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12/18/17 Ramzy Baroud on the long-awaited death of the Two-State Solution

12/18/17 Ramzy Baroud on the long-awaited death of the Two-State Solution

Editor-in-chief of the Palestine Chronicle Ramzy Baroud returns to the show to discuss his latest articles, “Towards a New Palestinian Beginning” and “The ‘Last Martyr’: Who Killed Kamal Al-Assar?” Baroud shares his memories from the First Intifada 30 years ago, explains how socialism and not Radical Islam drove the Palestinian struggle at the outset, and provides nuance for Israel’s role in Hamas’ rise to power in Palestine. Baroud then details the length to which the Israeli state has gone to deny Palestine a political peace process and argues that the last time a genuine resolution attempt was made by the United States was during the 2000 Camp David Summit. Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel perversely removes the circus of the two-state solution lie—which, according to Baroud, has never been a serious option. The new fight for the Palestinians, Baroud argues, is to fight for equal rights within a single state.

Ramzy Baroud is a US-Arab journalist and is the editor-in-chief of the Palestine Chronicle. He is the author of“My Father Was A Freedom Fighter: The Untold Story of Gaza.” His latest digital project is “Palestine in Motion,” intended to give a holistic understanding of the lives of Palestinians as told in their own words. Follow Ramzy on Twitter @RamzyBaroud and read his work at

Discussed on the show:

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