Former CIA Officer Robert Baer: Whistleblower Represents ‘Palace Coup’

Via Matt Taibbi:

From CNN:

BAER: That’s what I find remarkable, is that this whistleblower knew about [the placing of the record of the call in the classified system], this attempt to cover up. This is a couple people. It just isn’t one.

BALDWIN: And on the couple people point, if the allegation is true, Bob, what does it say that White House officials, lawyers, wanted to cover it up?

BAER: You know, my guess, it’s a palace coup against Trump. And who knows what else they know at this point.

But, you know, this is not an ordinary whistleblower complaint. It is, like I said, well put together, well thought out, and handled exactly right within the limits of the law. And this is what has the president scared. These people know what they’re doing.

(Disclosure: Baer is a friend of my wife’s. I never liked him.) He is quotable on some things. Lies alot for money too. In this case what’s important is that he hates Trump and was a cheerleader for Russiagate and such, so he’d be just as likely to play along with a CIA plot against the president as characterize one as such on TV. But there you go. And thing is though too that “palace” in this case would seem to imply people closer to Trump, but we’ve already been told this was a CIA officer attached to the NSC, so there’s that.

Speaking of Matt Taibbi, please go read his great new essay about the “whistleblower” for the real context of this latest impeachment scandal.

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