Democracy: The God That Failed. Curtis Yarvin and Keith Knight

by | Dec 19, 2020

… the partisans of intervention assume that individuals are not competent to run their own affairs or to hire experts to advise them, but also assume that these same individuals are competent to vote for these experts at the ballot box. They are further assuming that the mass of supposedly incompetent consumers are competent to choose not only those who will rule over themselves, but also over the competent individuals in society. Yet such absurd and contradictory assumptions lie at the root of every program for “democratic” intervention in the affairs of the people.


Murray N. Rothbard
Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market, p. 886

FInd Curtis Yarvin’s second to none commentary here:

PDF of Democracy the God That Failed:—Democracy_-The-God-that-Failed_-The-Economics-and-Politics-of-Monarchy,-Democracy,-and-Natural-Order-(2001)— 


LBRY / Odysee:—Curtis-Yarvin:2




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