News Roundup

News Roundup 5/7/21

US News Six people received over three million in fraudulent Covid relief payments claiming to run churches. [Link] Secretary of State Antony Blinken warns Western countries about allowing Chinese investment. [Link] Ukraine says it met with State Department officials...

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News Roundup 5/6/21

US News The Biden administration says it supports allowing the WHO to distribute the IP for covid vaccines. [Link] New DNA evidence strongly suggests Ledell Lee was wrongly executed in 2017. [Link] Police officers got qualified immunity after they bullied a...

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News Roundup 5/4/21

Foreign Policy Biden releases documents showing Trump loosened the rules on drone strikes. [Link] The US will put more pressure on the Salvadoran government. [Link] Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the G7 needs to work against China and Russia. [Link] China...

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News Roundup 5/2/21

US News Two Texas police officers were fired for committing crimes on the job. One officer punched a teenage boy for no reason. The other officer pulled his gun and threatened to kill people without cause. [Link] The US announced it will cut its embassy in Moscow...

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News Roundup 4/30/21

US News A woman has been charged with a felony for not returning a VHS tape from 1999. [Link] A CA study found massive racial bias in the child welfare system. Half of the black and Native American children received a visit from the state at some time during their...

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News Roundup 4/29/21

US News The state of Michigan’s multi-million fund to pay out settlements for wrongful convictions is facing a $7 billion deficit. [Link] The FDA is considering a ban on menthol cigarettes this week. [Link] Sam Power was confirmed to head USAID. [Link] Great Power...

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News Roundup 4/28/21

US News Louisiana police placed a GPS tracker on a woman’s car. When she removed it, they demanded the tracker back. [Link] In addition to the $2 trillion covid relief bill and the proposed $2 trillion infrastructure bill, Biden now wants to pass a $1.8 trillion bill...

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News Roundup 4/27/21

US News NFL player Sean Culkin covered his 2021 salary into Bitcoin. [Link] Two DC police crash their cars drag racing. [Link] A Virginia police officer shot Isaiah Brown. Brown is in critical condition. Reports say the police officer shot Brown because he believed...

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News Roundup 4/26/21

NATO Biden announces his first overseas trip will be to NATO HQ. [Link] NATO is pushing India to join an anti-Russia/China alliance. [Link] Afghanistan The Pentagon has not informed defense contractors on their future role in Afghanistan. [Link The US is deploying...

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News Roundup 4/23/21

US News The Supreme Court rules against a minor who received a life sentence without parole. [Link] Montana passed a resolution calling to end the forever wars. [Link] Biden is considering creating an anti-graft task force for Central America that will sanction...

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News Roundup 4/22/21

Great Power The US and Russia both have their ambassadors recalled. Russia recalled its ambassador after Biden called Putin a killer and the US just recalled its ambassador. [Link] Ukraine’s president says his country is ready for war and signed a bill calling up...

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News Roundup 4/20/21

US News New Jersey police arrested at least one young man and confiscated at least one bike because a group of teens was riding bikes without the proper government permits. [Link] The Biden administration is considering new regulations on cigarettes, including...

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News Roundup 4/16/21

US News Bodycam footage shows a police officer murdering 13-year-old Adam Toledo. [Link] Crosley Green was convicted of murder with no physical evidence. Three witnesses testified against him, but all later recanted saying they were pressured to testify against Green....

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News Roundup 4/15/21

US News The cop who murdered Ashli Babbitt will not face charges. [Link] More than a dozen states are looking to nullify unconstitutional gun laws. [Link] Russia Biden announced a large new round of sanctions against Russia. Biden will not permit US firms from buying...

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News Roundup 4/14/21

US News FBI special agent James Hendricks was labeled by his colleagues as a “skilled predator” and the DoJ IG found he sexually harassed at least eight women. After being exposed as a predator, he was allowed to retire with benefits. [Link] Marvin Scott was arrested...

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News Roundup 4/13/21

US News New Mexico legalizes marijuana. The bill doesn’t legalize the sale of cannabis until 2022. The bill expunged low-level marijuana offenses. [Link] The number of US soldiers with serious sleep disorders is increasing. [Link] Mexico doubled the number of troops...

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Conflicts of Interest

COI #105 – Executing the Wrong People

On COI#105, Kyle discusses the US government executing the wrong people, either overseas or in the US. Ledell Lee was executed by Arkansas in 2017. A new report shows another person's DNA on the murder weapon and other evidence. The report showed Lee was unlikely the...

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COI #103 – An Overextended Empire

On COI #103, Kyle discusses America's overextended empire. The Coast Guard just deployed the USCGS Hamilton to the Black Sea. A US Navy ship fired warning shots at Iranian ships in the Persian Gulf. China reports US operations in its territorial waters have increased...

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News Roundup 4/19/21

US News Rusten Sheskey - the Kenosha police officer who shot Jacob Blake - returns to duty. [Link] Biden walks back a pledge to increase the number of refugees the US accepts. [Link] Judges are banning some alleged Capitol Rioters from accessing the internet. [Link]...

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