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News Roundup 9/16/20

US News The mayor of Louisville announces the taxpayers of his city will pay $12 million to the family of Breonna Taylor. So far, the police officers who murdered Taylor have not been charged. [Link] Trump says he will sell advanced weapons to states that normalize...


Cop Kills Woman

Well you see she had some misdemeanor warrants out. Supposedly. Her last words before being murdered by her own security force: "I'm pregnant."

Holy Crap. This Story Better Be Wrong.

‘Like an Experimental Concentration Camp’: Whistleblower Complaint Alleges Mass Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Center Several legal advocacy groups on Monday filed a whistleblower complaint on behalf of a nurse at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)...

‘I’m Shooting Him, I Need a Paid Vacation’

That's right, you bootlicking little worms. That's what your heroic thin blue line thinks of you. Killing you is how they get paid time off. Because they know that there will be no accountability because all of the bootlicking little worms out there who will always...

The Police Are Not Going to Be There For You

The person who trusts the police to protect them is the person who has never had to rely on the police for protection. They're historians. They show up after the fact to take your statement. I've seen people on gun forums say in one moment to get a gun and learn how...

The Scott Horton Show

9/11/20 Danny Sjursen: America in the Age of Endless War

Scott interviews Danny Sjursen about his new book, which chronicles his own story of disillusionment with America's endless wars, in addition to outlining what he believes should be the new attitude of true American patriotism. He calls this type of patriotism...

9/11/20 Ted Snider on the Israel-UAE Normalization Agreement

Ted Snider discusses the details of the recent "peace deal" between the UAE and Israel. President Trump, who helped broker the deal, has been bragging that this is a groundbreaking normalization of two hostile nations—most likely, says Snider, in an effort to score...

Free Man Beyond the Wall

Episode 464: Ron Paul – Is There Any Hope For Liberty?

28 Minutes Safe for Work Dr. Ron Paul joins Pete to talk about continuing tyranny in response to CV19 and discuss whether there is any hope for liberty when people are so quick to bow to any edict handed down from the State. Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity...

Conflicts of Interest

Both Parties Pretend to Care About Ending Endless Wars

On FPF #537, I discuss both parties claiming they will end the endless wars, but neither is serious about actually doing it. Americans keep voting for the president who promises to be less interventionist. However, after taking office, Bush, Obama, and now Trump have...

Will Trump Bring US Troops Home From Iraq?

On FPF #536, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss Trump's Iraq policy. Trump ran for president on ending endless wars. However, he has failed to get the US out of a single conflict. He is again saying he would like to bring US troops home from Iraq. His own...

Don't Tread on Anyone

Anarcho-Capitalist – AMA One very popular charge against anarchism is that it “means chaos.” ... anarchists have always believed that the establishment of their system would eliminate the chaotic elements now troubling the world. ... The root of the word comes...

How I Went From Progressive to Libertarian ... The distinctive feature of libertarians is that they coolly and uncompromisingly apply the general moral law to people acting in their roles as members of the State apparatus. Libertarians make no exceptions. For centuries, the State...

Year Zero

122: Ghislaine Maxwell

Tommy dives into the Ghislaine Maxwell arrest. He discusses Jeffrey Epstein's influence on Ghislaine, her friend's interview, obvious disinformation, and are the dominoes about to fall? Will she name names? Who's going down with her?...

121: Maoists Take Over BLM

Tommy discusses how black community leaders see Antifa infiltration, the Maoist elements calling for revolution, and the conservative response.

120: The Strategy of Silence

Tommy discusses a few current events in order to show how the stories are framed to create a binary, and keep citizens at each other's throat.

119: Project Manticore w/Ryan Bunting

Ryan Bunting is a newly published author of the dystopian novel Project Manticore. Tommy invited him on to discuss the book, his writing process, and his future endeavors. The conversation progresses into policing in the US, and how the left and right are missing the...

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