News Roundup 11/1/17

Read Scott Horton's new book Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan
  • Joe Lauria looks at the Democratic money behind the Russiagate conspiracy. [Link]
  • An Ohio police officer who mistakenly shot a journalist was put back on the job. [Link]
  • Eight people were killed by a terrorist in New York City. [Link]
  • Nick Turse reveals the global presence of US special forces. [Link]
  • The House Minority Whip is pushing Democrats to not sign onto H.Con.Res 81. [Link]
  • The US gave two A-29 light attack aircraft to Lebanon. [Link]
  • US Maj. Gen. James Jarrard said the US has 4,000 troops in Syria. [Link]
  • The Catalan President gave a press conference in Belgium. He said he was not seeking asylum in Belgium and will return to Catalonia when conditions allow him to. The Spanish court ordered the president and his cabinet to appear in court in Madrid. [Link]
  • Cave-ins at North Korea’s nuclear testing site may have killed up to 200 people. [Link]
  • Militants killed five Malian soldiers and one civilian in Mali. Jihadist groups like IS and al-Qaeda operate in the area where the attack occurred. [Link]
  • Israel’s Public Defense Minister announces the creation of a new police force to guard the Temple Mount. The new police force will have 200 members. [Link]
  • New SIGAR report shows the US is losing in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • Iran has self-imposed a range of 2000 km for their ballistic missiles. [Link]
  • The US has spent over $1.5 billion to arm and train Lebanese troops. [Link]
  • James Mattis testified before Congress that the US would remain in Iraq with or without the permission of the Iraqi government. [Link]
  • The Iraqi government has taken a border crossing with Turkey from the Kurds. [Link]
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Read Scott Horton's new book Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan



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