian counteroffensive started later than he wanted due to a lack of weapons and training. AWC After two drones targeted Moscow early Monday, a Ukrainian military...

News Roundup 7/25/2023

News Roundup 7/19/2023

Russia The Crimean Bridge that links Crimea to the Russian mainland was again targeted by Ukrainian forces in a bombing early Monday morning that killed two civilians and injured a child. AWC Russia announced Monday that it was suspending its participation in a deal...

News Roundup 7/25/2023

News Roundup 7/3/2023

Russia Raytheon has called in retired engineers to help produce Stinger anti-aircraft missiles that the US has been providing Ukraine, Defense One reported on Thursday. AWC The US is close to approving the provision of longer-range missiles for Ukraine that the White...



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