Let’s Talk About Potential Gun Issues

by | Nov 4, 2020

As I’m typing this it looks to me like Joe Biden is going to take this thing (if I’m wrong, I’ll be first to admit it). A common worry among libertarians/anarchists and even conservatives is that Biden is going to do an executive order (XO) of some sort resulting in some gun restrictions., even confiscation.

My first impulse is to remind everyone that the same fear was felt under Obama – especially after the Sandy Hook tragedy – but I understand that this is 4 years later. The problem with that line of thinking is that the Republican president for the last 4 years actually put through some restrictions on firearms related items and hinted at gun control in “dire” circumstances and was cheered on by his acolytes on the Right. But Biden isn’t on the Right.

My advice to the gun-owners out there is to hold onto your weapons. Prices will immediately skyrocket with Biden as president-elect but don’t sell unless you have an emergency. Even if Biden were to sign an XO, the Republican governors loyal to Trump will resist IMO, unless they are bought and sold by the “Great Reset” crowd. I still don’t see them rounding anything up using force. They may try a “mandatory buyback” but all you have to do is look to New Zealand to see that doesn’t go well in the present. Hell, even Connecticut didn’t get close to half when they passed a state law and when New Jersey ordered bump-stocks turned in a few years ago none were surrendered.

Ride this out. If you’re in an area where they know what you have, get a 3D printer and CNC mill. They’re getting easier to make at home.

If Biden wins this there will be the kind of vitriol towards him the Right had for Obama. Maybe even more considering many people on the Right I’m sure held back for not wanting to be deemed racist. IMO, Trump has removed that concern even if we see a sudden Harris presidency.

I am in no way worried that anyone is coming for my guns and I have a few along with accessories that the Feds know about. I believe that if it gets to the point where they come to take them, anything they have planned for us after that will justify using them. I don’t see us being there in the near future but I’m often wrong in my predictions.

I happen to agree with Monica Perez that if that day comes when they come for them, a Republican will be in office. Relax, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, and watch how things unfold. It just may be that Federalism will be a major factor in the Age of Biden. If that is in fact where we are.

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