Not All Austrian School Libertarians Are Border Restrictionists

by | Jun 19, 2018

For example, David Hathaway wrote this great book, Immigration: Individual vs National Borders a couple of years ago, endorsed by myself and late partner in the Institute, Will Grigg. It’s a purely Misesian, praxeological case against state border enforcement.
As Will wrote,
“The means we employ are the ends in the making, and the issue of immigration and border policy is not an exception to that principle. In this conscientious, respectful, and carefully reasoned essay, David Hathaway offers a critical examination of what has been called the ‘realistic libertarian’ perspective on immigration—namely, that state-enforced restrictions on immigration are compatible with the non-aggression principle and property rights. If the end we seek is an individualistic society liberated from state-licensed violence, state-centered means cannot get us there—and Hathaway’s professional and philosophic background makes him uniquely qualified to explain why this is so.”

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