TV Hairdos Know Nothing About the Wars They Monger

Look at this NBC kook, Kasie Hunt, treating Tulsi Gabbard like Jane Fonda on an anti-aircraft gun for meeting with Bashar al Assad, based on her complete misunderstanding that the U.S. army and marines are fighting against his government there.

J’accuse! (Wait, can you look that up for me?)

Gabbard patiently explains that U.S. forces are there fighting ISIS, not Assad, and that they tell her they agree with her opposition to another regime change war there.

Here, the great Tim Shorrock nails another one of these losers for arguing that Trump is a fool because “didn’t they already declare an end to the [Korean] war?”

This is what happens when America’s “reporters” learn everything they know from watching TV themselves. They’re completely lost in the dark, just like their viewers.

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