News Roundup 11/8/16

  • While in being interrogated, two 16-year-old boys were threatened by police. A police officer threatened to kill and beat the boys. He also said he would plant coke on them. The boys were underage and questioned without parents or legal representatives present. [Link]
  • Americans have a record amount of student loans and auto loans. Student loans now total $1.396 trillion and $1.098 trillion for auto loans. [Link]
  • An F-35 catches fire during a training exercise. Planes catching fire has been an ongoing problem for the F-35 program. [Link]
  • The CIA officially confirms that Dr. Bruce Jessen and Dr. James Mitchell were the architects of the torture program. [Link]
  • Members of Parliment of Turkey’s Kurdish political party will boycott Parliment in protest of the arrest of 9 of their members. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia announced it would no longer ship oil to Egypt. [Link]
  • Iraq’s Prime Minister says that the country is ready for war with Turkey. [Link]
  • Kurdish fighters find a mass grave of about 100 bodies outside of an Iraqi town held by ISIS. [Link]
  • While Russia allowed its ceasefire for Aleppo to expire Friday, Russia announced it would not begin to bomb East Aleppo unless Syrian Rebels attack first. [Link]
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