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Why the NRA Should Seek Refuge Outside New York

Why the NRA Should Seek Refuge Outside New York

The state of New York has wasted no time reminding Americans about its pathological disregard for personal freedom. Its COVID-19 lockdown policies were among the most heavy-handed responses implemented by a state government in the country. Controversies surrounding...

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Where the Fourth Wave Went Wrong

Where the Fourth Wave Went Wrong

The recent deaths of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and pop singer Helen Reddy provide an opportunity to take stock of the fourth-wave of the feminist movement, and how dramatically it has changed since the intial achievements of the second-wave (circa...

The Individual Against the Odds

The Individual Against the Odds

There is a genre in fiction that celebrates an individual's adversity against seemingly impossible odds. Whether this is a person who takes the war to organised crime (Mack Bolan), a secret agent saving the world for their government (James Bond), a wronged loner lost...

News Roundup

News Roundup 10/23/20

US News A former business associate of Hunter Biden, confirms the emails published by the NY Post are real and Joe Biden discussed overseas business with his son Hunter. [Link] In California, a school sent a letter to a 12-year-old boy threatening him with arrest for...


Cops Kill Man

And lie about it and cover it up another black guy set up on some stupid drug sting but remember it doesn't matter because in America government employees can murder whoever they feel like. Got it?

The Scott Horton Show

Free Man Beyond the Wall

Conflicts of Interest

Did the US Violate the Peace Deal with the Taliban?

On Conflicts of Interest #20, Will and Kyle go over a new bill introduced by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) that would overhaul the World War I-era Espionage Act, which has been used to target journalists and whistleblowers as enemy spies. Gabbard's legislation would...

The Plot to Kidnap Michigan’s Governor

On Conflicts of Interest #18, Will and Kyle look at an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in order to try her for "treason," which the FBI claims to have unraveled with help from a number of confidential informants and undercover agents. The...

Don't Tread on Anyone

Trump Card – Summary, Analysis, and Criticisms “This is capitalisms trump card.  It encourages creativity and empathy, and puts them at the service of the wants and needs of the people.The inequality the socialist left despises, isn’t created by the entrepreneur. It’s created by us. ...

Year Zero

SCOTUS w/Michael Harris

Michael Harris joins Tommy to discuss the history, importance, and failures of the Supreme Court. He offers examples of supreme court justices acting in accordance with the Consritution, and examples of them ignoring the Constitution while offering up some ways the...

Are We Witnessing A Color Revolution?

Tommy explores the left and right claims that the other is in the process of instituting a coup.

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Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan

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The Great Ron Paul

by Scott Horton

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No Quarter: The Ravings of William Norman Grigg

by Will Grigg

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What Social Animals Owe to Each Other

by Sheldon Richman

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Coming to Palestine

by Sheldon Richman

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