‘The answer to a murderer targeting immigrants is…more immigration control, according to the president.’

by | Aug 5, 2019

Elizabeth Nolan Brown at Reason:

On Monday morning, Donald Trump reacted to the two recent mass shootings by offering what sounds like a quid pro quo to liberals: Give me my border plans, and I’ll give you gun control.

This weekend saw two mass shootings in America, the first in El Paso, Texas, and the second in Dayton, Ohio. We cannot let the victims of these shootings “die in vain,” Trump tweeted. “Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks, perhaps marrying…this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform.”

The Dayton killing spree doesn’t have any known connection to immigration and would not have been changed by stricter background checks. …

The man arrested for the El Paso shooting, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, opened fire in a Walmart on Saturday, killing 20 people and wounding more than two dozen others. This time, immigrants were involved—as the target of the suspected shooter’s hate.

As Eric Boehm noted here over the weekend, Crusius apparently published “a hate-filled diatribe in which he called Hispanics ‘invaders’ and criticized the supposed takeover of the U.S. government by pro-immigrant corporations.”

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