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by | Nov 27, 2022


Stand with the Libertarian Institute

The Empire has us on the brink of nuclear Armageddon. The central bank has us flirting with economic-social collapse. Americans are increasingly paranoid of one another and simultaneously invested in wielding the state against one another.

The voices of the establishment are legion. The voices of dissent are few. Among the voices of dissent is your Libertarian Institute. You can amplify our message. Please donate to the Libertarian Institute today!

We’ve been doing the work to bring you news, journalism, education and activism from a libertarian perspective. And we intend to keep doing the work. We will continue speaking out for peace, prosperity and sanity. We will not be silenced.

Institute Director Scott Horton has been leading the way. His podcast, “The Scott Horton Show,” is closing in on 6,000 episodes. This summer the Institute published his latest book, Hotter Than the Sun: Time To Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Next year it will publish his book Provoked: America’s Role In The Russia-Ukraine War, co-authored by Darryl Cooper.

Scott has assembled a great team of scholars, writers and podcasters. Executive Editor Sheldon Richman, who along with Scott and the late Will Grigg founded the Institute, brings his gravitas and insight to operations and articles. Managing Editor Keith Knight just published The Voluntarist Handbook through the Institute and hosts the “Don’t Tread on Anyone” podcast.

News Editor Kyle Anzalone, Research Fellow Will Porter and Assistant Editor Connor Freeman co-host the “Conflicts of Interest” podcast. Editor Hunter DeRensis corrals the Institute’s stable of writers to keep them typing up the best articles possible. The Institute’s resident Bad-ass, Semi-haulin’ podcaster Tommy Salmons hosts “Year Zero.”

Senior Fellow Laurie Calhoun has been blazing a path of unparalleled scholarly inquiry. The Institute will soon be publishing a book of her great articles on the Covid regime, titled, Questioning the COVID Company Line: Critical Thinking in Hysterical Times.

New “Junior Fellow,” the notorious Public Policy Hooligan Jim Bovard, recently joined the Institute, and of course is already proving why his hard-hitting investigative opinion journalism has long reigned in the pages of America’s biggest newspapers.

The Institute’s Justin Raimondo Fellow, Patrick Macfarlane, has brought his legal expertise to bear on exposing establishment narratives on his great podcast Vital Dissent.

And there are many great regular writers who have been speaking truth in a wasteland of War State talking points. Among them are Kym Robinson, Bas Spliet, William Van Wagenen, Peter Van Buren and Col. Douglas MacGregor.

You can amplify our message. Please donate to the Libertarian Institute today!

About John Weeks

John is a member of the Society for Consciousness Studies, where he researches literary theory. Whereas dominant academic literary discourse revolves around Marx, Lacan and Derrida, he prefers Mises, Horton and Woods.

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