Totalitarian Iconography and the Great War

by | May 29, 2017

Totalitarian Iconography and the Great War

by | May 29, 2017

Publisher’s Note: Another bombing in hoplophobic Albion and the UK authorities can be counted on to double down on any criticism levied against the primary religious adherents (Sunni Wahhabist Salafist jihadists funded out of the The Amphibian’s favorite ME hell-hole). The mindless checkered drones will quickly be called upon to punish any Briton who dares to question the government subsidized wave of bipedal killing machines to wreak mayhem on the island.

I would say they need to gun up but the British men have been gelded for so long they’d be a more significant danger to themselves with a gun than the invaders have to worry about.

I’ve been watching the Showtime series Billions and the anti-capitalistic, pro-government drivel is nauseating.  The video medium is fully captive to the government supremacism that saturates the public square now. But Axelrod’s character by Band of Bothers’ Damian Lewis is scintillating.-BB

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The Deep State continues to wage an interesting war on freedom and individual liberty at every turn. From talk of banning laptops on flying prison camps known as American flagged airlines to ahistorical accusations of Russian intrigue in US elections and beyond. The predictability of the Deep State in its chess game for maintenance and expansion of power is readily predictable by the dimmest of bulbs. They are simply continuing to weave the western tapestry of leviathan government into the fabric of every facet of human life. They employ a totalitarian iconography that in its most recent manifestation is born of WWI.

There may be no greater and more honest symbol of government than mountains of human bones and skulls. It should adorn every flag. The one freedom the state always grants is your decision to be maimed or killed for them. They’ll never limit that option.

Any Frenchman born in 1892 stood an even chance of being killed or wounded during the coming conflict in WWI.

As the late Ralph Raico points out, where would Communism and National Socialism be on the world stage if it weren’t for the Great War?

Until that time, the Marxists and their burgeoning intellectual chattering classes had not had the canvas not the egregious opportunity to try these terrific leviathan government on human beings. The magical confluence of mass media, modern police state machinations and the bureaucratic ability to start to track and engineer every human desire and behavior was in an embryonic stage and the war enabled all of the statist malefactors to put their evil plans in train.

Just five days ago on May 17 marked the hundredth anniversary of the Selective Service Act, an obnoxiously understated law that put the notion of slavery in a different caste and even flew in the face of a strict interpretation of the awful 14th Amendment. Lincoln’s draft law had been revived from the dead and the usual suspects started plotting the maiming and murder of hundreds of thousands of young men as the War Pigs in DC gathered around their cauldron to stir up trouble for the US by involving it in a conflict that had no bearing whatsoever on the commerce or freedom of non-government humans.

And like with all wars, it was designed to expand the size and power of the state. Take a look at the debt incurred by the US government increasing from approximately three billion in 1915 to twenty seven billion in 1919 and keep in mind this is during the inauguration of the income tax passed in 1913. Yes, indeed, the mandarins in the swamp cubed the debt in WWI. I have yet to see the co-signers but the historians insist your grandparents signed on to that. Who knows?

RedDR performed the same magic trick when he increased the debt from fifty billion to a quarter trillion from 1940 to 1945.

Mind you, I don’t trust any of these numbers since the government cooks its books but if anything just assume these are probably a tad light versus the real butcher’s bill.

To put this in perspective, this would mean that after the Busheviks declared war on…something…in 2001. The debt would have increased from six trillion to fifty four trillion instead of the presumed twenty trillion. Yes, this figure is cooked because it doesn’t include the hundreds of trillions in non-funded obligations your congressional masters have signed you onto.

Woodrow Wilson put the pedal to the statist metal and drove the American state into the twentieth century and cranked the exsanguination pumps he’d connected to humanity. He took the original project by Hamilton that had been hot-rodded by Lincoln and Roosevelt and steered the US into a century of warfare, bloodshed and government supremacism that knew no peer in modern history.

Jim Powell explains:

“Powell persuasively suggests that if America had stayed out of the war the belligerents, exhausted and with no hope of a clear battlefield victory, might have accepted the need to end the conflict without any winner. Had that happened, there might well have been no Bolshevik revolution in Russia and therefore no deadly 75-year “experiment” in Soviet communism under Lenin, Stalin, and those who followed them. If Germany had not been humiliated, stripped of 13 percent of its territory, burdened with “war guilt” and heavy reparations, and left in political and economic chaos, a demagogue like Hitler, with his Nazi ideology of racism and blood lust for revenge and conquest through a new war, might not have come to power.”

 As with all counterfactual speculation, history is subject to rhyming notions that cause the most obscure to become the primary tangents for change in international relations.

This year is the hundredth anniversary of the US entry into the War to End All Wars. That war not only set the stage for RedDR to make the world safe for communism after rescuing Stalin during WWII but set into motion the entire catastrophe that has been the Middle Eastern quagmire for the west.

And we find the usual cast of violence brokers in the government making the same mistakes, eager for a war they themselves won’t fight and eager even more to use these conflicts as a means to expand their reach and power. Especially over their domestic populations and tax cattle.

The UK is Exhibit A, again tilting at Fabian windmills and signing their own death warrant as they inject themselves with a hybrid cocktail of political correctness and collectivist economic illiteracy with an alien immigrant chaser.

One of the signature attributes of the conclusion of the War to Save Josef Stalin is that the US cleverly refashioned colonial aggrandizement under the notion of “wars of security” against the Communist threat and inaugurated the multi-trillion dollar looting of born and unborn taxpayers and unborn to launder the monies through the military industrial congressional complex. Just re-branding the British imperial notions with a new franchise that only required maiming and killing the native populations while floating a police state death-star above the victim nations that fell under the martial ministrations of the US.

At the Battle of Tours in 742, Charles Martel fought the first significant battle and defeat of advancing Muslim forces. He won then but his descendants have no interest in doing that again. What’s happening in England and indeed, the entire European continent is an insurgency of such proportion and genius, the host doesn’t realize they are dead men walking.

The current Islamic year is 1438 AH. In the Gregorian calendar, 1438 AH runs from approximately 3 October 2016 to 21 September 2017.

If Europe is still using a Gregorian calendar in five years, I will be surprised.

Just as WWI set the West on a path of self-destruction of Biblical proportions, the twenty-first century should be even more blood-soaked.

Make peace with resistance, your choices are rather stark.

Republished with permission from Bill Buppert’s

About Bill Buppert

Bill Buppert is a retired US Army officer living in the high desert of the American Southwest with his wife and home-schooled family. He has been a writer for a number of publications and is particularly interested in the issues of liberty, survival, shooting, and history. He has made a number of appearances including debating Dr. Daniel Walker Howe at the July 2010 Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, NV on the superiority of the Articles of Confederation versus the Constitution. He wishes to continue the abolitionist project of men like William Wilberforce and Lysander Spooner. He is the founder and publisher of

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