News Roundup

News Roundup 11/12/2021

US News Two million Ellume at home Covid tests have been recalled for giving false positives. [Link] Delaware police killed an 8-year-old girl. The District Attorney has charged two teens, who did not shoot the girl, with her murder. [Link] The Department of Justice...

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News Roundup 11/11/2021

US News A judge approved the $600 million settlement agreement between Michigan and the residents of Flint poisoned by their water. The settlement was announced in 2020. [Link] Ten states are suing the federal government over Biden’s healthcare worker mandate. [Link]...

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News Roundup 11/10/21

US News A Missouri prosecutor admits Kevin Strickland - who has been in prison for over 40 years for a triple murder - is innocent. [Link] A USA Today investigation finds laws, unions, and culture protect police from facing consequences for committing crimes. [Link]...

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News Roundup 11/9/21

US News The police officer who killed Johnny Hurley - who stopped a mass shooter - will not face charges. [Link] The Biden administration’s push for a new domestic terror war has generated 2,700 open domestic terror investigations by the FBI. [Link] The US will begin...

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News Roundup 11/8/21

US News The Pentagon awarded Lockheed Martin a $10.9 billion contract to modernize the F-22. [Link] Secretary of State Antony Blinken appoints two officials - Jonathan Moore and Margret Uyehara - to head the ‘Havana Syndrome’ task force. [Link] The US is planning more...

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News Roundup 11/4/21

US News The Biden administration is preparing to require that all businesses with over 100 employees require vaccination or weekly testing. Companies that fail to comply will be fined $14,000 per employee. [Link] China The Pentagon believes China could have 1,000...

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News Roundup 11/3/21

US News The CDC authorizes the Covid vaccine for children 5-11. [Link] Great Power CIA Director William Burns traveled to Russia for talks. [Link] The US deployed two warships to the Black Sea. [Link] China demands more transparency from the US after a nuclear...

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News Roundup 11/2/21

US News The TSA is ordered to pay more than $100 million in a patent infringement suit over the bins used during security checks. [Link] A US judge throws out most of the charges against Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab. [Link] Great Power The Washington Post reported...

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News Roundup 11/1/21

US News Arizona may use its National Guard to fill staffing shortages at prisons. [Link] New York state will divest from Ben and Jerry’s parent company, Unilever, over the ice cream company’s decision not to sell ice cream in the West Bank settlements. [Link] A jury...

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News Roundup 10/29/21

US News Kevin Gosztola breaks down day two of Assange’s extradition appeal. [Link] China FBI Director Chris Wray says US businesses need to work with the FBI to prevent China from becoming the world’s only superpower by stealing US business information. [Link] China...

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News Roundup 10/28/21

US News Police arrested a vet - Joshua Graham Rohrer- for panhandling. During the arrest, police tased his service dog and refused to allow the vet to take his service dog with him. The dog was hit by a car and died. After the loss of his dog, Rohrer tried to commit...

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News Roundup 10/27/21

US News The US attempts to appeal to the UK high court to have Julian Assange extradited to the US. Kevin Gosztola breaks down the events in this Twitter thread. [Link] Taiwan is the number one issue for the CIA’s new anti-China center. [Link] Senators Warner and...

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News Roundup 10/26/21

US News The Senate NDAA will include funding for people who claim to be suffering from “Havana Syndrome.” [Link] Afghanistan Reports say 16 people died in Taliban operations against alleged ISIS-K kidnappers. Ten of the dead are civilians. [Link] Israel Israel labeled...

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News Roundup 10/25/21

US News Louisiana police officer Julio Alvarado was videoed slamming a small woman - Shantel Arnold - onto the pavement several times. Officer Alvarado has been named in nine excessive force lawsuits. [Link] Biden delays the release of JFK assassination files for over...

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News Roundup 10/22/21

US News The NIH admits to funding research - through EcoHealth - in China that matches the definition of gain of function research. [Link] School enrollment decreased by 3 million students during the first year of the Covid outbreak. [Link] Senate Democrats are...

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News Roundup 10/20/21

US News Congressman Jeff Fortenberry was indicted in federal court for scheming to falsify and conceal material facts and two counts of lying to investigators. The indictments center around alleged donations made from a Nigerian billionaire. Fortenberry released a...

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Conflicts of Interest

COI #179: Max Boot’s Ethnically Planned State

On COI #179, Kyle Anzalone refutes Max Boot’s recent Washington Post op-ed arguing against boycotting Israel. In the article, Boot admits that the reason we must reject BDS is that the movement calls for a “right of return” for Palestinian refugees. He admits that...

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COI #174: The US Is Pushing China to the Brink

On COI #174, Kyle Anzalone breaks down the recent news in the US Cold War against China. Reuters reports that the US has been sending special operations soldiers to Taiwan for training. The US has sent Coast Guard and arms trainers to Taiwan previously, but the...

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