Anarcho-Capitalist – AMA

by | Sep 1, 2020

One very popular charge against anarchism is that it “means chaos.” … anarchists have always believed that the establishment of their system would eliminate the chaotic elements now troubling the world. … The root of the word comes from the term ‘anarchos’, meaning opposition to authority or commands.

Murray N. Rothbard

Strictly Confidential, pp. 26–27

0:00 – Anarcho-Capitalism defined

2:15 – Voting for Jo Jorgensen?

Carey Wedler:

6:15 – Is voting aggression?

8:17 – Can we vote our way to freedom?

10:22 – Warlords

17:38 – Self-ownership

22:07 – When does someone acquire self ownership?

26:00 – Hoppe & Tradition

31:30 – Are people rational or irrational?

35:24 – Moral wrong about aggressing against non self owners

40:32 – Anarcho-Monarchism & Hoppe

47:38 – A good state?

49:33 – Healthcare & “free” goods

58:00 – How to abolish the state

1:05:45 – Atheism v. Spiritual anarchy

1:11:15 – Homesteading

1:14:29 – Books on Anarcho-Capitalism



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