I’m Quitting Twitter

As Dan McAdams was saying today on the Liberty Report, Twitter has demanded that we hit their Soviet BF Skinner button to delete our terribly offensive tweets, which at least in my case have been deleted from my feed by Twitter already, in order to begin the 12 hour...

FPF #228 – A $700 Billion Waste

On FPF #228, I discuss the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act. Congress recently passed the 2019 NDAA, authorizing $716 billion in defense spending. The spending is largely for offensive purposes and does not benefit the protect the American people. I break down...

History's Greatest Empire

A quote from the early American moral philosopher (or, to some, preacher of religion), William Ellery Channing (from Spiritual Freedom, 1830): I call that mind free, which is jealous of its own freedom, which guards itself from being merged with others, which guards...

The Dews From Heaven

Pliny said, of the dew, that it is, "...the sweat of Heaven, the spittle of the stars." Mormon scripture, evoking Moses, recites, "Let thy bowels also be full of charity towards all men, and to the household of faith, and let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly;...

Capitalism And Backscratchers

I'd like to relate a blog-appropriate anecdote concerning an epiphany I just experienced.  The other day I saw a backscratcher for sale at the store.  It was a metal hand, with a telescoping rod, connected to a plastic handle.  The display rack containing these...

War And Peace Put Simply

War is so costly because it requires reciprocal action and therefore wasteful escalation.  The force that drives this is the need to "win".  This is the same force that ruins politics. If you can accept some of what you want, maybe even in a context of getting mostly...



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