Read The Dire Coronavirus Report Given To Donald Trump

by | Mar 18, 2020

We are going through tough situations together this year. The first is the market meltdown and the second is the coming coronavirus storm. That latter situation has now come to the forefront with restrictions happening across the country. Where I live schools are closing and many restaurants are now only taking carry out and takeout orders.

The restrictions have intensified across the country over the past few days. One reason is that President Donald Trump and his virus team were given a dire report about it produced by scientists working in the UK with a full analysis of the situation and how various measures can be used to stop it.

If nothing were done it projects that over 2 million people would die in the United States from the virus. From the looks of this report it appears that once the crisis restrictions are lifted things will be normal for 4-6 weeks and then a second wave crisis will come.

How many people will get this virus?

What are the real impacts most people feel?

Personally when this story started in China I was hopeful it would be contained just there. The reports were that there were only 80 people in the US with cases a few weeks ago, 40 of whom were from cruise ships. So I was hopeful that it would just away and many people said it would. A few people sent me emails projecting a pandemic with millions of deaths around the world. It was hard for me to accept and so I didn’t believe it, but I began to recognize reality once it spread to Italy. Now this past weekend most people move from denial to pure panic. I am not in panic, because I came to accept the situation much earlier than most. But many do not have any facts and the facts have been changing.

You need to read the report for yourself to know what is being told to the people at the top for yourself. The people on the television box spew nonsense at you. They removed one of the nuts from Fox Business this week. You must read and understand for yourself. You must do your own thinking.

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