News Roundup 4/9/18

by | Apr 9, 2018

  • Peter Van Buren explains the dangers of forcing journalists to register as Foreign Agents. [Link]
  • A Chicago detective is accused of framing over 50 people for murder. The cop is now retired, a free man, and collects a $75,000 pension from the city. Some of his victims remain in jail. [Link]
  • New Jersey police search a man’s anus and genitals on the side of the road during a traffic stop. No drugs were found. [Link]
  • New research shows that legal marijuana lowers opioid use. [Link]
  • The FBI seizes [Link]
  • The FBI lied about not being able to get into the San Bernadino shooters iPhone. The FBI was seeking a court order to force Apple to create a backdoor for the FBI into the iPhone. [Link]
  • Two US soldiers are killed in a helicopter crash at Fort Campbell. [Link]
  • Ray McGovern explains that John Bolton is a “crazy” about to be turned loose in the White House. [Link]
  • Sergei Skripal is recovering from being poisoned. [Link]
  • A German court rejected an extradition request for the Catalan leader on charges of rebellion. Spain has other extradition requests for the Catalan leader. [Link]
  • The State Department gives US companies permission to sell Taiwan technology to build submarines. [Link]
  • A Trump Administration official said Kim Jong Un is willing to talk about denuclearization. [Link]
  • Former South Korean President Park is sentenced to 24 years in jail for corruption. [Link]
  • Secret talks are ongoing between the US and North Korea as the countries plan for the summit between their leaders. [Link]
  • Gareth Porter on the important information Ken Burns left out of his Vietnam War Documentary. [Link]
  • India is close to purchasing the S-400 missile system from Russia. [Link]
  • The US government spent $60 million on a power station in Afghanistan that does not work. [Link]
  • During the rise of Islamic Caliphate, ISIS took up to 40 M1 Abrams tanks from the Iraqi military. Some of those tanks fell into the hands of Iraqi Shia militias. The Shia militias may still hold some tanks. [Link]
  • During Return March Protests in Gaza, the Israeli Defense force fired on protesters. Nearly 500 protesters were injured, and at least nine were killed. A journalist was among those killed. [Link]
  • Trump and Israeli President Netanyahu have tense phone call over US Syria policy. [Link]
  • The White Helmets make new claims that Assad used chemical weapons. Reports suggested 40 people died from Sarin in Douma. [Link] Moon of Alabam takes on the claims. [Link] The Trump Administration says it will not rule out a missile strike to respond to the alleged weapons attack. [Link]
  • Trump calls Assad an “Animal” in a tweet. Trump also said that Syria disaster would have ended long ago had Obama gone to war with Assad. [Link]
  • Russia and Syria claim that Israel attacked a Syrian airbase last night. The Israeli planes fired eight missiles. Russia claims five of those missiles were intercepted. Syria reports 12 soldiers were killed. [Link]
  • Elijah Magnier gives a big picture of the Syrian Civil War. [Link]
  • Gil Barndollar explains why the US should leave Syria. [Link]
  • The US Drone War continues to bring death and terror to Yemen. [Link]

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