News Roundup

News Roundup 4/12/21

US News Maryland's legislature overrides the governor's veto to pass police reform measures. [Link] Biden will order a commission to review the pros and cons of expanding the SCOTUS. [Link] The Pentagon is developing technology that will do rapid blood tests. [Link]...

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News Roundup 4/9/21

US News A Florida court rules those police officers who commit violent crimes are entitled to the same identity protection as crime victims. [Link] The US sanctioned Myanmar’s state-owned gem company. [Link] The US deployed two warships to the Black Sea. Turkey says...

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News Roundup 4/8/21

US News The Biden Administration appears unlikely to rejoin the Open Skies Treaty. Trump withdrew from the treaty. The Air Force has confirmed it is retiring the spy planes used in surveillance operations allowed under the treaty. The State Department passed a memo to...

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News Roundup 4/7/21

US News A 60 Minutes hit piece on Ron DeSantis was selectively edited and denounced by two prominent Florida Democrats. [Link] Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen calls for a global minimum tax on corporations. [Link] DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says Biden may have...

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News Roundup 4/6/21

Great Power The US is calling on Russia to explain why it moved troops inside of Russia’s borders. [Link] Ukraine’s President says the only way to end the country’s civil war is by moving towards NATO membership. [Link] Western powers are looking to deploy short and...

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News Roundup 4/5/21

US News Hundreds of families in Florida have been subject to mandatory evacuation orders as radioactive waste from a fertilizer plant is leaking into the water. [Link] A Capitol Police officer was killed in a car-ramming. The driver was also killed. [Link] Biden is...

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News Roundup 4/2/21

US News Facebook bans the 'voice of Trump' from the platform. [Link] The Senate is moving forward with a proposal to give DHS more power. [Link] NATO says it is concerned about a Russian military buildup near Ukraine’s border. [Link] The State Dept. Spokesperson says...

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News Roundup 4/1/21

US News A North Carolina cop resigns after a video shows him torturing his dog. Other officers on the scene joked about a lack of witnesses. [Link] Biden proposes a $2 trillion infrastructure spending bill. [Link] Drone assassination program whistleblower Daniel Hale...

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News Roundup 3/31/21

US News Two police officers threaten and handcuff a 5-year-old boy for leaving school without permission. [Link] The New York State Senate passed a bill that legalizes cannabis. The governor has signaled he will sign the bill. [Link] The US affirms its recognition of...

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News Roundup 3/30/21

US News An elderly man's home was raided by police, looking for a man who wasn’t there. During the raid, police beat the man in front of his great-granddaughter. [Link] The US is planning massive war games to simulate conflict with Russia and China. [Link] Biden says...

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News Roundup 3/29/21

US News New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio can sign a bill to end qualified immunity in the city. [Link] White House Press Secretary Jen Paski received at least $5,000 from Israeli spy firm AnyVision. [Link] Facebook suspended the account of Venezuela’s President for...

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News Roundup 3/26/21

US News A F-35 shot itself, causing $2.5 million in damage. [Link] The Netherlands will spend $40 million to upgrade an American Army arms depot. [Link] Secretary of State Blinken is deciding if the US will label the ethnic cleansing targeting the Muslim minority. ...

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News Roundup 3/24/21

US News Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin were awarded a $7.6 billion contract by the government to build a new missiles defense system. [Link] Biden sent officials to Mexico to pressure the government to stem the flow of migrants arriving at the US southern...

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News Roundup 3/23/21

China NATO sees China as an opportunity to strengthen the alliance. [Link] US, UK, EU, and Canada slapped joint sanction on China. [Link] The White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says the US could levy further sanctions on China. [Link] Myanmar The US and EU issued...

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News Roundup 3/22/21

  US News Dozens of White House staffers have been suspended, and some asked to resign, over past weed use. [Link] Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told his Indian counterpart that India should avoid buying Russian made military equipment to avoid being...

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News Roundup 3/19/21

US News US-Chinese talks in Alaska are leading to more confrontation than diplomacy. [Link] Trump’s last minute decision to add Cuba back to the state sponsor of terrorism list is causing Cubans to have struggle to access banking. [Link] Putin offered to engage in...

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Conflicts of Interest

COI #95 – Will Biden Save the Iran Nuclear Deal?

On COI #95, Kyle and Will update the progress of the negotiations between the US and Iran in Vienna, where the two sides are meeting for indirect talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. While there have been some promising developments, public statements from the US...

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