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They Kept Sending Us Bombs…Anti-War Blog

by | Jun 4, 2024

As I saw the photos of US politician Nikki Haley scribbling on an Israeli shell bound for Rafah, it’s metal splinters and high explosives likely to rip a small child too pieces, it had me thinking. I once saw a clip of a US Air Force man who was asked why they were bombing neutral Laos, his response was simple, “They Kept Sending Us Bombs.”

Haley is auditioning for the Vice Presidency, it helps her cause to show that she celebrates war as is the custom of the great Western empires. War is not just the imperial realisation of government but it’s a ‘job provider’, those boots, bombs and bully beef cans all require people to work in factories. Uncle Sam will stock pile, supply ‘allies’ and then bury the rest so long as those factories keep stimulating the economy. The IDF for now, will keep on shelling and bombing because, “They Kept Sending Us Bombs.” The ammunition for genocide and Haley’s signature on a shell all a clear endorsement for mass murder.

For near a decade Yemen has experienced a horrific humanitarian crisis, from dysentery to starvation caused by blockade and disruption of war. The Saudi led coalition savaged the country in an attempt to re-install a government that it approved off. The Western allies supplied them, and helped to sustain that war while UAE butcher trucks abducted people from the streets and hacked them to pieces and Saudi’s fired missiles into school buildings and school busses, shredding children to pieces using Australian guidance systems and US missiles. They Kept Sending Us Bombs…

The Saudi’s made peace with their Houthi enemies in Yemen, brokered by the Chinese. Turns out one of the poorest nations on Earth’s military with drones and asymmetric survival instincts can hold their own against one of the world’s richest by threatening their oil fields. In a twist of events the UK and US now bomb and attack Yemen, while the Saudi’s sit it out. Million dollar weapon systems blowing to pieces tents and old trucks, in an attempt to kill insurgents who have adapted to waging a war of the flea against high tech professionals. That humanitarian crisis continues, Yemeni’s starve and die. But they keep dropping bombs.

After flattening nearly every building in Korea, to the point that the Air Force complained that they had nothing more to bomb. That war ended in a draw. Millions dead. After dropping more bombs on Laos than were dropped in all of World War Two by every belligerent. After bombing Cambodia as well with almost as many bombs. Both neutral nations. Then dropping bombs, mines and chemicals with Agent coloured names that mutate life into tumorous death, waging a techno war like no other in history. The Vietnamese won. The dominoes never falling. Having spread cancer from Iraq, Serbia to Afghanistan from depleted uranium, the painful remnants of war linger. Burn pits that savage nature and humanity with putrid vileness, rest assured the same government will save the planet too. Even as their navy dumps aviation gas into the oceans. Did they win? Is the world safer? Is this the green revolution?

Jobs, glory, but above all more government.

When the vintage US battleship New Jersey fired it’s mighty guns on Lebanon in 1983 symbolically punishing the Syrian military and it’s ‘terrorist allies’. It was civilians who died. The powerful 16 inch shells blowing homes to pieces. Spectacular. American. Voters approved, because presidents win with wars. To kill foreigners is after all very presidential.

So long as they keep on sending bombs, the wars will wage on but so too will those precious jobs. That’s good though? You love money. You love government. They can always have more babies. And the factories will always make more bombs. That’s the economy of government wisdom. Waste, debt, destruction. Jobs. Violence. Clearly you love it. Or at the very least, allow it.

It’s their babies who die, whether Palestinian, Yemeni, Laotian, Iraqi, wherever. Their babies don’t matter and so long as men with an indifference to the murder shrug, “They Kept on Sending Us Bombs.” Then the bombs will continue to fall. That’s war after all.

June, 2024

Kym Robinson

Kym Robinson

Kym is the Harry Browne Fellow for The Libertarian Institute. Some times a coach, some times a fighter, some times a writer, often a reader but seldom a cabbage. Professional MMA fighter and coach. Unprofessional believer in liberty. I have studied, enlisted, worked in the meat industry for most of my life, all of that above jazz and to hopefully some day write something worth reading.

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