Criminal Justice

What if the Police Don’t Identify Themselves?

Anyone who pays attention to cases involving police shootings, especially those that result in a fatality, has noticed that the narrative we first hear coming from the press soon changes. It is no different in the case of Atatiana Jefferson, who was gunned down through a closed window in her home on October 12, after a neighbor called police to report that her...

WATCH: State Trooper Pulls Gun on Veteran Speeding to Hospital to See His Dying Mother

Tempe, AZ — A U.S. Army Reserves Translator was attempting to hurry to the hospital to be with his sick mother when Department of Public Safety (DPS) Trooper Brian Hillenbrand pulled him over. Mike Aldarraji admitted to AZ Family reporters he was weaving in and out of the high-occupancy vehicle lane in an attempt to get to the hospital quicker. However,...

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