My Speech at Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Conference

by | Mar 9, 2020

On Saturday, I gave a talk at the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party state convention.  There were so many great folks there and it was a pleasure to speak to a savvy, friendly audience.  Richard Schwarz did a pitch-perfect introduction that set the tone for the talk.  It’s hard not to like a guy who is always wearing a Phillies baseball cap.

Jake Towne,  whose excellent blog is at,  kindly made an audio tape of the speech which is reposted below.

My fav ad lib in this speech, commenting on the perverse incentives of the Supreme Court 1996 decision in the Bennis asset forfeiture case, was: “That’s reckless driving even by my standard!”

I was a panelist asking questions of libertarian presidential candidates at the Saturday night debate.  I will post a link to that video when it is placed online by 3L Productions.  The responses to my question regarding “open borders” and the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus were especially…. interesting.

Here is the link to the Youtube audio version of the speech:

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