If the Teens Who Filmed the Disabled Man Drown Were Cops, They Would Not Be Charged

Here’s proof that if the five despicable teens who taunted and filmed drowning man were cops, they would not face charges.

This week, headlines across the country lambasted the Florida teenagers for filming and taunting a disabled man as he drowned in a lake. On Friday, the Cocoa Police Department (CPD), in conjunction with the Florida State Attorney’s Office, announced they are pursuing criminal charges against the five teens.

“He started to struggle and scream for help and they just laughed. They didn’t call the police. They just laughed the whole time. He was just screaming… for someone to help him,” Yvonne Martinez, spokeswoman for the Cocoa Police Department, told the Washington Post.

What those teens did was repugnant, disgusting, and an insult to all that is good. Their actions, or rather inactions, caused the suffering and death of an innocent life and they will have to live with that for the rest of their lives.

That being said, however, if those despicable teens had been cops, they would not have been charged at all. As the Free Thought Project has reported on numerous occasions, police officers can and will watch adults and children alike drown and not face charges.

Below are just a few examples of police officers acting just like these teens, some of them even laughing as people drown right in front of them.

The most recent and horrifically tragic case of police officers failing to act and save a drowning victim comes from St. Paul Park, Minnesota.

Kendrick Jordan, Jr., 5, drowned earlier this month as police and EMTs stood on the shore of Carver lake and did nothing.

“Everybody that was here just hopped in, clothes on, didn’t matter. We just wanted that little boy to be safe,” one woman wrote in now-deleted post to social media, as quoted by TwinCities.com. “Everybody EXCEPT the police And whoever said that the officer ‘coordinated’ the human chain is WRONG. We formed it before the police even got there. They arrived and stood at the shore for several minutes and looked LOST, like a deer in head lights, looking to every day citizens to save this little boy.”

Read the rest of this great article at the Free Thought Project.

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