News Roundup 8/16/17

by | Aug 16, 2017

  • The Justice Department has served a search warrant to an anti-Trump website. The search warrant was for all data on the site, including the IP addresses of all 1.3 million users. [Link]
  • An ex South Carolina police officer has been sentenced to five years in jail for shooting an unarmed black driver. The officer pleaded guilty to assault and battery. [Link]
  • Plain clothes New York police officers beat and arrested an Uber driver at JFK airport. [Link]
  • Expecting mothers in Iceland who are informed that their child may have Down Syndrom terminate the pregnancy 99% of the time. Iceland has less than three children born with Down Syndrom every year. [Link]
  • Chinese and Indian troops engaged in border fighting. [Link]
  • Kenyan police beat a 6-month-old child into a coma. Police were looking for people who protested after the recent election. [Link]
  • The US is carrying out airstrikes in Afghanistan at an increasing rate. The air strikes continue to kill civilians. Many of the airstrikes are in the Nangarhar Province. [Link]
  • The Taliban released an open letter to Donald Trump calling for him to leave Afghanistan. [Link]
  • The Iraqi Army, Shia militias, and the US coalition are beginning the invasion of Tel Afar, Iraq. US airstrikes have started to hit the city and, thousands of civilians are fleeing. [Link]
  • A Syrian rebel group shot down a Syrian government plane and captured the pilot. [Link]
  • Iran has frozen the assets of 150 journalists who work for the BBC Persia. Many journalists who work for BBC Persia and are of Iranian decent are afraid to return to Iran. [Link] 
  • Saudi Arabia has used more airstrikes in Yemen in the first half of 2017 than in all of 2016. [Link]

On Foreign Policy Focus #80, Will Porter returns to discuss Russiagate. Will debunk the latest claims and give his take. Will talks about a bombshell claim by Seymore Hersh that Seth Rick was the DNC leak. Hersh is now denying he said made that claim. Will then gives his working theory on what really happened with the DNC emails. Will also discuss the idea of Russia aggression and US/Russia relations. LISTEN HERE!!

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