Please, adhere to the following guidelines:

1) Keep your submissions on subject.

2) Submissions must have a maximum limit of 1,800 words.

3) Formatting:

a) Please submit all pieces in a Word document, with no fancy formatting or fonts. Simple 12pt. font. Feel free to also paste your text into the body of the email.

b) Do not indent.

c) Do not use bullets on your lists.

d) Do not use HTML tags in your piece, except for embedded links. If you would like to submit your piece already formatted in HTML, send us an HTML document.

4) Please include a short (one small paragraph) bio with your piece, and include and email address to which you would like to have correspondence sent. If you have a website, please include that as well.

5) Always, always link to sources. Always! If you make a statement that isn’t common knowledge, especially statistics, you must back it up with a link.

6) Please title your submission. We may decide to change it at publication, but at least we’ll have something off which we can work.

7) Please let us know whether or not your piece is an original submission. We prefer them to be original, but we will reprint exceptional pieces.

8) If your submission is rejected, please don’t stop sending. Acceptance depends on a variety of factors, including timeliness, style, and any number of editorial requirements of the moment that may not necessarily reflect on your writing ability.

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