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The Philosophy of No One

The Philosophy of No One

Philosophy is that ancient gift that speaks to us despite the distance of time. The wisdom and perspective of those long dead carry words of weight and understanding that allows us to find a commonality with a past that is beyond imagination. It can allow us better...

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News Roundup

News Roundup 8/2/21

US News On March 22, the FBI raided US Private Vaults. The search warrant forbade the FBI from seizing safe deposit boxes, however, the FBI seized over 300 boxes. The FBI then filed civil asset claims for the belongings in the boxes, totaling $85 million. The FBI is...


Congratulations, You Have Been Selected

It starts like an offer of admission from a prestigious university. “We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected…” it says. But the four-page letter from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office goes on to tell recipients they will be facing enhanced police scrutiny...


Remember there names. They tried to warn you. "You may know the names of these antiwar conservatives. Some are famous: Patrick Buchanan and Robert Novak. Others are not: Llewellyn Rockwell, Samuel Francis, Thomas Fleming, Scott McConnell, Justin Raimondo, Joe Sobran,...

The Scott Horton Show

Free Man Beyond the Wall

Conflicts of Interest

COI #137: Lazy Propaganda from the Corporate Press

On COI #137, Kyle and Will break down the new US Marine deployment to guard the American Embassy in Haiti, which comes amid instability after the assassination of the country's leader. While President Biden insists there will be no larger stabilization mission, that's...

Don't Tread on Anyone

DEBATE: Agorism v. LPMC. Sal the Agorist vs. Keith Knight ... you cannot roll back or whittle away statism — whether it be the government’s inflation, its budget, or its numerous depredations and controls on the economy — by getting a few “good guys” in there to speak Truth to Mr. President. ......

Your Guide to Debunking Extremist Conspiracy Theories! It is politically naïve in the extreme to place the supply of fiat money in the hands of government and then to hope and expect it to refrain from controlling exchange rates or going on to impose more detailed exchange controls. Murray N....

Liberty Weekly Podcast

Top 10 PROVEN Conspiracies ft. Keith Knight Ep. 172 Keith Knight joins me for this INSTANT CLASSIC episode of the Liberty Weekly Podcast. Keith and each picked and researched five proven conspiracies to share on air. Please review the show notes page for sources. Episode 172 of the Liberty...

Year Zero

Libertarian Virtue Signaling w/Jose Galison

Jose of No Way Jose fame joined me to chat about libertarianism and the infighting we see all around us. Jose Twitter No Way Jose 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon

World Economic Fascism w/Rachel Tobias

Rachel Tobias joined me to discuss the World Economic Forum's plans for our future and how we may view and combat these plans in our own lives. Rachel twitter The Freedom Ministry 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon...

Killing The Economy w/Antony Sammeroff

Antony Sammeroff joined me to discus the economy, UBI, COVID, vaccines, and the lockdowns. Antony Twitter Be Yourself And Love It The Scottish Liberty Podcast 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon...

The Death Of Men w/Coop, Matt Erickson, and Ace

I invited Matt Erickson, Coop, and Ace on the show to have a roundtable discussion on the plight of young men in modern times. We get into metaphysics, rights of passage, porn, and more. I'm certain you'll love this episode. Matt Erickson Twitter King Pilled Ace...

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