Who’s Sick of the ‘Zombie Reply?’

by | Aug 10, 2020

On the day Hugh Hefner died I posted a picture on Twitter with a quote in which he puts forth the idea that we own our minds and bodies, and for church or state to attempt to limit that, is inappropriate. A random Tweeter deduced from the comment that if “his own mind dictated to him that he build a foundry on HIS property and it poisoned the area that would be perfectly fine.” Mind you he’d be poisoning himself as well but…

This is the type of reply you come to expect when you wake up to the fact that you were born to be free of rulers and pursue what makes you happy. When you get vocal about it, these types of responses become typical.

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The meme above addresses one of the most essential natural rights that you possess: the right to be left alone, or privacy. I remind you that it has nothing to do with a magical piece of paper and only you can defend it. A typical response when it comes to privacy, which the government says you must give up for the sake of “safety,” is clear in the meme. Even if you’re not doing something wrong, do you want someone constantly looking over your shoulder?

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