Monday, August 20, 2018


Episode 144: Eric July of BackWordz

45 Minutes

Hey, it’s Mance. I had a chance to talk to Eric July of BackWordz and I took it. Eric not only advocates for liberty every day on social media but is the frontman of the world’s most popular Voluntaryist/Ancap band. Enjoy this candid interview where he holds nothing back!


Eric on Twitter

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Christian Cold-Warriors’ Faustian Bargain

What motivated the legions of bureaucrats in the US Gov during the Cold War?  As a child of the 90s, and former Boy Scout, I can tell you that the answer is incredibly clear in the minds of that generation: defeating evangelical atheism.  I wouldn’t discount the notion that in the 50s and 60s, countless immoral acts were rationalized by American bureaucrats on the basis that such acts were necessary to preserve religion.

Ironically, the immorality and hypocrisy of the Cold War soured the milk of America’s moral teet for her children.

The Red Army didn’t turn America’s next generations into atheist drug addict adulterers; the Vietnam War, the military debt burden, and the conformist school system did.

Shame on Christians who think evil can be defeated through any other means than the maintenance of personal moral integrity.  America’s “moral decline” is entirely your fault.

You didn’t trust God to save your religion, so you made a deal with the devil to preserve it.  Shocking that the deal went South, along with your religion.

Can you hear me National Review (who, in 20 years, will be saying that Catholic Atheism is cool, and war is still great)?

The 2d Amendment Isn’t There To Protect You From Gov

The gun rights discussion often misses a point, which I feel is the most important.  Government isn’t the only entity in society that can threaten people’s safety with violence.  The Second Amendment exists to give people the means to protect themselves from the spectrum of threats to personal safety.

The idea is that a person doesn’t have to depend on government to protect themselves.  Imagine what would happen if you had to rely on government when a lynch mob showed up, and the cops chose not to come?

That’s the purpose of the Second Amendment.

Rights aren’t just about protecting people from government, they also are meant to empower individuals so that they aren’t rendered dependent on government.  Which, by the way, is what’s so offensive about contemporary healthcare paradigms.

Episode 143: “The Right to Life Equals the Right to Possess Firearms”

Mance welcomes Sheldon Richman to the show. Sheldon along with Scott Horton and Jared Labell are partners at the Libertarian Institute. Sheldon writes the popular TGIF (The Goal is Freedom) article that is released on Fridays and is one of Mance’s favorites. Sheldon was a contributor to the 2013 book, “The Tyranny of Gun Control.” Mance asked Sheldon to have a conversation about his offerings to the book and his philosophy on gun ownership in general.

Sheldon at The Libertarian Institute

The Tyranny of Gun Control

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Fool’s Errand Turns 1

My book, Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan came out a year ago today. It was good timing since I knew that Trump was about to launch his first escalation there and that other than that, the status quo would hold: the Taliban would continue to slowly retake the country-side, they would attack major cities and Afghan National Army outposts, while never staying long enough to get their fixed positions bombed to oblivion by U.S. B-1s, and the national government in Kabul would continue to hang on by a thread and another pallet of U.S. cash.

(I had to revise the text after only one week to change all of my future tense claims about what Trump was going to do with past tense reports of what he had just done. So some of you who bought the book right away may have the rare collectors item version, which is also worth $20.00.)

Everything I wrote about how it’s not too late for Trump to turn around and blame the failure of this war all on Big-Dummy Bush Jr., and Big-Weakling Obama (and go ahead and throw Petraeus and McMaster under the bus while he’s at it) remains true. Trump has a way of unapologetically flip-flopping around on all kinds of things and getting away with it, and we all know from his history that he really does know better than to keep fighting this horrible war in the first place. If the Kabul government cannot stand after 17 years of support by the U.S., then that proves it does not have the support of the Afghan people. The Pashtun tribesmen are not our enemies, just because stupid idiot Bush and wimp loser Obama say they are. War’s lost. Come home. No deal necessary. Just leave. He’d be Trump the Great, for a day. That’s my take, anyway.

Thanks very much to everyone who helped me write the book, have given it so many great reviews and had me out to their events to speak about it and such. (I even got on C-SPAN).

My favorite review of the book is by Adam House, a veteran of the Korengal Valley campaign and now a friend of mine too: Fool’s Errand: Under Review.

Episode 142: Master Interviewer Jan Helfeld Talks and Teaches His Technique

39 Minutes

Mance welcomes Jan Helfeld to the show. Jan is a YouTube sensation with millions of views of his videos. Jan has interviewed Bernie Sanders, Harry Reid and a host of politicians. His style of asking questions always backs them in a corner forcing them to reveal uncomfortable truths about government. Jan talks about these interviews and how you can use his style to engage people in your personal life.

Jan’s YouTube Channel

Bernie Sanders Interview

Harry Reid Interview

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Episode 141: “Confessions of a D.C. Lobbyist”

59 Minutes

Mance had a chance to talk to a man who will only be identified as “Colin” for reasons that will become clear. Colin works for one of the biggest lobbying firms in Washington D.C. He not only wanted to give a behind the scenes look at the engine of government, money and influence, but he is actually encouraging libertarians to get involved that they may become educated in exactly how D.C. works. He has a strategy that he explains.

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The Pursuit of Freedom

I was interviewed today by Phil Pepin on The Pursuit of Freedom about some things.

Episode 140: Dave Smith

58 Minutes

Mance welcomes Dave Smith to the show. Dave is a successful standup comedian and host of one of the most popular libertarian podcasts in the world, Part of the Problem. Mance and Dave talk about some of the most outrageous recent news stories and a column written by Ben Shapiro in 2002. Enjoy!!!

Part of the Problem

Dave’s Website

Ben Shapiro Article

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Bear Witness to American War Crimes

Look. Look! 50 children killed when USA-Saudi bomb a school bus traveling through a market. On your dime. In your name. Here are some of the 80+ wounded/survivors.

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