News Roundup

News Roundup 1/21/2022

Covid New Mexico is requesting National Guard soldiers and state employees to fill in as substitute teachers. [Link] The US donated over 300,000 Johnson & Johnson covid vaccines to Bangladesh. [Link] The US donated over 600,000 Pfizer covid vaccine doses to...

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News Roundup 1/20/2022

US News The police officers who restrained Cedric Lofton at a Kansas juvenile facility until he died will not face charges. [Link] The city of Baltimore settles with two men - who police officers planted drugs on  - for $200,000. The officers were members of the...

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Covid SCOTUS rejects an emergency appeal challenging the mask mandate on airplanes. [Link] Wisconsin will deploy over 200 National Guard soldiers to nursing homes over the next two months. [Link] The US gives seven million Pfizer covid vaccine doses to Bangladesh...

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News Roundup 1/18/2022

Ukraine A bipartisan group of seven Senators traveled to Ukraine. They met with President Zelenskyy and restated America’s support for Ukraine. [Link] The UK will give Ukraine anti-tank weapons and deploy troops for training on the weapons. [Link] Former Ukrainian...

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News Roundup 1/16/2022

Corrected on 1/17 to say the USS Nevada visited Guam, not Taiwan. Covid Covax claims to have distributed one billion covid vaccine doses. [Link] The US donates 2.8 million Pfizer covid vaccine doses to the Philippines through Covax. [Link] The US donated four million...

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News Roundup 1/14/2022

Covid The Supreme Court strikes down the Biden requirement that employers mandate the covid vaccine or mask and test employees weekly. The court approved Biden’s requirement for all healthcare staff at federally funded facilities to get the covid vaccine. [Link] Biden...

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News Roundup 1/13/2022

Covid Rhode Island will deploy 60 National Guardsmen to a psychiatric hospital due to staffing issues. [Link] Oregon will deploy an additional 700 National Guardsmen to medical facilities, for a total of more than 1,200 soldiers. [Link] Biden will deploy the 1,000...

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News Roundup 1/12/2022

Covid The White House says it will increase the number of covid tests available to schools by 10 million a month. [Link] Biden tells federal agencies to begin testing unvaccinated employees weekly starting Feb 15th. [Link] Senator Marco Rubio introduces a bill that...

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News Roundup 1/11/2022

Covid Hospitals are allowing staff who test positive for covid to continue to work. [Link] Biden will require health insurance providers to provide eight at-home covid tests per month. [Link] US News A court upheld the firing of two LAPD officers who ignored calls to...

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News Roundup 1/10/2022

Covid Massachusetts hospitals will begin reporting different stats for those hospitalized because of covid and those who were hospitalized for a different reason and tested positive. [Link] New York has canceled surgeries at 40 hospitals across the state. [Link]...

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News Roundup 1/7/2022

US News The USPS asks for a waiver from Biden’s vaccine mandate. The service said it needs more time to get employees into compliance. While the mandate takes effect on January 10th, OSHA says it will not begin enforcement until February 9th. [Link] Caribbean  The US...

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News Roundup 1/6/2022

US News Director of Federal Bureau of Prisons Michael Carvajal resigns. [Link] The Capitol Police want to add 840 new officers over the next three years. [Link] The US donates 5 million Pfizer covid vaccines to Pakistan through Covax. [Link] The US Treasury announced...

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News Roundup 1/5/2022

US News Willie Stokes was released from prison after serving 37 years for a murder he did not commit. Stokes was convicted after police bribed a witness to give a false statement. The witness was convicted for purgery for lying in court. [Link] Biden doubles the...

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News Roundup 1/4/2022

US News The city of Baltimore will pay out $8 million to the family of Malcolm Bryant. Bryant spent 17 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. [Link] A social worker was denied qualified immunity after fabricating statements. In a separate case, police...

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News Roundup 1/3/2022

US News The White House announces $1 billion in spending in an effort to bring down meat prices. [Link] Twitter permanently suspends Congresswoman Majorie Taylor-Green. [Link] Before 1/6, the Department of Justice approved deploying tactical law enforcement units,...

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News Roundup 12/30/21

Covid Georgia will spend $100 million to hire medical staff and deploy 200 National Guard soldiers to medical facilities. [Link] Over 3,000 Navy reserve sailors missed the deadline to take the covid vaccination. [Link] US News Illinois bars the state employee pension...

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