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There Is No ‘Master Planner’ Behind the State’s Curtain

It’s the state. There is no master plan. There is no big brain running the show. The grand, seemingly “coordinated,” societal evil we observe is just a product of the state. It comes from the state sanctioning a market for evil; a market for the proceeds of theft; a sort of inverse capitalism; the invisible hand of evil—as opposed to the invisible benevolent hand of the free market. It’s so easy to focus our ire on an individual or a small group and then imagine a grand plan forcefully implemented by global hegemons through the state apparatus; like James Bond movie villains putting it all into motion with their overarching underhanded scheme; the state minions then dutifully complying, obeying, and implementing the instructions. “It’s all part of a plan,” we hear.  And by appearances, a very efficient plan towards apparently narrow destructive ends.

Inefficient State

However, the state is inefficient. It can’t run the motor vehicles department or post office without creating a centrally-planned disaster. The state cannot efficiently implement a coordinated effort to produce an end in any direction—not for a war; not for a climate scare program; and not for a virus scam. Bureaucrats and cronies snitch on each other, lie, and cheat. What may seem like an efficient master plan is just the result of many selfish individual actors seeking unearned wealth. An aggregate effect can often be seen though that appears to portray a very efficiently coordinated and executed plan. But, you cannot make a state agency run efficiently to attain a goal. There are no real market price signals to guide it.

Multiple Thieves Give Appearance of a Unified Plan

The stated goals of lobbyists, cronies, and bureaucrats and the evolving tactics put in motion are only attempts to grab stolen funds or to crush an opponent who wants those same funds or who wants to compete fairly. The apparent goals can be forgotten or shifted once the money has been procured or the attempt to steal and coerce has been thwarted by the host—normal humanity. The state and its facilitators only aspire to attain anything—in any direction—by theft. The “plans” can seem coordinated and linear or philosophy-based, but the thieves are just testing the water to ascertain viability of continued theft or new theft schemes. If the lies work, others join in on the plunder, making it seem coordinated. Yes, lies can be very complex—if that’s what works. Or, they can be simple. Nothing is off limits and there is no moral direction or grandiose philosophy guiding those who want to use theft and force to better themselves (rather than improving their lot in life by following free market price signals to help their fellow man).

The government creates the evil tool which is utilized by the cronies. The process and objective is described simply by H.L. Mencken: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

Join in on the Looting

The theft of these parasitic individuals needs a strategy that the much larger host will not immediately counter. That is all there is to it. People wake up eventually though and pull off the leeches when something like “war fatigue” sets in. The evil state allows the theft strategy to be redirected to a new political objective, a new theft strategy, and hopes the host won’t hold it to account and drag out the guillotines for the last campaign of lies. So, the ones who use this reverse capitalism need to bob and weave and do head fakes and shift direction. The “vaccine” doesn’t have to be effective, deadly, or anything but chemical slumgullion—if that will work to further the theft for the lobbyists’ momentary benefit. The latest scam doesn’t have to really involve a sincere belief in a eugenics plan, a plan to kill off mankind, a transhumanist plan, a Great Reset plan, a carbon footprint plan, a no-meat diet plan, or any other grand dastardly outcome—although some of the host’s members may want to hear talk of such a plan to give credence for their support of the theft and to possibly use it as ammo to gain a personal theft benefit for themselves. As a theft scheme pops up and evolves, it can appear that it is all a grand plan. But, it is actually an evolving lobbyist ploy; an experiment to see what will be accepted by the host. The pervasiveness of the implementation is the result of other petty thieves joining in on the robbery—not the result of a grand coordinated effort with orders coming down from on high.

The State Creates a “Market” for Evil

What the state actually does is create a framework for a “market” for evil; a market for ideas that need force; a market for lies. This “market” allows experiments that test what people will fall for—resulting in a loss of their liberty as they are fleeced. This sort of “reverse capitalism” offers unscrupulous actors the opportunity to facilitate the state in its use of unwarranted force—which is, in and of itself, the core evil behind all these schemes. Court intellectuals can earn some money if they help the state maintain the theft through fear, shame, belligerent patriotism, distorted religion, or some other ancient ploy or future tactic yet to be invented. When a new tactic comes along that appears effective, there is a flurry of activity from evil actors who would like to make use of the coercive forces of the state, but who maybe hadn’t quite found a fear or guilt mechanism that would make the public look the other way and allow theft. It involves a continual experiment of throwing mud up against the wall in different patterns to see what will stick. If the pattern of mud thrown up by a wanna-be court intellectual gains some authoritative traction, evil people pile on and repeat the mantra because they want stolen money. These anti-entrepreneurs that excel at lies hope to get a false benevolent reputation that will allow them to invent and spew new graft-producing imperatives.

Theft Laboratory

“The enemy tosses babies back and forth on bayonets!” Is that working? “The enemy throws babies out of incubators onto the floor!” Is that working? “My mask protects you, your mask protects me!” Is that working? “You want to kill grandma!” Is that working? “Ocean levels will rise and drown coastal cities!” Is that working? “Assad is gassing his own people!” Is that working? “Putin blew up a pipeline containing Russian gas!” Is that working?

It is all an experiment to see what the host—regular people—will fall for. Some things like war, based on a fear of foreigners or of the unknown, have worked quite well in the past to defraud people. But, war fatigue sets in and those enriching themselves from war may need to give way to others who strive to make use of this market for force through a more effective ploy.

Imagine a strategy session on a smaller scale between two petty thieves in a back alley discussing what con jobs are working. One thief notes that people are catching on to “Give me some money and I will watch your car.” The other thief says “You call yourself a Christian but you won’t help me!” still works to guilt people into forking over their dough. The tactic of shame or intimidation that works best to get unearned wealth is tracked by other ne’er-do-wells and implemented to the extent they think it will enhance their own selfish desires. Each person involved in what seems like a grandiose state-backed plan is just a selfish individual actor mimicking and piling onto something that is working for other parasites.


Selfish evil actors who do something beyond directly mugging you and grabbing your wallet are sort of creating higher orders of production in this bizarro opposite market for evil. These efforts are in the idea realm where the use of state force is proposed via grandiose plans that the higher order evil actor is trying to sell to the masses.

This actor may benefit in various ways like gaining appreciating value of the shares he owns in a pharmaceutical company or by enriching his own business. Or, he may just be tired of competing honestly and wants to bankrupt his competition. But the state is inefficient. So, there is never an efficient effort by the state to implement anything based on merely a philosophy. Grandiose proposals for theft utilizing state force are disseminated widely that may gain adherents. The plans are usually ludicrous on their face. Despite that, bloodsuckers can glom on to the schemes momentarily if they pay off. It is not something philosophical that the evil actors pursue at a loss to themselves—although they may falsely portray it that way if the “noble victim” message works best to promote the secret theft. And, there is no real hope or belief that it will or needs to get implemented for a supposed good moral or philosophical purpose. If that were the case, the voluntary market would have produced the outcome. It is always for theft.

A creative lying state employee, think-tank employee, or lobbyist may try to invent a complex new mechanism that will fool the host (society / taxpayers / inflation victims) temporarily into stowing the pitchforks and allowing more plunder. He might accomplish this by writing a slanted report that is useful to the state and himself as a theft mechanism. He is functioning then as a court intellectual and producing a higher order product in the market for evil. He gets paid through promotions, grants, etc. for crafting and justifying the evil idea philosophically. If he is a lobbyist for a company, then that company may be able to use the new bundle of lies to leverage state power to eliminate competition or to get a juicy contract with the state. Sometimes the ideas sound like very complex strategies, but they are only devious attempts to get unearned wealth directly or via the production of the theft rationale for use by others.

This may be hard to contemplate when considering the complex bundle of lies produced by the ilks of Bill Gates, Klaus Scwhab, and the rest of the Davos crowd. But remember, they are trying things that they think the plundering state might buy into that will enrich themselves. None of it has to work. They just want it to be accepted—for now. Global warming, global cooling, eating meat is bad, vaccines are good, men are evil, foreigners are evil, white people are evil, “fossil fuels” are evil, etc. It is an effort to produce theft schemes that can be implemented through relationships with the state. Some of them come from the higher orders in the market for evil, like central bankers and Davos. These schemers may have siphoned off enough plunder to be able to fund the creation and articulation of pompous grand new ideas that may or may not work to allow them to pick people’s pockets as the state’s buddies; kind of like making a large investment for a project that hopefully will pay off—but not pay off in the traditional sense using benevolent market action.

As mentioned, some of the tactics are basic and time-proven ways to steal and defraud like shame, fear, and state sponsorship of religion. There is also the promotion of personality cults (e.g. Lincoln, Biden, Trump, Clintons, Fauci, Roosevelts, and Bushes) that advance evil ends. Reverence for certain statist segments of society like teachers, “first responders,” and the military is also promoted.

Complexity Masks Thievery

Some tactics are purposely more complex and appeal to pseudo-intelligence. These tactics can be observed in convoluted discussions about central banking, climate change, vaccine “science,” health mandates, diversity mandates, and “privilege.” The complexity may also be seen in attempts at language de-construction or re-construction which may include a push towards foggy meanings in an attempt to steer blame away from attaching to the thieves. These strategies require a host of thieves to participate and are intended to use the state to initiate a flow of stolen money to complicit academia or someone else in society. But, they are not top-down overarching plans driven by a controller.

You aren’t a dumb hillbilly boob, are you? You have to get on board with the smart crowd. The complexity can even go way out and support an argument that the “theory of relativity” gives us a mandate to get more answers and explore space at taxpayer expense which will naturally generate contracts for industrial cronies. These techniques rely on a bandwagon effect; with the bandwagon trumpeters blaring the powerful message at you which is essentially: You will be left out in the cold with no tribe to call your own if you don’t jump on board with one of the competing packages of ideas that justify theft. Don’t be a traitor to your clan. These theft packages can bear tribal labels like Progressive, Conservative, Democrat, or Republican so that tribe members can glom on to them without much depth of thought.

What appears to be a mass coordinated philosophy-driven effect going in one direction is merely the noticeable effect of many self-serving people piling on to the latest theft trick that is working at the moment. It is not an indication that the state, or individuals using the state for selfish reasons, are efficient or effective controllers of minions for the purpose of producing pre-determined philosophical outcomes.

Media Complicity in Thievery

A seeming master plan is often perceived through the media. The court intellectuals in the crony media reap their financial rewards when they create the feeling of coordination and unity in a nefarious seemingly philosophically-based direction. A person could wonder, “How could this happen if it weren’t a top down New World Order-driven system?” But, if you look deep down, participants are merely padding their own pockets and don’t want to be frozen out of the lucrative narrative by pointing out the lies. There is very little money in pointing out the profitable lies. The state-sanctioned media invariably promotes the state and whatever evil theft scheme is perceived as workable at the moment. This phenomenon of press facilitation is less noticeable when the state controls less wealth and there is less crony advertising money dedicated to capturing state regulators and the theft agenda—as in third-world countries that have destroyed their state currency multiple times and are on the verge of doing so again.

Remember the state is inefficient. If state action was sought based on a master philosophical plan foisted on the world by a “controller,” the state’s employees would respond with a total lack of cohesion and would betray each other left and right. They would be very inept at implementing it. The reason they move in unison in an unpredictable but evolving direction is because they are theft groupies. The appearance of adeptness comes from the pocketed booty received by these tax feeders. This keeps them on board with the theft. They are all merely participating in what seems to be the most effective, albeit immoral, technique to enrich themselves at the moment via the state’s market for evil. Join in. Promote masks. Promote subsidies for electric vehicles. It is the cool way to be relevant and to pad your pockets in the moment. Yeah, we are inefficient here in the state’s offices, but we won’t rat on each other as long as we all get in on the graft!

Federal Reserve Chairmen, cops, public-school teachers, and Vanguard or Blackrock muckety-mucks are all just selfish individuals pursuing their own desires to enrich themselves at the expense of others in the part of their life that benefits from statism. Their goal is not based on free market rewards derived from entrepreneurial efforts to serve their fellow man. Their chosen tactic may be to jump on a bandwagon that others are using to gain unearned wealth or to try a new experimental method, but any proclaimed philosophy is just a personal tactic to gain theft-derived funds. They aren’t really locked into a depopulation agenda that drives their thinking above any consideration of ill-gotten gain. Some may jump on board as part of a mass formation psychosis stemming from a tribal desire to be part of a gang that will enrich its members, but at the root of the perceived alignment of many individuals is a desire for unearned wealth facilitated by the state. If it wasn’t so, the mass effort would fall apart and end.

An individual’s confirmation bias may also sway him to accept the latest tactic from his tribe’s bandwagon. With diminishing size families in the West, the familial tribe replete with common sense advice from dad and grandpa has become less of a factor. The substitute tribal identity becomes remote and disconnected from the individual and his small or non-existent familial tribe. A new tribal connection is there, but trust for the message is not passed down from honored elders with a reputation for truth telling. The tribal / bandwagon feeling is increasingly derived from corporate media. Self-serving liars and cheats know this, so they increasingly seek to curate the messages of the complicit media to create a tribal effect, with a corresponding confirmation bias, in support of their theft narrative.

Buzzwords Don’t Indicate Control

The Great Reset, Agenda 2020, Agenda 2030, Event 201, the United Nations, NATO, etc. are merely expressions of a desire to gain access to state funds or a suggested framework to promote the thieving state (either via actual promotion of an idea or attempts to get a reaction and to then look for immoral opportunities based on the reaction of the masses). The masses have also been trained by the state facilitators to have seared consciences, so these things are also attempts to get the immoral masses to pile on. Imagine a giant sucking machine that sucks in the wealth of decent people; but the machine is stagnant because it has no voluntary market signals to guide it and propel it. So, it needs many evil individual people to push it along. They all push the sucking machine along in whatever direction it moves the easiest to devour more wealth and they all suck on their own little straw emanating from the machine to enrich themselves as they push. That is what makes the latest crazy theft tactic appear to move in unison.

Central planning does not work. It is just a way for selfish individuals to get theft schemes going and to see if adherents will chime in to enrich themselves in cahoots with the inventors of the schemes. All central planning efforts come from experiments of throwing mud up against the wall to see what sticks—to see if others will chime in to support the graft either directly or via payment as court intellectuals. They don’t care if you “eat bugs” or “own nothing and be happy.” Any expression of a philosophy is merely an attempt to find another piece of garbage for bait that cronies can, if they choose, grab on to like flies to gorge themselves. Who knows—the evil idea of the day may enrich a lot of other evildoers and give them intellectual cover for a while for their theft. It may even be like the idea of Keynesian Economics and be a source of theft for decades as other evildoers pile on to milk the nonsensical concept. Or, an idea might be totally ignored and fall of the radar. The ideas don’t have to be workable in the real world or even make sense to get traction. The public doesn’t even have to agree with the ideas—just tolerate them for a while.

Thieves Don’t Care Why It Works

Neither we nor the hucksters need to know why the latest scam is working. But, the plan must affect those beyond the inefficient state in order to be a grand evil success. It will then likely appear to be a coordinated effort. The demons don’t need to know why the scam works to enrich themselves. It just works. That’s enough. If it doesn’t garner riches, they try another scam. Throw some more mud against the wall in a different pattern to see if it sticks. If it does stick, for some reason related to the science of human victimology, then many will philosophically push the new scam and it may fall into the mainstream of statist tactics. Court intellectuals will see that it is gaining traction and will chime in to bolster the new victimizing methodology to secure benefits for themselves within their academic institutions, “churches,” industries, media outlets, etc. It doesn’t have to be intended as a master plan to save the planet (even if articulated as such). It merely works for now to rip off the public, so they are pursuing it.

If the idea didn’t come from theft, from the political method, it would succeed or fail based on its merits or lack of them and there would be no need for coercion to gain conformance. Acceptance of the new idea and any resultant products or services would happen naturally based on perceived personal benefit to individuals in the free market. The feeling of a push towards evil always means it is a ploy motivated by hoped-for gain utilizing state force. The philosophy or tactic may seem largely removed from those implementing state force, but it relies on the ultimate threat of state force for its implementation. The state is force brought out into the open with intellectual cover. Regular theft is secretive and fleeting. When it becomes very complex, it forms around state promoters and liars to gain success.

Something like eliminating gas vehicles can be the latest gimmick by hucksters to “save the planet,” but it will shift very unceremoniously to something else when state subsidies for the program or other unearned wealth dry up—or when massive poverty and death result creating hatred for the schemers.

Here is a flashback to show how the state and its cronies can pivot abruptly and abandon a “philosophy” in favor of a new one after it has garnered riches for the thieves and angered the victims.

Shifting Scams; No Real Philosophy

The state immediately forgot the need for Vietnam and diverted that military equipment on the same day that Congress ended the war to the brand-new war on drugs in Southeast Asia and Latin America. What about all the mission-less spooks, Special Forces, and contractors working in SouthEast Asia?  Send them to the brand-new DEA doing the same things.

To show how the market for evil can immediately accommodate a change in direction from one large scam to another and how there doesn’t need to be a sincere philosophical belief in the scam, I have included excerpts below from the above-linked articles:

On the exact same day—July 1, 1973—that a rebuffed and angry Nixon was forced by Congress to sign the veto-proof super-majority legislation ending the War and its illegal CIA and military activities in Laos and Cambodia, he created the DEA out of thin air via Executive Order without Congressional authorization.

…the new three-letter agency…saved the day for previously overt and covert warriors who were facing unemployment. The array of soon-to-be homeless CIA Agents (and military equipment) now had a home in a brand-new start-up agency–with an elusive unrestrained seamless foreign and domestic mission–that needed immediate staffing. What a concept. A war on a substance. Go anywhere foreign or domestic and do anything–covert and overt–against anyone! No more need for a big propaganda campaign to build up public contempt for foreign foe after foreign foe or domestic foe after domestic foe with a lot of expensive hype. The same Hueys sporting belt-fed machine guns kept strafing foreign jungles, explosions kept rocking the landscape, and the same C-130s kept roaming the skies transporting troops. Much of the same special forces personnel kept doing the same things in Southeast Asia and expanded their operations to Latin America—now led by a new three-letter agency. As the grand adventure in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, and accompanying cold war interventions around the globe, largely came to a screeching halt with Nixon’s disgrace, the activities were now re-branded and re-legitimized. Just in time! Whew, that was close! Quick thinking by Tricky Dick [and those whispering in his ear] kept the war arena alive and immune from scrutiny for at least another 40+ years until a new kind of taxpayer war fatigue would set in.

Many of the CIA operatives from Vietnam become the covert warriors for the newly created DEA. U.S. Agents and U.S. special forces kept traversing the jungles with M-16s, grenade launchers, and explosives waging war along with U.S. funded foreign military and police, but now chasing the “scary” foreigners for a different reason.

So, back to the recent past. Forget Afghanistan; go in a new direction. Forget Iraq; go in a new direction. Forget monkeypox; that scam might not working; go in a new direction. None of this is a philosophical thing or something that an evil overlord presides over; it is all simple thievery that many pile on to, facilitate, and benefit from—until it stops working.

“Coerced mask wearing until shots are available” isn’t a big earth-shattering thing now because Big Pharma already milked that scam using state facilitators. Maybe it will work for a few more go-arounds, but getting people vaccinated with a “depopulation” shot is not a philosophical imperative from what many describe as “the controllers.” The pushers of it weren’t philosophically motivated. The local pushers of the scam may seem like controlled stooges, but they are actually getting financial benefit or psychic benefit from the scam. They aren’t just following some Great Reset orders they have been given through state channels. It is all just an evil tribal theft thing that they glom on to because the state opens the door.

The Common Foe is the State

It can embolden us and provide a tantalizing uplifting feeling of working in unison against a common foe if we speculate, and then try to articulate, that the attack we feel against ourselves is all a coordinated plan coming from a human monster. But, that is taking the focus off of the real evil—the state. It may appear to be purposely coordinated, but the perceived “master plan” cannot really exist as such. The explanation, counterintuitively, lies somewhat alongside Leonard Read’s “I Pencil” explanation, but on the dark evil side.

An invisible hand is at play. All the evil forces need is a general disavowal of morality to unleash the state’s evil potential. This can be provided easily by evil state-serving preachers, lying politicians, and complicit academics. The gaps can be filled in by thieving fellow travelers. Leonard Read pointed out that no one person can know how to marshal all the forces to make a pencil. Similarly, no one evil person needs to know how to pull all the strings to push an enrichment scam based on vaccines. Everyone piles on, if they are immoral, and pushes the narrative and adds to the rationale and the imperative—if it appears to be getting traction; each one for his own individual immoral benefit. Some, just want to be loved and chime in on the mask narrative (or now the Ukraine narrative) to avoid being lonely and to avoid the impoverishment that may ensue if they turn their backs on the evil tribe that they hope will sustain them through its criminal gang activity.

The False Appearance of Philosophical Coordination

When multiple greedy people pile onto the latest coercive scam that “is working,” it appears to be coordinated. It is entertaining, but ignorant, to believe that the forceful mechanism of the state isn’t actually what is to blame; that the whole country, or the whole world, is moving in one direction due to evil coordination by a guy or guys to attain a weirdo philosophical goal. But, it is only the appearance of precise coordination of state actors by strange master controllers pursuing strange philosophical beliefs.

It is not coordinated. There is no command-and-control on the philosophical side. No big guy giving orders and receiving obligatory obeisance from puppets. This doesn’t mean that certain “globalists” aren’t especially open to the idea of crafting ideas that will use the evil state as a means to help themselves at the expense of others. Yes, certain people have lower morals and don’t mind butchering their fellow man or doing anything else for profit. They are some of the psychopaths that have seared consciences and seek to use the evil state to enrich themselves in whatever direction works.

“Our Media” Avoids Naming the State as the Real Foe

Some of the philosophy-based master plan arguments and buzzwords I have heard recently go like this: The world economies aren’t growing because they aren’t supposed to; Smart cities; There is an agenda playing out; Transhumanism is “their” plan; “They” are unveiling their precise plan to destroy you exactly as “they” intended; “They” intend for you to go back to the stone age, that you have an electric car but no way to charge it; Chem trails and geo engineering to destroy you; It is all controlled; fake controlled opposition; You will own nothing and be happy; You will eat bugs; “They” wrote it all out in The Great Reset, Agenda 2020, Agenda 2030, Event 201; Davos; World Economic Forum; Klaus Schwab; The “controllers” have a plan they are implementing like a “controlled” implosion; There is an engineered destruction of the food supply.

These are only some of the words and phrases that get quoted throughout the more honest media. We can then tend to believe—because it is the main version we hear in “our” media—that it is all controlled and that the peons, who aren’t red-pilled like us, are efficiently and obediently implementing the master plan. But, the direct actors aren’t smart enough or efficient enough to pull off a big seamless scam. It is always a bumbling evolving mess when the state tries to run something or force something. Think about your city council, your county health department, your county board of supervisors, and public-school officials. They are squabbling little petty tyrants that can’t do anything efficiently for anyone—including for a supposed dastardly villain who wants them to implement his plan. The stated philosophy is merely something that potential collaborators can chant in unison to grow an evolving scam and profit from it.

Do grand villains really control the world? Are all the state employees, elected officials, non-profits, and crony corporations merely mindless puppets? Is somehow the will of these global elites efficiently and secretly, or not so secretly, implemented via the federal and state governments across the United States and in global governments around the world? Many believe so. But, come on. The state can’t do anything other than lie and steal. Global superpowers can’t win a war in Afghanistan or Vietnam, and they don’t care if they do. They don’t care if they depopulate the earth via a vaccine either. They just want the stolen money. If their theft desire is realized, it is only with the complicity of many with something that is being trotted out—another experiment; another glob of mud being thrown up against the wall to see if it sticks. If it sticks, the appearance of state inefficiency changes. It looks more coordinated and aligned because many are in on the theft and pushing it forward.

All these people, if they succeed, are only succeeding to steal something via an old con or a new con they just invented.  They haven’t gained the ability to pull the strings of all governments and efficiently implement their will down to the level of the lowliest peon, cop, teacher, school board member, mayor, city councilman, forest ranger, fireman, doctor, nurse, secretary, or your congressman. The government is not that efficient. You can’t count on the government to do anything efficiently. State employees are lazy and they lie, cheat, steal, tell on each other, call in sick, and fail to complete projects as they are all busy trying to attain their own selfish desires. The state is merely the easiest way for them to get money to support other things in their lives that they care about (like their bellies, their families, their gambling habits, their new toys, etc.), so they just promote the nonsense of the day and conveniently deny that they philosophically supported the last scam when it goes awry.

There is No Big Brain Behind It All

The only way these things work is when enough people in a small or large segment of society adopt the trend based on shame, fear, etc. The elites don’t have the ability to control government or implement their will through efficient pawns. Occasionally an evil tactic gains wealth. If it works, it is only to benefit the parasites with more unearned wealth. These people don’t really care about Malthusian goals, climate change, “The Great Reset,” or anything else. They are just selfish actors throwing mud—evil theft schemes—up against the wall in different patterns to see if they can find something new to dupe people into ceding power to the state that can be used, at least momentarily, for the benefit of those hatching the plans and the complicit people up and down the money extraction mechanisms.

The fact that the ideas are stated or “spelled out” (e.g. by the World Economic Forum) is nothing. The articulation of the idea into the state forum is the attempt to initiate theft. It may not work or it may work for a while. Or, it may be a fake “plan” that gets you enraged and focused on some new red herring target—other than the thieving state; like, “Look over there at Ukraine. Forget COVID and forget inflation.” It could give the desired theft result (or divert attention from the previous thievery) even if it goes a direction that is the opposite of the stated plan. “The Great Reset” plan could be an attempt to grab some wealth in one direction while pretending to go in another direction—whatever works. Or, it might accidentally send people in the opposite direction. The adept thief can then change midstream and determine that there is stolen wealth to be had in that new direction.

The supposed controllers’ plan isn’t something that needs to work, or is even intended to work, in order for thieves to grab some unearned benefits. Ideas cannot succeed in the very long run if they aren’t based on the free market. The proposed schemes are just intended to grab some stolen wealth—for now—based on fake philosophy. The supposed global hegemonic “controllers” are probably actually driving most of the world over time into anti-blocs against the supposed “controllers” who clamor for war, alternate energy, alternate foods, alternate climate models, pandemics, and alternate family models. The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation consists of eight nations (including Russia and China) that represents approximately 60% of the land area of Eurasia, 40% of the world’s population, and more than 30% of global GDP. The 120 nations of the “Non-Aligned Movement” represent nations that don’t usually bend the knee to the biggest thieving states—unless a break-through state-advancing scam like COVID succeeds in shaming them as well. They will then learn that lesson and become more committed in their opposition.

Producing a bunch of worthless vaccines and then destroying them because nobody wants them could be the best way for thieves to get money. Who knows. They are not philosophically attached to a vaccine agenda. These people have no coherent philosophical plan that they believe in. They can be sociopaths or psychopaths that can sound sincere about anything or they can just be petty opportunist crooks. They are all searching for something else that will work to procure stolen funds for their own benefit.

This may be hard to imagine when you hear about the dastardly goals and methods championed by these crony state facilitators. These cronies know, however, that the government is inefficient. They don’t have to have the goal of killing you off with a vaccine. They just want the ill-gotten funds that are procured through the lies. The vaccine doesn’t have to be a super-advanced evil genius formula that amazingly changes your body’s DNA or turns you into a mindless automaton. It is nonsense to think of these thieves as brilliant people that are secretly smashing and destroying mankind for their hidden philosophical agenda. They are arrogant dunderheads talking about fairy tales and can be opposed. The vaccine can be merely a cocktail of dishwater and chemical slop that does nothing. You give them too much credence when you think that the substance is created by geniuses who have a master plan and master abilities. They couldn’t care less what is in it; just as long as somebody is shamed into, or scared into, forking over their dough.

The most expert and consistent liars rise the highest in the state or in the corporate lobbying system that uses the state to steal. Fauci is the highest paid federal employee because he consistently holds out for big pharma to get richer. Other consistent liars include the various Federal Reserve Chairmen, Big Tech operators, and the war lobbyists. They don’t need philosophical goals to guide their actions though—other than theft. But, a stated philosophy may work well to rip off the people for a long time; like the idea that Israel needs to crush its neighbors via U.S. tax dollars to support a religious imperative. That is a strong idea that appeals to many and it sounds strongly philosophical, but it boils down to dollars extracted by the state via taxes and inflation and unearned wealth for those pushing the scam. People don’t actually donate personal funds beyond their forced tax and inflation-extracted remissions to fund these wars. They just agree, for the moment, to not oppose them.

Broad Thievery Needs Many Supporting Leeches to Hold It Together

In order for a large overt plot scheme—the type we are talking about—to work for a while, a mass piling-on effect from many thieves is required. A small short-term covert plot using state force to implement something dramatic can be an exception. Covert plots that are either too nasty or unpalatable or that don’t benefit a lot of thieves can succeed within the inefficient state if a single individual actor or a small number of individuals can keep a secret and strive to do something really nasty like killing a JFK-like president who wants to stop a war. The state is riddled with self-serving rats so the very small group may still tell on each other if they are aware of such an event involving something really bad (especially if they don’t gain enough personally from it). Uncoordinated individual thievery, bullying, assault, and murder are, of course, rampant amongst state actors.

Therefore, the main chance for any actual “control” over an evil state-facilitated outcome is via a small group or an individual doing something that is either small (like taking a bribe or stealing using a government credit card) or short-term—likely a violent event. Even then, it is hard to contain, the state is still inefficient, and it may only come about because of an accidental execution of the plan. Large overt strategies like huge “global” vaccine scams or gigantic wars need to be out in the open with a lot of individuals gaining from them and bolstering the lies philosophically to gain the graft forthcoming to the many participants at all levels. The small event / short-term example can involve a lot of thieving beneficiaries, but the act might be so heinous that only a small group can participate or be in-the-know.

Once again, the things I am primarily discussing are those that are large and very visible and that are ascribed to global “controllers” executing their supposed grandiose overarching master philosophical plans, not the short-term random events mentioned in the previous two paragraphs. The big long-con strategies are always destructive because they don’t originate in the private market. But, the sinister nature of the seemingly “aligned” action doesn’t mean it is something truly philosophy-driven emanating from all-controlling overlords running a “must succeed” master plan through their minions.

Learn or Suffer and Die

An average human life is only four score years more or less, so there is the perpetual question: Can one generation ever deduce the source of the plunder and then permanently foil it during its lifetime? Or, will each generation and each human start from scratch, get ripped off all over again, and then die? Could it be possible that a generation will come along in the future whose ancestors had documented the real scam so well, that it can avoid being victimized?

Since the state writes its own history, will the efforts of the truth-tellers always be thwarted so that revisionist historians are always relegated to kook status—to prevent their works from being read? Can enough human minds in any generation ever reach the tipping point of understanding the nature of all huge scams and where they come from—the state? Will the Frederic Bastiats, Murray Rothbards, Tom Woodses, and Garet Garretts of the world never become mainstream and never be taken seriously by enough people in future generations because of their suppression by the proponents of thievery?

Human knowledge seems to be cumulative beyond individual generations in other areas of science. Can it reach the tipping point in this area—the nature of the state? Or, failing that, will a coming great financial and societal collapse make the large state-facilitated scams of the past unworkable despite the acquiescence of many to the greatest scam in history? I have hope that, someday, after many generations of accumulated wisdom, humanity will successfully convey an understanding of this ancient formula for thievery to tender innocent future generations so that they can understand where it comes from and avoid it. Even if this never happens, we should still call out evil when we see it.

It’s the State

You don’t hate the state enough—or appreciate the voluntary market enough—if you don’t conclude that the state is to blame for the huge mess we are enduring with wars, vaccines, global warming tripe, rewards for perverse lifestyles, etc. Shame on you. It is the state that is to blame for providing this framework for evil that the demons use against us. When you realize that, you are truly red-pilled. The many that use evolving strategies to make use of the dark forces are just thieves. It is not a human “controller” causing us to endure this huge mess. It is the state.

America’s Insolvency is Mandatory

In October, the U.S. national debt reached $31 trillion, and the government is projected to wade another trillion dollars into the red in the 2023 fiscal year. The longer-term picture is even gloomier, with the deficit expected to double to $2 trillion by 2030.

Indeed, the longer the horizon, the worse things get. At 98% of Gross Domestic Product, the current national debt is the highest it’s been since just after World War II. On its current course, the debt will soar to 185% of the country’s entire economic output by 2052.

What’s particularly troubling is that the government’s 2022 $1.3 trillion-dollar deficit came at a time of near-record tax intake. At 19.8% of GDP, Uncle Sam’s 2022 tax haul was close to the all-time high of 20.5% set in 1944.

Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem—it has a spending problem.

What few people realize, however, is the extent to which the U.S. government’s disastrous trajectory is on autopilot, thanks to the fact that an ever-larger proportion of federal spending happens without Congressional action.

To understand why, it’s important to first understand that there are two main categories of government spending:

  • Discretionary spending, which requires a vote by Congress as part of the annual appropriations process.
  • Mandatory spending, which is dictated by previously-enacted laws and thus happens without an annual vote in Congress. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid comprise a big majority of mandatory spending.

Here’s where things have taken an ominous turn. In 1965, mandatory spending accounted for 34% of all federal spending. Today, that share has more than doubled, with mandatory spending representing 71% of federal outlays. With overall spending higher too, mandatory spending is much larger slice of a larger pie.

Read the rest of this article at Stark Realities with Brian McGlinchey

Here’s How We Make Housing Affordable Again

There are many policies that reduce the supply of goods and services that parents and children need, and therefore lead to rising costs for family necessities like food, housing, clothing, transportation, and childcare. Policies including tariffs, regulations, and licensing rules reduce affordability, while the value of parents’ wages erodes due to historically high inflation.

However, housing arguably constitutes the most substantial and most inescapable financial cost associated with raising a child. U.S. Department of Agriculture figures indicate that for families, the cost of housing is the largest expense associated with raising a child, with estimates suggesting housing accounts for 26 to 33 percent of child rearing expenses, which translates to approximately $3,000 to $7,000 annually (2022 dollars).

The cost of housing as a proportion of overall childrearing expenses grows as income falls, so that for families with the lowest incomes the cost of housing constitutes a more substantial portion of childrearing costs. Moreover, although housing affordability metrics arguably overcount affordability problems due to flawed or missing income survey data, using a traditional affordability metric Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) data indicates that around 30 percent of children in 2019 lived in households with a housing cost burden over the traditional 30 percent affordability threshold.

During the pandemic, the costs of homeownership and rent grew further and created additional pressure on family budgets as supply chain delays and labor shortages produced upward cost pressures. And unfortunately, in 2022, housing affordability remains low: for example, the National Association of Homebuilders/​Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index found that just 42.2% of homes sold in Q3 were affordable to families earning the U.S. metropolitan median family income of $90,000. This constitutes the second quarterly record low for housing affordability since the Great Recession.

Although some of the causes of price growth were related to pandemic‐​specific circumstances, other factors contributing to housing affordability challenges were and are worsened by ongoing federal, state, and local policy. These factors are summarized below and described in greater detail in the Cato Handbook for Policymakers Housing Affordability chapter, and forthcoming Empowering the New American Worker chapter by the same name.

Of course, a leading contributor to housing affordability problems remains the many regulations that limit housing supply, including land use or zoning regulations. Many research papers tie land‐​use regulations to increased housing prices. One influential study from 2003 found, for example, that zoning regulations pushed up the cost of apartments by around 50 percent in Manhattan, San Francisco, and San Jose.

These regulations determine the height, width, architectural features, and use of a given property, and they subject development to lengthy review processes with many veto points. They also limit cost‐​effective housing options like manufactured housing and modular homes, which cost significantly less per square foot than traditional housing.

In addition to local policies, federal tax, trade, and lands policies increase the cost of housing for families. For example, although tax deductions were temporarily modified via the 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act, these reforms are currently set to expire, and a portion of both deductions still remain. Research finds that state and local tax (SALT) reform under TCJA reduced housing price growth, especially in high‐​SALT and high‐​cost counties, so these reforms should be made permanent and deductions eliminated completely.

Meanwhile, tariffs increase the cost of a variety of construction materials and other home goods, including lumber; plywood; nails; shelving units; kitchen racks; steel sinks; cabinets and vanities; wood molding and other millwork products; quartz countertops; ceramic tile; washing machines; solar panels; and a wide array of aluminum and steel products used to build housing. Anti‐​dumping or countervailing duty measures, import taxes, and continuing expansions in tariff scope are to blame. Recent estimates indicate that tariffs’ impact on the cost of housing materials ranges between 1.4 percent for kitchen cabinets to 22.4 percent for vinyl flooring.

Finally, there is evidence that federal lands policy limits housing supply in western states like Nevada, Utah, and Idaho, where the federal government owns a majority of the land. This has become more of a salient issue as western states have sustained some of the highest net migration during and after the pandemic.

A recent study finds that a reform that would allow local governments to nominate and purchase federal land and then develop the land for housing projects that meet certain density criteria could lead to the construction of approximately 2.7 million homes, including 430,000 homes in San Diego County, California; 350,000 homes in Maricopa County, Arizona; 109,000 homes in Clark County, Nevada; and 55,000 new homes in Utah County, Utah alone. As a result, an additional 8 percent of the population in twelve western states would be able to afford an average home (a 24 percent increase from the baseline).1Notably, this increase in housing development would be possible with the conversion of just 0.1 percent of existing federal land holdings.

Between federal and local policy reforms, there are abundant opportunities for policymakers to improve housing affordability for families. In order to increase housing affordability for families, policymakers should eliminate zoning and land use regulations, make TCJA reforms to property and mortgage interest deductions permanent, eliminate Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum and Section 301 tariffs on Chinese imports, end Department of Commerce policies that ensure antidumping and countervailing duty restrictions, and pass federal land reform legislation, like the HOUSES Act, among other things.

The significance of housing access and affordability for families cannot be overstated, and it extends beyond considerations like comfort and convenience alone to issues like education, opportunity, and community life. Hopefully, pro‐​family policymakers understand the stakes and act accordingly.

This article was originally featured at the Cato Institute and is republished with permission.

Will Joe Biden Make the Trains Run on Time?

“I intend to be the most pro-union President leading the most pro-union administration in American history,” President Joe Biden promised last year. But Uncle Joe has found his “inner Mussolini” and nothing is as important as the trains running on time.

Biden is currently hammering Congress to enact legislation to effectively outlaw a strike next week by 100,000 railroad freight workers. Unions are threatening a work stoppage to compel railroad owners to provide more sick leave. Biden said yesterday, “I share workers’ concern about the inability to take leave to recover from illness or care for a sick family member. No one should have to choose between their job and their health—or the health of their children.”

But nothing matters more than the health of Biden’s approval ratings—which could be walloped by a strike that could quickly throw 765,000 Americans out of work, according to White House estimates. “Communities could lose access to chemicals necessary to ensure clean drinking water. Farms and ranches across the country could be unable to feed their livestock,” he warned. A rail strike could be almost as disruptive as the COVID shutdowns that Biden championed.

Biden declared in April, “Workers who join a union gain power—the power over decisions that affect their lives.”  But not as much power as the president has over them.

Joe Biden just became America’s #1 “Election Denier.” Railroad workers voted not to accept the agreement reached by negotiators in September. “I am reluctant to override the ratification procedures and the views of those who voted against the agreement,” the president said yesterday. But not reluctant enough to refrain from squashing the “Will of the Railroad Workers” (who are not as sacrosanct as the voters who supposedly coronated Biden’s power with “Will of the People”).

No wonder Twitter is exploding with profane denunciations of Biden as a union buster. Liberal activists are stunned at Biden’s apparent betrayal of rank-and-file workers. But being pro-union—like almost every other position—is simply a “flag of convenience” for Biden. Yet the White House flip flop is surprising considering Biden’s prior craven support for unions.

When Congress dished out $52 billion in subsidies for new semiconductor factories, Biden boasted last month in Syracuse that all the construction labor would be union jobs—even though the high-wage scales would help make the factory uncompetitive on world markets. (The Empire Center noted “roughly two-thirds of Central New York construction workers will be excluded” from those jobs because they aren’t union members.)

In an April speech to the Building Trades Union, Biden hailed a push for unionization by Staten Island warehouse workers employed by Amazon: “By the way, Amazon here we come. Watch! Watch!”

In May, Biden held a White House photo op including leaders of the Starbucks Workers United, which is pushing to unionize the 400,000 baristas and other staff at the 15,000 Starbucks locales in the United States. Starbucks chief flack A.J. Jones complained after that meeting: “American workers have the absolute right to decide for themselves to unionize, or not to unionize, without any undue influences.” Like by the White House?

Biden’s biggest and most disastrous pro-union intervention was his kowtowing to teacher unions to perpetuate school shutdowns during the COVID pandemic. Biden policymakers let teacher unions rewrite the Centers for Disease Control guidance that justified keeping schools closed. Teacher unions effectively barricaded school doors the same way that segregationist governors in the 1950s and 1960s refused to obey federal court orders to admit black students. But as long as Team Biden can shirk blame for the devastating learning losses resulting from school shutdowns, his administration will continue to support teacher union demands.

The specter of a disruptive rail strike should spur an examination of federal laws that vest vast economic veto power in unions. Federal statutes are based on a blind faith in the benefits of forcing people into herds—on a presumption of the total incompetence or inability of the individual worker to achieve justice for himself. Federal law seeks to end the imbalance in power between corporations and employees by subjugating workers to union bosses. Supreme Court Justice Wiley Rutledge, in a 1944 dissent, observed that federal labor law gave unions “a thraldom over the men who designate them” by “creating rights in the unions overriding those of the employees they represent.”

Prior to the 1930s, courts and legislatures generally refused to recognize that individual workers’ right to make their own contracts could be nullified by the demands of groups of other workers. Massachusetts judge Frederick Arnold ruled in 1912, “To enforce a collective contract would be to deny the individual’s liberty to make his own contract.” Judges at that time recognized and respected voluntary collective bargaining contracts but not collective bargaining contracts that prohibited other workers from making their own contracts. Since the essence of a contract is voluntary consent by every party to the agreement, a collective bargaining agreement could not forcibly impose contract terms on workers who did not support the agreement. But federal law effectively entitles collusion that nullifies the right of individual workers to make their own contracts.

The issue of unions’ right to try to forcibly shut down businesses during a strike turns on a question of property rights—whether a worker somehow automatically has an inalienable right to his existing job, at a salary that he demands. Does the fact that a businessman hired a worker automatically give that worker a perpetual right to employment on terms that the worker demands? A man has a right to walk off his job (unless the worker has voluntarily signed a no-strike contract) if he is not satisfied. But the right to walk off a job does not include the right to fracture the skull of someone else who walks into the job.

Railroad unions are notorious for using their power to extort payment for make-work jobs—know as “featherbedding.” Unions fought forever to preserve jobs for firemen on trains—a relic of steam locomotives that were almost irrelevant after diesel engines. Unions also perpetuated plenty of contract clauses that failed to pass the laugh test. Until 1987, Burlington Northern railroad crews received hazardous-duty pay bonuses for working trains traveling through Montana because, according to the union contract, Montana was still classified as Indian territory. Railroads have also been shafted by a long series of idiotic management decisions.

Unfortunately, Biden is hellbent on making federal labor law far more oppressive. He is championing the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act), legislation that would bolster unions by destroying the jobs of independent contractors across the nation. Any freedom that impedes the collection of union dues apparently deserves to be outlawed. As long as the unions deliver the votes and the money to politicians, they will be entitled to subjugate dissident workers and struggling businesses as they please.

Biden ritually gushes about his love of unions to prove his love of working-class Americans. But Biden’s railroad intervention is a reminder of the folly of expecting the president to give a damn about anything except his own approval ratings.

Kamala Harris Blunders Philippines Visit, Stirs Conflict with China

Vice President Kamala Harris visited the Philippines last week in what can only be described as three days of warmongering, hypocrisy, and another huge provocation against China. Harris spent her time spouting empty platitudes of affirmation regarding U.S. defense commitments to the Philippines and underscoring U.S. commitment to upholding human rights, while simultaneously threatening war with China.

The Vice President’s visit was an attempt to make nice with an old U.S. ally after the tumultuous terms of both former U.S. President Donald Trump and former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. U.S.-Philippine relations were strained as Trump questioned the value of U.S. defense commitments to the archipelago and Duterte inched closer to China. The disastrous and deadly war on drugs, which killed thousands of mostly petty suspects, was just one among many human rights abuses by the Duterte regime.

Yet, little has changed since Duterte stepped down this summer. Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr., ran a campaign that tried to erase the human rights abuses under his father’s regime. Further, Marcos Jr. has not stopped Duterte’s war on drugs, violence and threats against progressive activists and independent journalists continue, and government propaganda is ubiquitous. The human rights situation in the Philippines remains poor.

While Harris met with human rights activists to underscore the United States’ enduring commitment to human rights, democracy, and rule of law in the Philippines, protestors took to the streets of Manila displaying slogans like “stop funding state terrorism in the Philippines,” “stop U.S. military aid to the Philippines” and “US Imperialism #1 Terrorist.”

But none of that matters to the United States if it means risking its hegemony in the region.

During her trip, Harris told Marcos Jr. that “an armed attack on the Philippines armed forces, public vessels, or aircraft in the South China Sea would invoke U.S. mutual defense commitments.”

Harris made a point to give a special speech to members of the Philippine Coast Guard in Palawan, the province closest to the highly contested Spratly Islands. Palawan is also home to the Antonio Bautista Air Base, the center of Philippine military command responsible for patrolling and defending the Spratly Islands’ waters.

During her speech in Palawan, Harris reaffirmed that the United States “stands with the Philippines in the face of intimidation and coercion in the South China Sea,” all but naming China as the aggressor. In 2016, a tribunal in The Hague ruled in favor of the Philippines, stating China has no legal basis to claim historic rights to most of the South China Sea. The Philippines has complained of Chinese aggression around the Spratly Islands, to include overfishing and even harassment of its fishing and naval vessels. If the United States wanted to heighten tensions with China, choosing Palawan for Harris’ speech was certainly one way to achieve that goal.

This visit was really about expanding U.S. influence in the region under the Obama-era Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement of 2014, not assuring the Philippines that it will receive help from the United States over maritime disputes. Harris stated the United States is seeking additional locations under the agreement, which permits the United States to move troops into the Philippines for extended stays and to build and operate facilities on Philippine bases. The Vice President confirmed the United States will spend $66.5 million expanding its military presence under the pact. The United States is bulking up its military presence in Asia to balance against China, a dangerous strategy proven to lead to more coercive Chinese actions.

Consider the context of Harris’ visit against U.S. provocations toward China in the past few months. In August, then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, resulting in the expected: forceful and coercive Chinese military, economic, and diplomatic measures. In other words, Pelosi’s Taipei visit set off a Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis.

President Biden has publicly announced not once, but thrice, that the United States would aid Taiwan in the face of a Chinese attack, dangerously moving away from the thus far successful One China policy. After Biden’s 60 Minutes interview, in which he abandoned strategic ambiguity and admitted the United States would defend Taiwan in an unprecedented Chinese attack, a White House official said that is not formal U.S. policy. In recent meetings with Chinese President Xi, Biden backpedaled and said the United States remains committed to the status quo and the One China policy. So which is it? China is likely wondering who is calling the shots for the United States and which narrative it can trust. These recent events do not do anything to assure China that the United States is seeking peace or the status quo.

Under the guise of assuring an ally, Kamala Harris went to the Philippines to tout U.S. imperialism and reassert Uncle Sam as the true hegemon of Asia. The United States must stop cozying up to one brutal regime to oppose another, and undergo a serious reexamination of its current security guarantees in Asia.


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