Daniel McCarthy: Why Biden’s America Loves A Lockdown

by | Apr 26, 2020

Daniel McCarthy at The Spectator

Their is growing divide in America between the professional class represented by the people that work in government, at universities and in the corporate boardroom; and the American working class.  The professional American class is becoming increasingly narrow minded and authoritarian. They call for extended lock downs, forced testing of the entire U.S. population, tracing people through new technology and they seem to care less about the lives of small business/working people that they are destroying. Question their wisdom and righteousness and they shut you down – how dare you question us!

“Non-elite Americans are not expected to exercise any liberty here: to question authority or offer their own thoughts (thought crimes as far as Facebook is concerned); to assemble to petition their masters; to freely exercise their religion. Though the elite may say such rights are universal, for the sake of slapping a moral veneer on war, when these rights are put to the test under stressful conditions at home, Americans are supposed to surrender them without debate. If you really believe that Americans are or ought to be so obedient, you can’t also believe that freedom is a universal human desire. Not unless ‘freedom’ only means ‘doing exactly what people like me want you to do.’”


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