Cop Rams Mother and Children Head On (He Thought They Were Criminals)

by | Oct 10, 2022

Cop Rams Mother and Children Head On (He Thought They Were Criminals)

by | Oct 10, 2022


Over the weekend, Jamee Kimble was on her way to the grocery store to buy food for her two children when all of a sudden her family’s life was at stake. As she waited at a traffic light, a police cruiser came barreling into her car, head-on—with both of her children inside—and it wasn’t an accident.

An officer with the Fairfax County Police Department deliberately rammed his car into Kimble’s vehicle and then held the family at gunpoint, because he thought she had committed a crime—she had not.

“I’m sitting at the light, and he comes and hits me from the front!” Kimble yells in a video she took after being rammed. “They stopped the wrong person.”

As the video shows, Kimble is none too pleased with the series of events that day. According to Kimble, the officer accused her of being involved in a high-speed chase the week before. However, Kimble had an extremely tight alibi. On the day police accused her of being involved in a high-speed chase, Kimble was in the hospital giving birth to her youngest child.

After police rammed her, officers jumped out of the car and held Kimble and her young children at gunpoint before handcuffing and detaining her, without offering medical treatment.

Adding to the irresponsible nature of the entire stop is the fact that the officer never once attempted to pull over the vehicle and instead went straight for ramming a family head-on. Though police claim the incident is under review, in a statement released this week, the department justified the stop by claiming Kimble’s car gave them probable cause.

Officers verified the alert as a felony vehicle with occupants listed as armed and dangerous, traveling in the area of Richmond Hwy and South Kings Hwy. Patrol officers soon found the vehicle, conducted a felony vehicle stop and detained the occupants. Two adult women and two children were discovered in the vehicle. During the stop, an officer’s cruiser struck the front bumper of the wanted vehicle while traveling at an estimated speed under 10 mph. There was minimal damage to the car.

Unfortunately, this situation plays out over and over again in the land of the free, and children are often involved. Last year, TFTP reported on several similar situations in which police officers showed complete disregard for human life.

As we reported, Nicole Harper was driving home on the interstate when Senior Cpl. Rodney Dunn accused her of driving fast and targeted her for revenue collection.

Not wanting to pull over on a dark highway, Harper, who was pregnant with her daughter at the time, tried to drive to a well-lit spot to be extorted. Harper put on her hazard lights, pulled into the right lane, and slowed down to look for a well-lit area to stop.

Harper failing to immediately prostrate herself before the state to receive her promise of extortion, however, seemingly enraged the Arkansas state trooper. That’s when Dunn decided it was time to perform a PIT maneuver on the pregnant woman which caused her car to roll end over end before crashing into a concrete barrier at 60 mph.

Luckily, she and her unborn baby survived. The family of 12-year-old Leden Boykins was not as lucky. To enforce another speeding ticket, police used a PIT maneuver on a car full of children in Georgia, knowing children were inside. When the car flipped, Boykins was killed.

This article was originally featured at The Free Thought Project and is republished with permission.

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