News Roundup

News Roundup 9/24/20

US News A grand jury charged one of the three police officers involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor. The officer was charged for wanton endangerment for firing into Taylor’s neighbor’s apartment. [Link] Kentucky’s governor announces the National Guard will enter...

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News Roundup 9/23/20

US News The Cost of War Project finds the Pentagon transferred at least $1.6 billion in weapons to police departments under the 1033 Program since 9/11. The number is likely higher as the Pentagon undervalues the surplus weapons it gives away. [Link] Earlier in the...

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News Roundup 9/22/20

US News As details emerge on the Oracle/Walmart deal to buy TikTok, Trump is threatening to block the deal if it does not give enough control to American companies. The deal will create 'TikTok Global,' which will provide the TikTok to Americans. The Chinese company...

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News Roundup 9/21/20

US News The US will ban WeChat and new downloads of TikTok. Users with the TikTok app already downloaded will be able to use it until mid-November. Trump continues to demand the platform be sold to an American company. [Link] After ByteDance announced it would sell...

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News Roundup 9/18/20

US News Senate Democrats announced a new bill that will spend $350 billion to counter China. The bulk of the money will be used to fund tech in the US, and $125 million is for weapons. [Link] Trump says he will sign an executive order to promote “patriotic education.”...

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News Roundup 9/17/20

US News A 46-year-old Texas woman died on the floor of her jail cell after the prison failed to give her prescribed medications and appropriate medical care. [Link] A judge rules Pennsylvania’s lockdowns are unconstitutional. [Link] A judge blasts prosecutors US...

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News Roundup 9/16/20

US News The mayor of Louisville announces the taxpayers of his city will pay $12 million to the family of Breonna Taylor. So far, the police officers who murdered Taylor have not been charged. [Link] Trump says he will sell advanced weapons to states that normalize...

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News Roundup 9/15/20

US News Joe Rogan offers to hold a four-hour Trump/Biden debate. Trump has accepted the invitation. [link] Federal regulations make forest management impossible and fuel the forest fires in the western US. [link] A US citizen was charged with terrorism by Venezuela....

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News Roundup 9/14/20

US News Tik Tok rejected Microsoft’s offer to buy the social media app. Tik Tok signed a deal with Oracle instead. Trump threatened to ban Tik Tok in the US if it was not sold from the Chinese owned ByteDance by the end of September. [link] During the George Floyd...

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News Roundup 9/11/20

US News Nebraska allowed a $25,000 property to be sold without notifying the owner over a $900 tax bill. [Link] Hundreds of Covid stimulus checks went to Australians. [Link] Foreign Policy Six of Oregon’s largest helicopters that could assist in fighting wildfires are...

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News Roundup 9/10/20

US News US airlines are asking for another $25 billion bailout. The airlines already received a $39 billion bailout. [Link] The US will stop doing additional covid screening for international travelers. [Link] Consortium News breaks down day three of Assange’s...

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News Roundup 9/9/20

US News A Utah mother called 911 for the Crisis Intervention Team to help get her 13-year-old son - who has autism - to the hospital for treatment. The police responded and shot her son. He is recovering at the hospital. [Link] Two men said to be linked to the...

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News Roundup 9/8/20

US News Kevin Gosztola breaks down the first day of Assange’s extradition hearing. [Link] The criminal justice reform law FIRST STEP Act resulted in the release or reduced sentence of 7,000 prisoners. [Link] Trump says Pentagon leaders want to fight wars to enrich...

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News Roundup 9/7/20

US News After Florida placed more police officers in schools, the number of school arrests and physical restraints went up. Police arrested 345 elementary school children in 2018-19. [Link] Afghanistan Trump plans to nominate Will Rugar to be Ambassador to...

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News Roundup 9/4/20

US News New York Governor Cuomo said that restaurants would not be allowed to open for indoor dining without a police task force to enforce social distancing. [Link] Seven Rochester New York police officers were suspended for killing David Perdue while attempting to...

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News Roundup 9/3/20

US News California's legislature voted down a bill that would help hold police officers accountable. [Link] Trump signs an order that prevents landlords from evicting people who make less than $99,000 a year. [Link] A US court rules the spying program exposed by...

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Conflicts of Interest

Government Employees Loot and Shoot with Impunity

On Conflicts of Interest #12, Kyle and Will break down the grand jury verdict on the Breonna Taylor murder, resulting in no charges directly linked to her death for any of the officers involved. A new report shows that the Pentagon handed $1 billion meant for...

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19 Years After 9/11 Americans Still Live in Fear

On Conflicts of Interest #6, Kyle and Will outline the legacy of the September 11 attacks on their 19th anniversary, including years of war, torture, and mass surveillance carried out in their wake. The Pentagon has awarded a $13.3 billion contract to Northrop Grumman...

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Quad-NATO: Trump’s Shiny New Dooms Day Machine

The US State Department has called to formalize a NATO-like alliance between itself, Japan, Australia and India, currently known as the "Quad." The Deputy Secretary of State, Stephen Biegun, said he would like the new alliance to serve as a bulwark against Beijing,...

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