Monday, October 15, 2018


Your Security Force, Your Enemy

Radley Balko on the totalitarian state of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Episode 168: Mance, and Guest Co-Host Angela Keaton, Interview Lyn Ulbricht

50 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Mance invited Lyn Ulbricht to come on the show to provide updates on the petition to release her son Ross Ulbricht from federal prison as well as a new documentary series that is being released weekly on YouTube entitled, “Railroaded – The Targeting and Caging of Ross Ulbricht.”

Mance invited Managing Director of, Angela Keaton, to co-host. Angela is a big fan of Lyn’s and had specific questions she wanted to ask. Petition to Free Ross

“Railroaded” on YouTube

Episode 167: Talking ‘Renegade’ American History w/ Thaddeus Russell

56 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Mance welcomes best-selling author Thaddeus Russell to the show. Thaddeus is the author of the book, “A Renegade History of the United States,” where he concentrates on marginalized groups, and immigrant contributions to American culture. He is also the host of the popular “Unregistered” podcast.

Mance asks him about several parts of the book including the “influence” for the “40-hour work week,” Reconstruction-Era “re-education bureaus” for ex-slaves and a many other topics.

Mostly they concentrate on how these events made a lasting impression on “American Culture.”

Unregistered Podcast

A Renegade History of the United States

Thaddeus on Twitter

Episode 166: ‘Telling Kids to Trust the Police is Child Abuse’

23 Minutes

Suitable for All Audiences

Borrowing the title of an article by the late, great Will Grigg, Mance lays out the argument as to why you should not only teach your kids not to trust police, but to never talk to them.

Professor Duane Video “Don’t Talk to the Police/Cops”

A Modest Proposal For National Discontent

How about the South and Mountain West each become an independent nation “in free association” with the US?

The deal is: you get to control immigration, taxes, trade (excepting ITAR – arms trade), but can have no military.  Citizens of the two territories can elect to voluntarily submit income taxes to the IRS, and in return can become eligible for a US passport.

I think the Empire will always be a stumbling block on the road to political diversity in American domestic politics.  However, as the Empire – and the left – centralizes, why not give everyone else a break?

Free association would keep the Empire together, so the deep state would probably be more willing to allow it.  If you will.

Anything to stop talking about Judge Freakin’ Kavanaugh.

New Book

Well, I’m writing a new book.

The tentative title is God Dang It, Bobby: Time to End the War on Terrorism.

You like it when I write books? Help support here.

Episode 165: Smashing the Myths of the ‘Free State Project’

56 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Mance had a chance to talk to former Free State Project President, and current board member, Matt Philips.

Mance will be speaking at the FSP sponsored Liberty Forum (Feb. 7-9, 2019) in Manchester, New Hampshire and wanted to ask questions about what the FSP is all about. He specifically wanted to know how a move to New Hampshire would benefit someone who comes from the ANCAP/Voluntaryist side of the aisle. Enjoy!

Free State Project

Liberty Forum 2019

Episode 164: Gun Lobbyist Jose Nino on the Inherent Right to Self-Defense

56 Minutes

Suitable for all Audiences

Mance welcomes Jose Nino back to the show. When Jose appeared on the podcast recently, Mance talked about him coming back on to talk about guns and gun rights. Jose works for a gun rights lobbyist and was more than willing to share his feelings and experiences working in that field.

Jose on the FBI adding 400M records to NICS

Jose on Gun Grabber Jeff Sessions

Jose on Repressive Regimes and Their Gun Laws

Episode 163: The Art of Exposing Propaganda w/ Journalist Jeremy R Hammond

55 Minutes

Suitable for all Ages

Mance welcomes award winning journalist Jeremy R Hammond back to the show. Jeremy recently released an e-book entitled, “Exposing a Zionist Hoax: How Elan Journo’s ‘What Justice Demands’ Deceives Readers About the Palestinian Conflict.” In it Jeremy proves that not only is Journo being deceptive in his arguments, but is guilty of outright falsehoods.

Exposing a Zionist Hoax

Obstacle to Peace

Foreign Policy Journal

Fool’s Errand EPUB Now Available

The electronic version of my book is now available on Barnes and Noble, Apple Books (no link, but it’s there on the app), Kobo, Smashwords and very soon will be on Google Play books as well.

The paperback and Kindle versions and all these above are the very latest version of the text with some typos fixed and things. So all of you who’ve already read it, buy it again!

Audiobook here.

Thanks very much to Mike Dworski and Grant Smith.

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