Jerusalem Post: How to Attack Iran

by | May 17, 2019

Not that the Israel Lobby in this country is an enemy fifth column or anything.

But this guy makes it just a little more obvious that the USA has no interest in a war with Iran. It’s just what Israel wants, that’s all.

But don’t worry, this Israeli assures us, it’ll be just great.

The aerial assault would avoid the population and focus on the regime.

It would first raze all military airfields and aircraft, and then bomb missile sites, nuclear installations, armories, warships, secret-police buildings, and the fleets of motorbikes on which Basij cops scoot as they club demonstrators. On top of these, assorted leaders, both military and civilian, would be personally targeted.

Throughout it all, the message to the Iranian people will be: We’re not the Russians, who joined a despot’s war on his people; this air force is on the side of the people. We are after the regime that oppressed you, defamed us, and destabilized the entire world. If you want to seize your fate, gain your freedom and restore your pride – join us.


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