News Roundup 2/26/18

by | Feb 26, 2018

  • The DNC releases a memo in response to the GOP memo on the FISA surveillance of Trump. [Link]
  • Justian Raimondo explains how the Mueller indictments fail to prove the Russiagate narrative. [Link]
  • A Tennessee woman was held in solitary confinement for six months because she had a staph infection. [Link]
  • The city of LA criminalizes sleeping in cars. [Link]
  • Trump issues a memo directing a military parade to be held on Veterans Day. [Link]
  • A former DC police officer was sentenced to 15 years in jail supporting ISIS. The former officers was an Islamic Nazi who fought for the US-backed Islamist rebel forces in Libya in 2011. [Link]
  • The US adds new 55 sanctions against North Korea. [Link] Trump says that if the sanctions do not work then, the US will move on to Phase Two. [Link] North Korean officials say the country is still willing to engage in talks with the US. [Link] China tells the US to stop placing unilateral sanctions against North Korea. Some of the companies and ships included in the new sanctions are Chinese. China reports that it will prosecute people/companies that break UN sanctions. [Link] Lt. Col. Daniel Davis explains why there will not be war with North Korea unless it is started by the US. [Link]
  • The US will deploy the Coast Guard to enforce sanctions against North Korea. [Link]
  • The Myanmar government is destroying Rohingya villages. [Link]
  • After a two month hiatus, the Philippines resumes its drug war. Ten were killed during the first night the drug war resumed. [Link]
  • The US will look to increase the number of Marines in Austraila. The US currently deploys 1,250 Marines to Darwin, Austraila. The new deployments can see as many as 1,500 Marines in Austraila. [Link]
  • In Somalia, at least 28 people were killed by two car bombs. Al-Shabaab claims responsibility. [Link]
  • An IED killed two French soldiers in northern Mali. [Link]
  • The US Embassy in Jerusalem to open in May. [Link]
  • Pakistan has avoided being placed on a “grey list” of countries that do not do enough to counter terrorist financing. [Link]
  • At least 23 Afghan police were killed in attacks by the Taliban across Afghanistan. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama explains the ability of groups in East Ghouta to create propaganda. [Link]
  • The YPG is requesting Assad send Syrian Army troops to Afrin. Militias loyal to Assad are in Afrin helping the YPG to fight Turkey and Syrian rebels. [Link]
  • The UN Security Council votes for a 30-day ceasefire for Syria. [Link] An Iranian General says that pro-Assad forces would continue to attack East Ghouta because the rebels there are terrorists. [Link] Turkey says the UN ceasefire does not apply to the war against the Syrian Kurds in Afrin. [Link]
  • Russia deploys 5th generation fighters to Syria. [Link]
  • An Iraqi court sentences 15 Turkish women to death for supporting ISIS. [Link]

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