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News Roundup 10/20/21

US News Congressman Jeff Fortenberry was indicted in federal court for scheming to falsify and conceal material facts and two counts of lying to investigators. The indictments center around alleged donations made from a Nigerian billionaire. Fortenberry released a...

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News Roundup 10/19/21

US News LA Country is attempting to force Vanessa Bryant - wife of Kobe Bryant - to get a psychiatric evaluation. Bryant is suing the country after officers leaked photos of her dead husband. [Link] The Treasury Department announced it concluded its review of US...

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News Roundup 10/18/21

US News Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is dead. [Link] Ameal Woods was driving in Texas to buy a new semi-truck when he was pulled over. Without changing him, the police seized the $40,000 in cash he was carrying to buy a new truck. Two years later, the police...

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News Roundup 10/15/21

US News Missouri’s governor says he is launching an investigation into the St.Louis Post Dispatch after the paper exposed a security flaw in a state website that made teacher’s social security numbers vulnerable. The paper informed the state of the flaw and allowed it...

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News Roundup 10/14/21

US News A black Louisiana police officer was fired for speaking out against police abuse. [Link] Facebook will give journalists and activists extra protection from harassment. [Link] Overdose deaths in 2020 were up to at least 99,000. [Link] Great Power Putin says he...

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News Roundup 10/13/21

US News A judge denied a Texas police officer qualified immunity after the officer removed a 14-year-old child from her home because she was alone. The child's mother was charged with felony abandonment, a jury found her not guilty. She is now suing the officer that...

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News Roundup 10/12/21

Asia Talks between China and India failed to reduce border tensions. [Link] The UK’s newest aircraft carrier docked in Singapore. The UK says the operation is a part of its “tilt” to the Indo-Pacific. [Link] Middle East Biden removed sanctions on two entities accused...

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News Roundup 10/11/21

US News Biden Administration official Victoria Nuland is sanctioned by Russia. However, Russia will allow her to travel to Russia this week. [Link] India Seven were left dead by fighting between Indian soldiers and militants in Indian-controlled Kashmir. [Link]...

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News Roundup 10/8/21

US News Reuters reports the US has been sending a small number of special operations forces to Taiwan to train their troops. [Link] Berlin police are investigating reports of ‘Havana Syndrome’ at the US Embassy. [Link] Afghanistan  At least 28 people were killed by a...

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News Roundup 10/7/2021

US News A Colorado hospital is denying unvaccinated patients organ transplants. [Link] Lt Col Stu Scheller is facing a court-martial for his public criticism of military leadership after the last ISIS-K attack in Kabul. [Link] Reports say Biden is considering adopting...

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News Roundup 10/5/21

China US officials slammed China for Chinese flights over the southwest corner of Taiwan’s air identification zone. [Link] Taiwan wants to build a deeper partnership with Australia as it prepares for a potential war with China. [Link] Biden’s trade representative with...

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News Roundup 10/4/21

Great Power The US and Russia agree to continue arms control talks. [Link] Russia says the AUKUS defense pact threatens nuclear non-proliferation. [Link] US and UK spy plans are circling the Russian exclave Kaliningrad. [Link] Taiwan reports a surge in the number of...

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News Roundup 9/30/21

US News The NBA says players who are unable to play because of vaccination mandates will not be paid. [Link] The House NDAA includes a provision that extends the draft to women. [Link] Two Democratic Senators tell Biden to end drone strikes outside of war zones....

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News Roundup 9/29/2021

US News YouTube suspended the German RT YouTube channel claiming it was pushing covid misinformation. A German RT host then started a new channel to get around the suspension. YouTube then deleted both channels. [Link] After voting against $1 billion in additional...

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News Roundup 9/28/21

US News New York’s governor will use the National Guard to replace health care workers fired or suspended for being unvaccinated. [Link] Lockheed Martin tells the Pentagon it will only be able to deliver 151 F-35s this year. Lockheed planned to produce 161 F-35s....

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News Roundup 9/27/2021

US News According to reporting from Yahoo!, under CIA Director Mike Pompeo, the Trump Administration seriously plotted to kidnap or assassinate Julian Assange. Much of the conspiracy against Assange has already been reported. [Link] Michigan police officer Benjamin...

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Conflicts of Interest

COI #174: The US Is Pushing China to the Brink

On COI #174, Kyle Anzalone breaks down the recent news in the US Cold War against China. Reuters reports that the US has been sending special operations soldiers to Taiwan for training. The US has sent Coast Guard and arms trainers to Taiwan previously, but the...

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