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Cops Break In Locked Gate in Wrong Yard, Shoot Dog In Front of 8 Year Old

It is no secret that cops shoot dogs — a lot. Frequent readers of TFTP know too well how many beloved family pets are gunned down every year by public servants in the U.S. It happens so much that there is a term for it called “puppycide.” We have an endless archive of stories in which dogs meet their untimely ends at the end of a cop’s gun.

According to an unofficial count done by an independent research group, Ozymandias Media, a dog is shot by law enforcement every 98 minutes. That number could be higher too as many of the cases never make the media reports.

When these cases do make the local media, often times, they are dismissed by apologists who claim the dogs’ owners were committing crimes or should have had better control of their dog. Unfortunately, however, it is not just people suspected of crimes who see their dogs gunned down in front of them. Cops go onto the wrong properties all the time and kill the dogs of innocent families — and they do so with impunity.

The Perez family in Los Angeles found this out the hard way last week when police were raiding the house behind them. On June 8, 2021, around noon, multiple Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies were serving a warrant at the house behind the Perez’s home.

According to Leticia Perez, while serving the warrant on the home behind theirs, cops came into their locked gate—despite protests and warnings from the neighbors.

They knew they were at the wrong house and our nextdoor neighbors told deputies that Princess was in the yard, but they came on our property anyway,” explained Leticia.

“I’m yelling at the cop, ‘Don’t go in there, there’s a dog, don’t go in there!” the Perez’s neighbor, Mona Foster recalled to reporters. But police didn’t listen.

As police entered the yard—unlawfully—Leticia says her 8-year-old daughter was in the backyard feeding their dog Princess “when a deputy with a shotgun shot Princess twice, hitting her in the mouth and shoulder.”

“It’s not fair what happened to her, she was just doing her job defending her family,” Alfredo Perez told local news FOX 11. Luckily, Princess survived, but she is fighting for her life.

Naturally, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department made no mention of the officer being in the wrong yard and they issued a cookie cutter statement about a dog charging them during the execution of a search warrant.

“During a search warrant, a large dog (Bull Mastiff) rushed towards deputy personnel. Fearing they would be attacked, a deputy fired 2 rounds from his weapon. The dog was stuck by the gunshots and was alive in the yard. Animal Control was notified of the incident and the dog was later transported to a veterinarian by a neighbor.”

But they had no warrant to be on the Perez family’s property which makes them liable for shooting their dog. According to the Perez family, so far, no one from LASD has apologized or offered to pay the medical bills.

“I was telling my wife,” Alfredo Perez said. “We’re surprised that they haven’t tried to communicate. Nothing with us.”

According to the family, “the estimate is $20,000 for the surgery and care to repair the damage done to Princess by LA County Sheriff deputies. Princess needs a jaw surgery and treatment for a wound in her neck/shoulder as well as both paws on her left side.”

The family has since launched a GoFundMe account to raise money for Princess’ surgeries and it is currently sitting just shy of the goal. If you would like to help the Perez family undo the damage caused by negligent and apparently trigger-happy deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, you can donate here. 

This article was originally featured at The Free Thought Project and is republished with permission.

WATCH: Cops Assault, Taser Teens for Vaping Outside

In the land of the free, police are tasked with enforcement of all laws no matter how arbitrary or even whether or not there is a victim involved. If you break one of these arbitrary laws in the land of the free, police claim the right to extort or kidnap you. If you resist this kidnapping and extortion for a victimless crime, police claim the right to beat or kill you. Despite the utterly tyrannical implications stemming from the enforcement of laws with no victims, the majority of Americans remain completely oblivious to the effects of it.

Even when there are videos of blatant displays of government violence being inflicted on citizens over the enforcement of victimless crimes, most of America reacts with callousness and statements like, “if you don’t break the law, you have nothing to worry about.” As the following video illustrates, until this mentality shifts, police in America will continue to use violence against citizens who cause no harm.

Over the weekend in Ocean City, Maryland, a group of young men were outside hanging out. The men were bothering no one. They were not robbing, looting, stealing, or otherwise harassing passersby. They were talking among themselves while a few of them inhaled from vaping devices.

Because government claims the right to tell people where they can and cannot inhale from vape pens — even when outdoors — police approached the group of young men to initiate the process of extortion.

According to police, when officers approached the men and told them about a local ordinance prohibiting smoking and vaping outside of the designated areas on the boardwalk, the young men stopped vaping and walked away.

However, as the men walked away, one of them dared to take another puff from the vape, thus triggering the officers to escalate the situation. As stated above, police in the land of the free will go to extreme, violent, and often deadly lengths to enforce the most arbitrary laws for crimes with no victim.

One of the teens in the video was the tasered with his hands up, hog tied, and dragged off.

Then, when officers demanded to see Brian Everett Anderson’s identification, Anderson, 19, allegedly refused to provide it, maintaining he had done nothing wrong. This refusal to id then gave the officers just cause to initiate force against Anderson, who had harmed no one.

Police claimed Anderson “resisted arrest,” and force was then escalated. As the video shows, Anderson is face down on the ground with three cops holding him down. As Anderson asks what he’s done wrong, one of the cops begins delivering overzealous knee strikes to the teen.

As he watched his friend get attacked by police, Kamere Anthony Day, also 19, began yelling at the officers to stop. This yelling gave officers just cause to then initiate force against Day as well.

Both men were arrested and charged with multiple crimes — despite harming no one. As WBAL reports:

Anderson was charged with disorderly conduct, resist/interfere with arrest, second-degree assault and failure to provide proof of identity. He was released on his own recognizance.

Day was charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing and hindering, failure to obey reasonable a lawful order, resist/interfere with arrest and second-degree assault. He was released on his own recognizance.

After the video began to go viral, police were quick to release a statement, reminding the public they are allowed to use violence against citizens, even for the most arbitrary laws for victimless “crimes.”

“We are aware of the social media videos circulating regarding this incident. Our officers are permitted to use force, per their training, to overcome exhibited resistance. All uses of force go through a detailed review process. The uses of force from these arrests will go through a multi-level examination by the Assistant Patrol Commander, the Division Commander and then by the Office of Professional Standards.”

This article was originally featured at The Free Thought Project and is republished with permission.

WATCH: Cop Flips Over Pregnant Woman’s SUV to Give Her a Speeding Ticket

Cops, as the Free Thought Project reports on a regular basis, are extremely quick to escalating force. From baton blows to trigger pulls, American cops love to dish out the violence with extreme prejudice. There is another form of violence police use that doesn’t get mentioned as much but is just as deadly. It is called the Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) maneuver and a pregnant woman in Arkansas is seeking to change police policy after a cop used a PIT maneuver on her after accusing her of speeding—a traffic ticket.

Last July, Nicole Harper was driving home on the interstate when Senior Cpl. Rodney Dunn accused her of driving fast and targeted her for revenue collection.

Not wanting to pull over on a dark highway, Harper, who was pregnant with her daughter at the time, tried to drive to a well lit spot to be extorted. Harper put on her hazard lights, pulled into the right lane and slowed down to look for a well lit area to stop.

Harper failing to immediately prostrate herself before the state to receive her promise of extortion, however, seemingly enraged the Arkansas state trooper. That’s when Dunn decided it was time to perform a PIT maneuver on the pregnant woman which caused her car to roll end over end before crashing into a concrete barrier at 60 mph.

“In my head I was going to lose the baby,” Harper told FOX 16.

The trooper’s body camera recorded the conversation after the deadly maneuver.

“Why didn’t you stop?” Dunn questioned.

“Because I didn’t feel it was safe,” Harper said.

Dunn responded, “well this is where you ended up.”

“I thought it would be safe to wait until the exit,” Harper said,

“No ma’am, you pull over when law enforcement stops you,” the trooper stated.

“We don’t anticipate vehicles rolling over nor do we want that to happen,” Dunn said, adding, “all you had to do was slow down and stop.”

“I did slow down, I turned on my hazards, I thought I was doing the right thing,” Harper said.

Harper explained that the exit at which she intended to stop was less than a half mile down the road.

Harper has since filed a lawsuit against the Arkansas State Police accusing the trooper of using negligent and excessive force by conducting the PIT maneuver.

The lawsuit states and the video illustrates that Harper had slowed down and indicated that she was going to stop but the trooper escalated to deadly force anyway.

“I feel like I had heard that’s what you do, you slow down, you put your flashers on and you drive to a safe place,” Harper told FOX 16, and it turns out, according to the State Police’s own textbook—that is exactly what you are supposed to do.

According to State Police’s “Driver License Study Guide,” under “What to do When You Are Stopped” section, the first instruction says to  use, “emergency flashers to indicate to the officer that you are seeking a safe place to stop.”

This is exactly what Harper did and she was nearly killed for it.

FOX 16 reports:

PITs are becoming more common with State Police. Recent FOX 16 Investigates uncovered State Police attempted or used pits on at least 144 drivers last year. That’s almost double compared to the year before. In 2020 at least three people were killed during PITs, one was a passenger.

“What was done to Ms. Harper was deadly force,” Harper’s lawyer Andrew Norwood said, noting they intend to change to policy on when cops use PIT maneuvers.

“There was a less dangerous and more safe avenue that could have been taken before flipping her vehicle and making it bounce off a concrete barrier going 60 miles an hour,” Norwood said, and he is right.

What this incident illustrates is the lengths to which cops will go to extort citizens over traffic violations. If a cop claims you made some arbitrary and victimless infraction, that cop will extort you. If you refuse to be immediately extorted, that cop will try to kill you.

This article was originally featured at The Free Thought Project and is republished with permission.

Police Employee in Australia Caught Sexually Assaulting 13 Year Old in Elevator

Glenn Roche, 54, is a vile human being and thanks to surveillance footage from inside an elevator the world will now know just how vile. Also thanks to the surveillance footage from the elevator, this police employee will be going to jail.

On Thursday, Roche was found guilty of indecent assault of a child after frightful footage showed him sexually assault a 13-year-old girl inside an elevator.

Roche, an employee of the New South Wales police force in Sydney, Australia, is seen in the footage trapping the panic-stricken child in the elevator. After he chases her into the elevator, he blocks her exit as the doors close.

This child predator then begins repeatedly groping his victim as she frantically tries to escape his grasp. After a few utterly horrifying moments, the little girl was able to escape her attacker and was reunited with her parents and quickly told them what this monster had done.

Roche was then arrested and during the interview, he attempted to play it off as some game. But to the girl who was molested by this sicko, it was no game.

Roche told officers “my hands have slid up her body, as she slid to the ground.”

“My mind has gone off on a tangent like, this is a challenge, to me, I can get her and give her a kiss on the cheek like her two sisters and mum,” Roche said in the police interview, according to the NZ Herald.

In watching the video, it is clear that this was no game and the 13-year-old girl agrees. She explained to police that she was crying while trying to get away from him but he kept groping and kissing her.

The girl told police that he was squeezing her breasts while trapping her in the corner.

“My hand slid across there,” Roche told police, claiming there was no sexual intent.

“So there would have been some sort of contact without doubt,” he said. “Certainly no sexual gratification on my behalf.”

Roche then went on to blame the victim for the reason he groped her so much, claiming that it was her squirming and attempts to escape which made him do it.

“She contributed to that occurring by releasing her body weight and sliding through my hands,” this monster said.

After the investigation, the court did not believe his excuses and Roche was found guilty by the magistrate. Roche is set to be sentenced for his crimes in August, exactly what his sentence will be remains unclear.

However, he maintains he did nothing wrong in trapping a 13-year-old girl as she cried to escape, groping her, grabbing her breasts and kissing her. He remains on the NSW police department, however, he is currently suspended.

Warning, the video below is extremely disturbing.

Just last month, TFTP reported on a similar incident in which a parent caught a police officer in the act of molesting her daughter. Bristow police officer Bradley Don Goodin, was arrested in 2019 and charged with three counts of lewd molestation and two counts of child sexual abuse after the mother of his 9-year-old victim caught him in the act.

In May, Goodin pleaded guilty to the charges. The 9-year-old girl was one of three victims.

According to the US Attorney’s office for the Northern District of Oklahoma, Goodin, 46, pleaded guilty to abusive sexual contact with a child under 12 in Indian Country. As part of the plea agreement, he agreed to a sentence of 15 years in federal prison. U.S. District Judge Gregory K. Frizzell will make the final sentencing determination at a hearing set for Aug. 11, 2021.

This article was originally featured at The Free Thought Project and is republished with permission.

‘I Can’t Breathe’: Three Cops Charged With Murder For Beating Innocent Father to Death on Walk Home

For months after her brother Manuel Ellis’ death in police custody, Monet Carter-Mixon fought for answers. She was told that her brother who is a father of two and active member of his community’s church, randomly attacked two cops and was subsequently killed while doing so. But Carter-Mixon didn’t believe the official story and set out on a mission to expose the cops who killed her brother. It worked.

According to police, on March 3, 2020, Ellis had been at church all night playing drums with the church band before he was killed. He then went to his mother’s home afterward before going to a 7-Eleven to get a late night snack on his way home.

As he walked home with his box of donuts and a bottle of water, he would cross paths with two Tacoma cops, Christopher Burbank and Matthew Collins, who were sitting in their patrol car.

Police claimed that without provocation, Ellis suddenly attacked them, punching the passenger side window of their cruiser. Collins and Burbank then claimed that when they got out to confront Ellis, the 33-year-old father attacked them.

Carter-Mixon knew this was not something her brother would have ever done, but without video evidence, it would be police who get to control the narrative—and control the narrative, they did.

Months after Ellis’ death, the Pierce County sheriff’s investigation was coming to a close and the officers involved were about to be cleared. But Carter-Mixon was still fighting.

During a protest for George Floyd in her town, Carter-Mixon tried to raise awareness for her brother’s death which happened right there and not in another state. As she walked around with pictures of her brother, she found a needle in a haystack.

“A person came up to me and said, ‘I know somebody who saw what happened,’” Carter-Mixon said, according to the Seattle Times. That person was Sara McDowell who filmed the incident. After getting that cellphone video from McDowell, Carter-Mixon discovered another video from a ring doorbell camera nearby.

Carter-Mixon had done in days what an entire sheriff’s department couldn’t do in months—she found evidence of what happened — and it contradicted the “official” investigation.

As ABC News reports:

Prosecutors said witnesses described the initial encounter between Ellis and the two officers as peaceful and respectful. But as Ellis began to walk away, witnesses said Burbank abruptly swung open the car door, hitting Ellis from behind and knocking him to his knees, according to prosecutors, and that Burbank then got on top of Ellis as he tried to stand up. What happened next was captured on cellphone videos, a doorbell camera and dispatch radio traffic, according to the probable cause statement.

Prosecutors said Burbank wrapped his arms around Ellis, lifted him into the air and drove him back down onto the pavement while striking him with one of his fists. Collins then moved in toward Ellis and brought his weight down onto him. With Ellis underneath him, Collins hit his head with his fist several times, according to the probable cause statement.

Ellis’ only actions appeared defensive in nature as he tried to shield his face from police. Prosecutors would admit that he never fought back, and never struck the officers.

“Can’t breathe, sir. Can’t breathe!” Ellis can be heard saying on the video. “Breathe, sir?”

Instead of realizing they were killing Ellis, one of the officers then tells him to “shut the f–k up, man.”

For several minutes, Burbank and Collins would punch and squeeze the life from Ellis until a third officer, Timothy Rankine showed up and joined in. Rankine applied further pressure to Ellis’ back as officers hog tied Ellis and put a spit hood over his head. According to prosecutors, the spit hood is not supposed to be used on people with trouble breathing. Ellis had told officers dozens of times that he could not breathe. In fact, his last words he would speak on this planet were, “I can’t breathe.”

Nevertheless, Ellis was left face down and hog-tied with the spit hood on his head for nine minutes. When paramedics arrived, Rankine refused to allow them to remove the restraints from Ellis, claiming he would start fighting again. But Ellis was already dead.

By the time they paramedics convinced the cops to remove the restraints, they were unable to revive Ellis and he was declared dead on the scene.

The Pierce County medical examiner later ruled Ellis’ death a homicide due to “hypoxia,” or a lack of oxygen, caused by physical restraint.

Because Carter-Mixon relentlessly fought to clear her brother’s name, Burbank and Collins were both charged with murder and Rankine was charged with first-degree manslaughter. This marks the first time in the history of the state that the Washington State Attorney General has criminally charged officers with unlawful use of deadly force.

Predictably, the Tacoma Police Union defended the killer cops, saying “facts were ignored in favor of what appears to be a politically motivated witch hunt.”

“We look forward to trial,” the union said in a statement. “An unbiased jury will find that the officers broke no laws and, in fact, acted in accordance with the law, their training, and Tacoma Police Department policies. An unbiased jury will not allow these fine public servants to be sacrificed at the altar of public sentiment.”

This article was originally featured at The Free Thought Project and is republished with permission.

No Arrest Made for Off-Duty Cop Who Shot Woman Driving Herself to Hospital

Over the weekend, Lecresha Murray says she began feeling sick so she decided to drive herself to the hospital. Her trip would be dangerously interrupted, however, when a seemingly trigger happy cop decided to dump multiple rounds into her body for no reason. Despite the officer shooting the unarmed woman six times on Sunday, he has yet to be arrested.

“I’m a victim that got shot by an off-duty police officer that did not identify himself,” Murray said. “For no reason, I didn’t approach him, I didn’t threaten him. I don’t do anything. He just opened fire for no reason.”

According to Murray, she and the off-duty Copperas Cove police officer got into an argument on Sunday as she drove herself to the hospital. She reportedly made a U-turn in front of the cop who decided to launch a pursuit and stalk the woman while off-duty.

Murray says she made the U-turn because she decided she needed to go to the hospital right then.

“I did a U-turn in the middle of the street because I was going to go to the hospital,” she said, according KWTX. “I started feeling sick.”

After she made the U-turn, Murray says the officer then started to follow her in his personal vehicle. She had no idea he was a cop and his driving was less than professional.

According to Murray, the officer in his silver truck began tailgating her before pulling in front of her and slamming on his brakes and driving slowly. Because the officer was driving slowly, Murray says she drove around him and he began tailgating her once more.

Upset with what was happening, Murray says she stopped at the next stop sign and got out to confront her stalker.

“I got out, jumped out [holding my hip area] like what’s your problem bro,” she said. “As soon as I did that he pulled a gun.”

When she saw the gun, Murray says she took off running back to her car, but it was too late. This cop decided he was going to unload on an unarmed woman who was on her way to the hospital.

“I ran back to my truck to get in and drive out,” she said. “He just started shooting, all I could do was lean over and he hit me six times.”

As the bullet holes in the video below illustrate, it appears the officer continued shooting Murray as she frantically attempted to flee.

When residents heard the gunfire they came out of their homes and began filming, according to reports. However, we have yet to locate one of the videos. When residents saw the man firing at Murray, they began yelling at him to stop.

“We were not going to have that in this neighborhood because this neighborhood is quiet and cohesive and we were not going to have this mess,” one resident who didn’t want to be identified said to KWTX.

The resident explained that children were told to go inside as adults confronted the shooter, a Copperas Cove cop.

“If the guy with gun tried to run, he wasn’t going [anywhere] because the whole neighborhood would have tackled him because we were all out here,” the resident said.

Murray explained that she had no idea the man was a cop as he never identified himself until after the residents confronted him for shooting her.

“At the time, when he’s looking back and seeing these guys recording, he turned around, then he took out his badge,” she said.

Luckily, the bullets that hit Murray were not life threatening and she was brought to a local hospital where she was treated and then released. As for the officer who opened fire on her, there is no news of an arrest.

Multiple media outlets, including this one attempted to contact the Copperas Cove police department for a comment but we have not heard anything back.

This article was originally featured at The Free Thought Project and is republished with permission.

Former ‘Officer of the Year’ Commits Suicide as He Admits to Participating inChild Rape Ring

Last week, a standoff took place between Liberty County law enforcement and a fellow cop from one county over. Harris County Precinct 1 deputy Robert Johnson engaged in a standoff with multiple SWAT officers for several hours before taking his own life. After his suicide, we learned that during this standoff, this decorated Houston cop had confessed to utterly horrifying crimes against children. He also named names.

According to authorities in Liberty County, Johnson became the subject of an investigation earlier this month over allegations he had sexually abused a child. KPRC reports:

On May 14, the investigation began when a dispatcher was being evaluated on their work performance, according to Pct. Constable Alan Rosen. He said during the evaluation, the dispatcher made an outcry about the child abuse allegations involving Precinct 1 Deputy Constable Robert Johnson.

Rosen said the allegations were reported to Internal Affairs and the investigation began. He said on Monday morning the department contacted the Houston Police Department to investigate the case, where investigators found out the incidents took place in Alvin. Rosen said HPD and CPS contacted the Alvin Police Department about the allegations. He said Alvin police tried to make contact with Johnson.

On Wednesday morning, Rosen said that the same dispatcher who made the outcry said she was with Johnson and that he was threatening to kill her and take his life.

When police attempted to find Johnson for questioning, they engaged in a traffic stop. The stop turned into a dangerous chase with Johnson reportedly travelling at high speeds into oncoming traffic.

Eventually Johnson came to a stop on the FM 787 bridge over the Trinity River where a standoff ensued. During the standoff he reportedly called his supervisor and confessed to the allegations of sex abuse of multiple children. He also named other employees within the Harris county sheriff’s office who were involved.

“Chief Harrison spoke to Johnson for hours because it was important to us to try to prevent a suicide and most importantly to get any and all facts relative to this case that we could get from him,” Harris County Constable Alan Rosen said. “We wanted to know everything. We wanted to know who the victims are and how long this has been going on.”

Two of the people mentioned by Johnson during his confession have since been arrested. Dispatcher Christina McKay and deputy Chonda Shalett Williams were fired from the police department before being arrested for their involvement in the child sex ring as alleged by Johnson.

“There was a lot of people who spoke highly of him as a police officer. It’s pretty apparent that everyone around this guy had no idea he was a pedophile. No idea. Not his wife. Not his friends. Not his coworkers. Nobody,” Rosen said.

But as the two arrests show, his coworkers did know and actually participated in it.

According to KPRC, McKay is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and Williams is charged with sexual assault of a child.  Both are being held at the Brazoria County Jail and have bonds set at $200,000.

According to court documents, Johnson and Williams drugged a child together before raping them. The allegations were made by the child who came forward to report the incident which happened in December 2020.

Williams reportedly admitted to the incident and admitted to seeing Johnson rape an unconscious child in a hotel room. According to the same court documents, McKay admitted to providing Johnson with pills so he could use them to render his child victims unconscious. McKay knew about the abuse, according to the records, as far back as August 2020 but never reported it out of fear of Johnson’s retaliation.

Highlighting the scope and frequency of the abuse, McKay admitted to booking hotel rooms and supplying drugs at least 20 times in the last 12 months. spoke to a former girlfriend of Johnson, on the condition of anonymity, who said there may be many more victims coming forward.

She told Bluebonnet News that he was an abusive narcissist who preyed on vulnerable women, particularly those with children. With Johnson now dead and no longer a threat, other young victims may come forward, she said.

Others apparently had no idea this man was a pedophile in a uniform and despite being fired in 2012 for an inappropriate relationship, Johnson went on to Harris county where he was hired with open arms and received multiple awards, including officer of the year.

This article was originally featured at The Free Thought Project and is republished with permission.

In Developed World, America Has the Least Trained, Most Deadly Police Force

Ever wonder why cops yell “quit resisting” as they beat a person who’s not resisting? Or why they shoot people who pose no threat? Maybe the answer is right in front of us. Many folks who are given authorization to use deadly force and authority to kidnap and cage citizens—aren’t the sharpest tools in the chest. One would think that giving someone so much authority should come with testing their intelligence for competence. However, one would be wrong.

In an analysis conducted by TFTP in 2014, we found that hairstylists in nearly every state are required to have significantly more training than men and women who are given a badge and a gun and sent out into our neighborhoods. Below are just a few examples.

New York has one of the lowest requirements in order to become a licensed cosmetologist. However, it is still 36 % more required training than a cop must undergo, coming in at 1000 hours.

North Carolina police must complete the Basic Law enforcement Training (BLET) Curriculum which consists of a mere 620 hours.

The average North Carolina hairstylist is required to complete 2.4 times more training, 1500 hours, and they will never be tasked with serving a no-knock warrant or shaking down potential drug dealers.

In Chicago, Illinois, their boys in blue have one of the highest requirements for hours completed to become a cop and it comes in at 1000 hours. 

Illinois hairdressers are still required to complete 500 more hours than police.

New Mexico, whose track record over the last several years has sparked a special investigation by the Justice Department, ironically lowered their required amount of training to be a police officer in 2014.

The state mandate for basic police training was slashed by more than 25 percent, from 22 weeks to 16 weeks to total 650 hours.

In short, the ones who are tasked with upholding the government’s monopoly on violence by any means necessary, are receiving far less training than other professions. This is incredibly dangerous — as is evidenced by thousands of bodies piling up over the years.

A recent report from BBC examined police training throughout other Western countries and found a trend. More training is associated with less killing.

According to the report, the majority of the world’s police forces carry firearms, but no developed nation uses them against their citizens as often as officers in the US – and disproportionately against African-Americans, compared with the percentage of the population they represent.

Graph of police killings worldwide

When we look at the training US police officers receive, it is nearly inversely proportionate to the killing. According to a report by the Institute for Criminal Justice Training Reform (ICJTR), American cops receive far less training than most other developed countries. There are around 18,000 police agencies in the US, but with no national standards on training, procedures and timescales vary across the country.

According to the report, on average, US officers spend around 21 weeks training before they are qualified to go on patrol.

Police training hours

While it may be easy for some to write off police killings as a problem of American gun culture, this is not major factor. According to the report, Finland has one the highest gun-ownership rates in Europe, with around 32 civilian firearms per 100 people – but incidents of police shooting civilians are extremely rare. We could only fine 9 examples of police killings in Finland in the last two decades, one of which was an accidental shooting of a prison guard.

What’s more, as TFTP reported last month, the majority of police killings involve calls in which there was no crime or that the suspect is only suspected of a non-violent offense.

“Most killings began with police responding to suspected non-violent offenses or cases where no crime was reported,” according to a report from

It gets worse.

Of the 1,127 people killed by police in 2020, only 277 of them were suspected of a violent offense. The majority, 658 were suspected of a non-violent offense or no crime at all, while another 121 were killed over a traffic violation.

While there is no direct correlation between lack of training and an increase in killing, it is obvious that the training police are receiving in the United States is at least partially responsible for the massive death toll. Obviously, however, the problem is multi-faceted.

Even when police departments require a college degree in the United States, it doesn’t seem to curb the violence. Some states already require college courses for cops like Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey and North Dakota who require a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree, yet those cops are still incredibly violent. Also, there are likely plenty of good cops out there who haven’t gone to college or finished high school.

The training requirement is just one of many steps needed to help reform policing. But one of the most drastic and effective steps to take needs to be ending the war on drugs, immediately.

This would aid in the cultural shift needed to reform policing in America by removing the monetary and often sadistic incentives dangled in front of law enforcement’s face like a carrot, that entices them to rob, kidnap, and even sodomize people to “protect” society from an arbitrary substance deemed illegal by the state.

Enforcement of victimless crimes is a major factor in creating unnecessary police interactions which fuels violence. Some people see this and are taking action.

In Maryland, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby recently announced the war on drugs is over in Baltimore and she is making it permanent policy to dismiss all criminal charges for the possession of drugs including heroin.

Mosby didn’t stop at drug possession either, she is also dismissing all cases for other victimless crimes like attempted drug distribution, prostitution, open containers and minor traffic offenses.

Mosby began her crusade last year when her office simply refused to keep prosecuting crimes which had no victim. Much to the dismay of the pro-police state crowd, refusing to prosecute people for victimless crimes did not lead to an uptick in criminal activity. In fact, since her policy was implemented a year ago and 1,400 victimless crimes were not prosecuted, crime went down, a lot.

Compared to this same time last year, violent crime in the city has dropped 20% while property crime fell a massive 35% compared to the same period.

“Clearly, the data suggests that there is no public safety value in prosecuting these low-level offenses,” Mosby said.

Since taking office, Mosby’s policy has led to an 80% reduction in drug arrests despite possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other drugs remaining illegal in the state of Maryland.

What’s more, 911 calls for drug use, prostitution and public intoxication fell by 33% compared to the same period before this policy was enacted.

Another major issue in police training is their ability to deal with the mentally ill. There is a reason doctors and nurses don’t treat patients with handguns and tasers which is why police shouldn’t be responding to mental health crises looking for a fight.

This is why some municipalities have begun removing cops from the situation entirely—and the results are phenomenal.

On June 1, 2020, Denver began the Support Team Assistance Response (STAR) program, which sends a mental health professional and a paramedic to some 911 calls instead of cops. When we first reported on the program in October 2020, their results were fantastic. Now, it seems that departments who continue the old way are doing a disservice to the mentally ill.

According to their latest data, STAR has responded to more than 2,500 calls to 911 in which police would have normally been sent out. The STAR team—armed only with experience and compassion—has never once called police to back them up and no one was ever arrested.

They have settled every single call without killing someone, beating them, ruining their lives, or using violence. Imagine that.

Another type of encounter which turns deadly all too often is the traffic stop.

While most everyone in America commits these same traffic infractions designed for revenue collection instead of safety, most of the people targeted by police for these crimes are the poor and minorities. Often times, officers treat these stops as gateways to fish for drug activity or other victimless crimes. While ending the drug war would have a much more profound effect, some municipalities have kicked around the idea of removing traffic stops from the mission of police officers.

Traffic stops in the land of the free, are a means of bolstering the prison industrial complex by extracting revenue from those who can pay and incarcerating others who cannot.

For those too poor to pay their tickets, routine traffic stops end up in repeated imprisonment due to mounting fines. Cities across the country are running a de facto debtors’ prison this way.

When cops aren’t routinely extorting and locking people up for petty traffic offenses, they are killing them.

Walter Scott was pulled over for a broken taillight. Scott—unarmed—ran away from the police officer, who pursued and shot him from behind, first with a Taser, then with a gun. Scott was struck five times, “three times in the back, once in the upper buttocks and once in the ear—with at least one bullet entering his heart.”

The list of folks killed over traffic stops is as long as it is infuriating.

This is why the City of Berkeley, California has proposed ending police traffic enforcement. The effects of such a radical shift in policing could be massive.

Though it is a step in the right direction, because government relies on revenue generated from traffic stops to fund itself, this proposal stops short of actually ending the practice of extorting citizens.

Instead, according to the report, Berkeley’s City Council will vote on a proposal to create a Department of Transportation and use employees in that department to make traffic stops instead of Berkeley Police officers.

If the effects of this move are anything close to the STAR program, we could be well on our way to revamping the role cops play in the United States. And, the thousands of dead bodies over the last several years, is evidence enough that it is high time this happens.

This article was originally featured at The Free Thought Project and is republished with permission.

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