News Roundup 3/9/18

by | Mar 9, 2018

  • Trump implements new steel and aluminum tariffs. [Link] Brazil says it will take all necessary action in response to the sanctions. [Link]
  • Paul Manafort pleas not guilty to charges and will face a jury trial. [Link]
  • A North Carolina police officer was caught on video beating and tasing a man who jaywalked. [Link]
  • 37 experts urge Senators to vote for the Yemen War Powers Act. [Link]
  • Daniel Elsburg on the threat of nuclear weapons. [Link]
  • 11 countries sign the TPP without the US. [Link]
  • South Korea announces Kim Jong Un, and Donald Trump will meet in May. [Link]
  • Doug Bandow argues its time for the US to declare victory and come home from Syria. [Link]
  • The US tells CNN that pro-Assad forces are “massing” near a position of US troops in Syria. [Link]
  • Turkey asks the US to stop allowing Kurdish fighters to travel from eastern Syria to Afrin. [Link]
  • Turkey captures an important town in Afrin from the YPG. [Link]
  • 45 civilians were killed by airstrikes in Eastern Ghouta on Wednesday. [Link] The Syrian government has retaken half of the rebel enclave. [Link]
  • The Iraqi Foreign Minister announced joint operations with Turkey against the PKK in northern Iraq. [Link]
  • Iraqi militias are being inducted into the Iraqi military. [Link]
  • The US sold the Saudi coalition $650 million in weapons used in Yemen in 2017. [Link]
  • US soldiers in Niger, Mali, and Cameroon will receive imminent danger pay. [Link]
  • The Pentagon is under-reporting military operations in Libya. [Link]

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