The heroic Robert Fisk would be rolling in his grave!

by | May 20, 2024

The West, Inc prides itself on the rhetoric of individual rights. We know this not to be true, collectivism reigns supreme!  War and foreign policy, the collectivists delight, where racism and every -ism is validated and enforced.  You see, Palestinians right now are officially evil. They are all “snakes”, terrorists. Remember the Islamo-Fascists? Well they are located in the enclaves known as Palestine, even the Christians and atheists among them are all Islamic Jihadi “Mohammedan” killers we are told. Many across the globe can watch genocide occurring, able to find evidence of children murdered, innocent of any actions committed by Hamas or the PLO or PFLP even. They are children. In fact, adults as well who live and survive every day as best as possible are held captive, blamed, hated, no homes, hungry, thirsty, dirty, refugees with no where to go. They are to blame for the 7th October we are told.  Even the babies born in the days and weeks after that time.

Nuance is impossible. Because everyone is a demographic, stained by the government or faction that rules over them. Maybe it’s their race, remember “all Japs are the same”, even those born in the USA> To the camps with them! or they can earn their freedom as Nisei fighting “All them Germans” as well.  Little has changed.  Technology allows us to peer through a digital key hole, voyeurs indifferent or with an opinion from bed, scrolling through the feeds, “oh, dear better swipe past that or block that truth,”. Dead babies, the world over, send more weapons to their killers.  The innocent, unarmed, they are individuals. Human beings.

Innocent human beings are not profitable, they don’t market themselves well, they can’t even collect taxes. They are the many candles snuffed out by the winds of war. Thoughts and prayers, likes and shares, angry protests and flags flapping far away, have never been a shield to save them.  The powerful and their killers actually fear you, truly. They are scared of you, yes, YOU> but cowards crawl or shrug with sighs, “life’s too busy, everything is so expensive,” who made it so?  The incompetent, corrupt, cynical, coercive, collectivists do. Never forget that, and even when they kill in your name, or support the killers of  babies elsewhere, they do it with one eye always on you. Frightened of what you may do or say, ever notice that cops always run away when the crowd is too large? Soldiers don’t want to shoot at their own mum, administration staff and doleys too may both have their bread buttered from the same source, but that knife is very much blunt.

When the next big war comes, because it will. You will let it. Sleepwalkers all of us. Next time you see that young face of a unarmed begging Russian or Ukrainian soldier pleading with the drone that stalks him down, crying, running, asking for a reprieve in the moments before the feed ends.  It ends with him.The drone explodes, blowing meat from bone, limbs from torso, skin from life. Look closer to home, the teenage boys walking to school, your government will kidnap them too. Swapping school colours for the uniform of war. It’s done it before, so why not some more?  You can thank them for their service when the drone eats their meat or the pistol falls from their own hand in the after when the war chased them to the bitter end.

Those babies pulled from the debris, they are innocent, so will yours be. As will the ones killed by the government that rules you. Innocent. The Congo, West Papua and Yemen too have innocent dying, killed in some way for you. The West, the good guys, will support their killers through and through but they want the big one, war with Russia, Iran, China and North Korea, then will it finally end?

Robert Fisk spent most of his life covering the Middle East, reporting and writing on it for decades with an understanding and constant warning to us all. He was often accused of picking sides, his reporting seemed imbalanced. When asked whose side was he on, he answered, “I’m on the side of the innocent.”

Whose side are you on?







Kym Robinson

Kym Robinson

Kym is the Harry Browne Fellow for The Libertarian Institute. Some times a coach, some times a fighter, some times a writer, often a reader but seldom a cabbage. Professional MMA fighter and coach. Unprofessional believer in liberty. I have studied, enlisted, worked in the meat industry for most of my life, all of that above jazz and to hopefully some day write something worth reading.

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