Deception in War, Arming ISIS, & the Military Industrial Complex. Scott Horton & Keith Knight

by | Feb 20, 2021

Deception in War, Arming ISIS, & the Military Industrial Complex. Scott Horton & Keith Knight

by | Feb 20, 2021

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A final word about conscription: of all the ways in which war aggrandizes the State, this is perhaps the most flagrant and most despotic. But the most striking fact about conscription is the absurdity of the arguments put forward on its behalf. A man must be conscripted to defend his (or someone else’s?) liberty against an evil State beyond the borders. Defend his liberty? How? By being coerced into an army whose very raison d’etre is the expunging of liberty, the trampling on all the liberties of the person, the calculated and brutal dehumanization of the soldier and his transformation into an efficient engine of murder at the whim of his “commanding officer”? Can any conceivable foreign State do anything worse to him than what “his” army is now doing for his alleged benefit? Who is there, O Lord, to defend him against his “defenders”?

Murray N. Rothbard 

Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, p. 132

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0:00 – Quote from Lew Rockwell

0:29 – Our rulers lie to us, only to protect us

5:01 – 1998 Interview w/ Zbigniew Brzeziński Documents –

15:35 – ISIS funded by Saudi’s and Qatar? Yes it was from Hillary: Assange saying it’s the most important email (makes claim at 4min mark):

25:42 – Al-Qaeda in Iraq before 9/11/2001? John Kerry LEAKED Audio:’s-meeting-with-Syrian-revolutionariesUN-(improved-audio):b

53:53 – US in Grenada in 1983 & Panama in 1989







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