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How Supreme is the Supreme Court?

How Supreme is the Supreme Court?

One intriguing aspect of the Covid lockdowns has been the shift in power from an oligarchy whose edicts were often taken to be the supreme law of the land to an empire where a single person now dictates with the same absolute authority. From the nine black-robed...

Moral Rhetoric vs. Reality

Moral Rhetoric vs. Reality

Philosophers tend to divide normative theories of morality into two broad categories: deontological and teleological. Deontological theories prioritize right action over good outcomes. If an action is wrong, then it is intrinsically wrong, regardless of the...

Correcting the Lapdog Media

Correcting the Lapdog Media

Former CNN White House correspondent Michelle Kosinski declared on Twitter last week that American journalists would “never expect…Your own govt to lie to you, repeatedly” and “Your own govt to hide information the public has a right to know.” Kosinski denounced...

Our Tower of Economic Lies

Our Tower of Economic Lies

In a recent issue, Time Magazine boldly declared, “The Free Market Is Dead,” and then added: “What Will Replace It?” Of course, one always can expect Time to be disingenuous at best and dishonest at worst, and as an academic economist, I have come to realize that...

The Truth About the Biden Tax Plan

The Truth About the Biden Tax Plan

Last Thursday the New York Times reported what should be obvious, but that eludes most in our midst: the rich pay the vast majority of taxes collected. By far. This is a statement of the obvious simply because the “vital few” drive all progress in all walks of life....

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News Roundup

News Roundup 5/14/21

US News Mike Treacy details some of the “crimes” people were issued tickets for during the covid lockdowns. Some of the reasons were as benign as hanging out and sitting in the park. [Link] A police dog found drugs every time it was brought to check a car. Other dogs...


Palestine/Israel Erupts Again

In Coming to Palestine I defended, from a libertarian perspective, the Palestinians against Israeli/Zionist oppression. I am reluctant to repeat that case in a far shorter form here, but the horrendous current events throughout Palestine/Israel, including the Gaza...

3 new interviews of Me

Is the War on Terror Directed at US Citizens Now? - Buck Johnson The U.S. Empire's Destruction Of Somalia and Yemen - Pete Quinones The State of Policing - Year Zero with Tommy Salmons

The Antiwar Comic: What Position?

Hey all! I'm back with some more comics! We never really stopped, but if you want to get caught up this is the next comic below click thru at the Webcomic Factory for the rest. It was interesting doing Antiwar Comics during the Trump era, since he seemed to be trying...

We’re Here to Help

After a fiery year of cultural outrage against the state of policing in America, President Joe Biden's administration has announced that they have heard the pleas of the people. They will not stand by while a nefarious force maliciously targets the African American...

Latest interviews of Me

A few new ones in the last week. Despite Afghan withdrawal pledge, US may find new ways to extend the war - Aaron Matè Thought and Conduct - Beto Renteria Biden's Plan to Withdraw from Afghanistan and US Escalation with Russia - The Liam McCollum Show TheAnarchast -...

The Scott Horton Show

Free Man Beyond the Wall

Conflicts of Interest

COI #109 – Palestine Has a Right to Defend Itself

On COI #109, Libertarian Institute writer Connon Freeman returns to the show to break down this week's events in Palestine. Days of heated protests over looming evictions of Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem prompted harsh police crackdowns, including around Al...

COI#108 – Biden Feeds the War Machine guest Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp, News Editor at, returns to Conflicts of Interest to discuss Biden’s foreign policy through his first 100 days in office. As a candidate, Biden pledged to end the forever wars and scale back tensions with Iran. While he has reduced some US...

Don't Tread on Anyone

Putin Interviews – Summary, Analysis, & Lessons Learned Marx and his followers have never demonstrated any awareness of the vital importance of the problem of allocation of scarce resources. Their vision of communism is that all such economic problems are trivial, requiring neither...

Wisdom From Great Minds. Jeff Deist & Keith Knight To make their rule permanent, the State rulers need to induce their subject masses to acquiesce in at least the legitimacy of their rule. For this purpose the State has always taken a corps of intellectuals to spin apologia for the wisdom...

Liberty Weekly Podcast

The Real Magna Carta Ep. 58 [Liberty Weekly Throwback]

In 2018, when this episode was first published, the Liberty Weekly Podcast did not have a quarter of the following it now enjoys. There are a great deal of evergreen episodes from the early days of the podcast that did not get the listens I wish they did. Because I am...

Year Zero

Getting Red-pilled By Legalman

Legalman joined me to discuss the cognitive dissonance of constitutional conservatives, the infiltration of movements, and crypto as a psyop Legalman twitter The Quash 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate

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