Donald Trump Sticks Up For Woodrow Wilson

by | Jun 30, 2020

Of all the shameful things.

Wilson’s brutal racism is only one facet of his horrible legacy, which also includes the creation of the Federal Reserve and lying America into World War I, an act which was directly responsible for the rise of Nazism, Communism and the expansion of the British Empire by 1,000,000 square miles in the Middle East, and therefore World War II, the Cold War, the American world empire, the war on terrorism and all the rest.

Trump of course knows none of this. He’s just defensive of presidents accused of racism, even though Wilson was not only avowedly prejudiced, he implemented severe racial segregation in the federal services and resisted any effort to roll it back in the American south, under Jim Crow totalitarianism at the time.

If there’s a hell, he’s being tortured in it now and forever.

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