News Roundup 4/5/17

by | Apr 5, 2017

  • Trump has carried out 75 drone strikes in 74 days in office. Trump is using drone strikes at five times the rate of Obama. Obama carried out a drone strike once every 5.4 days. [Link]
  • The F-35 cannot shoot moving targets. Lockheed Martian will not fix the problem with the F-35 but will equip a new laser guided missile to the F-35 that can hit moving targets. [Link]
  • The US government awarded Lockheed Martian a $27 billion contract for 200 helicopters. [Link]
  • Erdogan tells the Iraqi Kurds to lower the Kurdish flag over Kirkuk or Turkey will end some diplomatic ties with the Iraqi Kurds. [Link]
  • Shi’ite militias are growing quickly in Iraq. [Link]
  • Targets in the Idlib Province of Syria were hit with chemical weapons attacks. Some reports say over 100 have been killed in the attack. The US and allied states were quick to blame Assad for the attack. Assad denies using the weapons and is backed on the international stage by allies such as Russia and Iran. [Link]
  • The Saudi Arabia coalition plans to attack and capture the Port of Hodeidah in Yemen. Hodeidah is the last port in the Houthi held area of Yemen. 70% of the food aid going to civilians in the Houthi held area arrives through this port. [Link]

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