USA-CIA Venezuela Coup Attempt in Progress

by | Apr 30, 2019

Turn on the TV, man. — Update: Nevermind, they won’t even show the thing anymore.

My money is on the current regime to survive.

We’ve seen this movie before.

Update: the obsequiousness of the American media remains the most amazing thing in the world. CNN and Fox will only show one clip from one anti-government rally, of an APC running down a few protesters, from midmorning at latest, over and over and over again. They will not show any other part of town, or report whether anyone is rallying in support of the regime at all. That’s probably because they don’t want you to know that there are far more people on the other side. That was certainly the case when they tried this in the past.

And here’s a thing: Maduro has clearly not been grabbed. Which means the most powerful military leaders still side with him. Looks like the coup has already failed.

Update: BBC: There are massive pro-government rallies across Venezuela. Guaido’s “ambassador” admits the military has not switched sides. “This is a process.” In other words, it’s already over.

If Trump doesn’t fire Bolton after this failure then he’s a bigger bitch than you already knew he was.

Update: BBC lady compares APC running down a couple dudes throwing molotov cocktails to Tiananmen Square. No one laughed.

Update: Bolton on now. Blames Cuba and Russia for keeping Maduro in power. USA is “the people of Venezuela.” Russians are “outside intervention.” Looks like they’re pretending that things are going as planned. He claims the army doesn’t support the government, but are only afraid of Cuba’s secret police. Of course. Right. What power does the 350,000 man army have compared to them? USA just wants a “peaceful” transfer of power, you see, but “all options are on the table.”

“We are doing other things that I am not going to talk about.”

“This is clearly not a coup since Guaido has been recognized by the Trump administration.”

He names three US-allied ‘leaders,’ the head of the presidential guard, the chief justice of the supreme court and secretary of defense, apparently none of whom have any troops.

As of 3:30 Texas time, BBC says it’s obvious the coup has failed. The government and uh hey actual soldiers still support the regime. “Maduro remains in the presidential palace. He isn’t going anywhere yet.”

BBC less worse than USA-CIA horseshit, but still lead with “protesters flood the streets,” as though this is some kind of mass people’s revolution, but if that’s true why don’t they call it a revolution? And why can’t they find any footage of “protesters” that include groups of more than a few hundred people?

Attempted Trump coup against Venezuela #2: a resounding and spectacular failure.

Oh God. Pompeo claims Maduro was just about to flee before the Russians intervened and convinced him to stay. What a bunch of horseshit. His entire government remained loyal. Why in the world would he flee except in a stupid lie by the USA?

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