News Roundup

News Roundup 5/6/2022

Brazil CIA Director William Burns told the Brazilian president not to cast doubts over the integrity of Brazil’s election. [Link] Russia Adam Kinzinger is struggling to enlist co-sponsors for his Russia war bill. [Link] Zelensky invites German leaders to Kiev in an...

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News Roundup 5/3/2022

US News A judge grants qualified immunity to police officers who arrested and held a man for operating a parody Facebook account. [Link] The FBI conducted nearly 2 million warrantless searches using Russian cyber threats as an excuse. [Link] Lawmakers will likely...

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News Roundup 5/1/2022

US News Paypal bans Consortium News The FBI conducted millions of warrantless data searches last year. [Link] The FDA moves forward with a proposal to ban menthol cigarettes. [Link] The Biden administration creates a disinformation board. [Link] The Coast Guard...

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News Roundup 4/27/2022

US News Minneapolis police used social media to surveil black residents unrelated to crimes. [Link] Increasing fuel prices will cost the Pentagon an additional $3 billion in 2022. [Link] The Army will spend at least $8 billion over the next five years to develop a...

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