Amnesty International War Propaganda Debunked

by | Feb 8, 2017

They lied us into Iraq War I and Libya, and now here comes some Amnesty International hype about Syria — 13,000 hangings that we’re just finding out about!

Bernard at the Moon of Alabama blog debunks it all here.

It was sad but not surprising to see Liz Sly, Ann Bernard and all the other agenda-setting media stars retweeting this without the slightest bit of skepticism.

They want to call any doubter an apologist for Assad, but that’s nonsense. Everyone on earth knows he’s a ruthless killer. That’s why Bill Clinton and George W. Bush sent him people — including wholly innocent ones — to be tortured. The question is whether or not the War Party will be able to get away with pushing the American state into another war with another of their former servants. (This is not to say that Assad has been a loyal little Mubarak, but he has never been America’s enemy.)

Trump says he wants war in east Syria against the Islamic State, but not against the Ba’ath regime in the west. The CIA and their allies are apparently not giving up their goal of regime change.

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