News Roundup 12/3/16

by | Dec 3, 2016

  • Internet Archive fends off a National Security Letter and gag order issued by the FBI. [Link]
  • A Virgina public school district pulls To Kill a Mockingbird and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from its libraries. [Link]
  • The VA is contacting 592 vets to let them know that their dentist may have infected them with HIV or Hepatitis. [Link]
  • Healthcare spending increased by $3.2 trillion in the US in 2015. Obamacare is responsible for the growth in health care spending. [Link]
  • The House votes to pass the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017. The bill has a provision that calls for government counteraction to Russian media manipulation. [Link]
  • California pensions are underfunded by $1 trillion. [Link]
  • 446,000 Americans left the labor force in November. An all-time high of 95.1 million Americans are out of the labor force. [Link]
  • The NDAA for 2017 passes the House. This bill will authorize $611 billion in defense spending. [Link]
  • The Treasury Department imposes new sanctions on North Korea through executive orders. The sanctions are in response to North Korea’s nuclear tests in September. [Link]
  • President Obama will sign the Iran sanctions bill that passed through Congress. This will extend the sanction on Iran for another 10 years. [Link]
  • The peace deal in Colombia has been approved by the Colombian Congress, and many children will experience peace for the first time in their lives. The children will still have to deal with the mental health fallout from growing up in a country at war. [Link]
  • The Syrian rebels have lost 60% of the areas they held in East Aleppo. [Link]
  • The Danish will withdraw their warplanes from the coalition fighting ISIS. [Link]

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