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by | May 29, 2024

Radicalism is for the youth, but drips away over time. Generation X watched their hippy parents become corporate and government stooges, gorged on real estate and careerism. The Pump up the Volume teenagers became parents, lost the radicalism to care about the world, feeling it wane away as the mortgage swelled. Many of the youth today are finding an outrage over a genocide that their parents may not care about. On social media exists keyholes into other parts of the world that legacy media omits. The tragedies of war that everyone knows exist, just the radicals care about has spurred an energy among the young. They care and share about it, upset, outraged, but is that it?

For now the war masters have lost the minds of the youth. The generation that would make up the fodder are mostly wary and sceptical of power. They are yet to become employed in the government and corporate sectors, prohibited from ‘owning’ their own homes so many of them can only watch on and witness what their rulers and elders do and in some way support. Headless children, mass starvation, colonialism, viscous imperialism. The young, are kinda pissed off about it. But what about being pissed off? Is that all?

The spirit of 1968 beats inside of the hearts of those too young to know or have been taught the real history of the World. Their elders found jobs in the pages of 1984, secure in that niche of comfort and luxury that only debt can bring. There may be no Woodstock, Democratic national convention protests, invasion of Prague or Tet offensive to invoke the youths zeitgeist but there is that same spirit. It simmers beneath the surface lost inside the screens pressed into faces, instincts for justice seek it out, but how?

Maybe it’s more in common with 1989, the destruction of the Iron Curtain, the feared Berlin Wall beaten down by the people. The paid professional mercenaries of government told to stand down, their limp rifles and cold machine guns no longer trained on their fellow citizens. Instead hammers, and fists beat down the walls from both sides. Suddenly the wall seemed pathetic, arbitrary, the state itself powerless. Soon too the great Soviet Union fell, the great bear once feared snuffed out beneath its own fur. It’s claws suddenly soft, weakened by the very economic ideology that experts boasted about.

Now, as inflation soars, debt all too common and decades of wars all fought in the name of abstracts whether against terrorism, drugs or for vengeance itself. The outcome is misery, rivers of blood gush into the oceans of destruction. And afterwards, what for? Why? Was it ever worth it? Those who benefit always wanting more and the apathetic, the parents and elders they shrug their shoulders with indifference. They have jobs, careers, so the wars don’t matter to them. That’s for the wacky radicals to care about. More important things fill their day to day.

But, for a moment many of the young are upset. Tired of it. Angry? Or disgusted? Either way the state that needs them to fill their universities, serve them and to become obedient tax-debt cattle don’t have control of their minds. In time that may change, attention spans being so poor and all. But right now, they are upset by what they see and in this moment of precious truth the Wizard’s cloak has fallen and we can see his withered wand. There is no magic, no super power just human fragility that is so perverted by its own arrogance, war, war and war is the only impulse. And when they wage war, its always the innocent who suffer. They fill uniforms, waste them, then grow more bodies to fit into the uniform. The babies over there, they will always be bludgeoned to death.

What will happen with this spirit? We shall see but to be radical is precious. The tragedy is that there will always be injustice to rebel against and that most feel it immature to remain radical. They lose interest either through apathy or as mentioned above more important things.

Rejoice the young. Morality does not come from law. Justice never from the state. Peace comes from the people, the people make peace. Not governments, they only tire from their own futile destruction, they yield only once they have expended their ability to wage war. Peace is made when the state has spent too much of your blood, your capital. And as we see, again, the United Nations and every sacred institution that rationalises law and government are incapable of stopping the genocide. Not even Covid took this many children’s lives in such a short amount of time. Remember how government saw it fit to swell and grow and the guise of such benevolence. Now, it swells to wage war, prepare for future ones and to support allies in genocide. They will run out of babies long before the ammunition runs out. Is it really radical to find that disgusting? Apparently so. Never grow up to the point where you accept such a thing. Stay radical, don’t become pathetic, too many babies have been murdered already.

May, 2024

Kym Robinson

Kym Robinson

Kym is the Harry Browne Fellow for The Libertarian Institute. Some times a coach, some times a fighter, some times a writer, often a reader but seldom a cabbage. Professional MMA fighter and coach. Unprofessional believer in liberty. I have studied, enlisted, worked in the meat industry for most of my life, all of that above jazz and to hopefully some day write something worth reading.

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